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Decorating a home with antique furniture is not easy especially when most homes are designed with modern or contemporary designs. If you intend to use antique furniture in your home, check out our guide on how to decorate with this type of furniture.

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Marilyn Monroe bedroom theme is a popular theme that many can relate to. Discover how to create that elegant look of the Marilyn era for your bedroom.

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Walk-in showers are one of the most popular design concept and well-loved by many. If this is the design idea you want to implement for your bathroom, find out what you need to consider and what some of the most popular themes available for you to choose from.

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The right home office chair is very important as you might be spending hours sitting on it and a comfortable chair can encourage productivity and also protect your spine. While comfort and ergonomics are important when buying an office chair, style is also something not to be overlooked. Learn more about IKEA office chairs and why they have the best of both worlds.

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Unlike furniture for adults, furniture for kids are specially made to cater for their smaller frame. Discover the wonders of IKEA's range of furniture for kids.

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Every woman want to keep her home neat and clean that’s why you can find walk-in- closets in most of the house of nowadays. The reason of popularity of walk-in closet among the women is that they can keep all the unwanted stuff or the stuff that is needed on temporary basis at one place without spreading mess as men don’t bother about it. Everyone must consider closet organizers from […]