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Attic Renovation Ideas

Renovating the attic will generate lots of extra space for you to store things. If things are just stuffed up there over your head space then it is wise to consider a renovation schedule for your attic.

Attics are always a part of the house where it is not lighted properly and a place inhabitable. Consider an attic that is organized and designed in a modern way. A beautifully designed attic can be a place of envy of the neighbor.

Renovating an attic demands a preplanned approach. Observe the shape and style of your attic and you can start thinking what can be done with it to give it a better look. State the purpose, is it for a bedroom or a place to spend some lazy time. After ascertaining the purpose you can start thinking of the materials that will be required to enliven your plan.

attic renovation Attic living room

The setback of an attic is that the ceiling is so low set that it sometimes is not possible to utilize the space. However, planning can transform the place into a productive and beautiful place for you to use each and every square inch of the place.

Uses That Your Attic Can be put into

You can install many storage options like shelves, drawers, nooks or built in cupboards. This is a clever approach of renovating the attic to provide yourself lots of advantage.

attic study room Attic study room/office

1.    It adds a sense of completeness to your home.

2.    Getting extra space is always good to store things and prevent clutters.

3.    Shelves and drawers can be used as bookshelves and other storage space.

4.    Every inch of the area can be used efficiently.

Placing the furniture

If you want to place furniture on your attic then you need to check if the ceiling will allow this option. Because a low set ceiling will be very uncomfortable and stuffy for you to sit under. Although it is a good choice to utilize the extra space that you have. Here are some useful tips for putting furniture in the attic:

1.    Always place the part of the bed where you rest your head at the lower region of the ceiling.

2.    Place chairs or couch under low areas.

3.    Dressers, desks, bookshelves can be placed along the walls.

furniture_in_attic Furniture placement

Installing the Stairs

When stairs are installed in an attic it amounts to loss of floor space most of the time. Hence it becomes necessary to have a properly designed stair so that there is no unwanted loss of space. It will, no doubt, take some extra brain work and effort but at the end you will appreciate the outcome. Some clever ideas are:

1.    Split the stairs into two portions and a proper landing.

2.    Go along the slope of the roof and design a stair that comes down to landing before it changes sides.

3.    You can incorporate a skylight along the stair.

attic staircase Wooden attic staircase


Dormers are an important strategy to install appeal and increase the functionality of an attic. Make yourself certain that your plan is strategically and technically sound while going ahead with the dormers. It is essential to look at the installation after ascertaining the effect of the light and the height that it can be put up. Installing dormers can greatly change the way your attic looks. It can be used for:

1.    Generating more height in a small room

2.    Place to sit and relax

3.    Desk corners

Once you install the dormers you will get some extra space in the center of the attic. Use of corner and edge space and keeping an open space around the center will make the room more spacious and a sense of being open and free.

attic dormer ideas Dormer ideas


skylight_attic Skylight to light up the attic

Skylights has a unique function of throwing in more light in a dark space such as the attic. They are ideal for city dwellers where neighbor live close by where lighting can be a problem. Skylights are less cumbersome to install than dormers. Skylights installed along roofs gives a sense of open overhead space. You can install skylights around the following places:

1.    Above the sink in a bathroom.

2.    Overhead of beds and desks.

3.    In kitchen in the attic.

4.    Along main dwelling zone.

5.    In a stairwell.


A window is an important part of a room. Utilize it for the purpose for which it was built. It is a source of light for a room and a place where refreshing air enters that bathes your room and enlivens it. If a window replacement is essential then here are few tips:

1.    You can widen the window.

2.    Few of them can be made a little taller.

3.    It can be made bigger as well as placed a little lower to make a better view of the outside.

The above changes can all be made but all three may not be necessary at once while renovating your attic. For example, there might be situations in which a wider window is not necessary but a taller one is to allow more light in a room.

attic_windows Ample windows for natural light

Reflected Light

A means to make a room brighter is to use the strategy of reflecting light. Walls painted with light colors, especially white, can allow the natural light to be reflected back again and again instead of absorbing it. The reflection makes the room much brighter. Other surfaces which are smooth tends to reflect light as compared to rough ones which poorly does so. To allow better reflection follow the following points:

1.    A white paint on the ceiling will do the magic.

2.    Paint light colors for walls.

3.    Install a reflecting hardwood floor with light color carpets.

4.    You can try using mirrors to reflect more light.

attic windows Beautiful attic windows

Install enough light source

If getting natural light into your room is a big issue then there is an option of lighting up your room with artificial light. Think of some electric lighting systems and ask your electrician to install it. Some options are:

1.    A bright overhead lamp.

2.    Install enough plug points.

3.    Installations on the walls.

4.    Area lighting like table lamps.

Attic lighting Modern lighting for the attic

Installing a Small Bathrooms

You can think of making a small bathroom in your attic. It will be a wise use of the floor space available. Turning the attic into a living zone demands a bathroom also to be included in the plan. Utilize the lower area around the sloped roof to place a toilet, or a shower or sink. Some intelligent tips are:

1.    Install the toilet below the sloped part of the ceiling.

2.    Install the vanity against the lower part of the wall.

3.    For light, add a skylight.

4.    Place a bench near the shower along the low wall.

5.    A skylight can be installed above the shower so that you get more overhead space.

attic bathroom Attic bathroom

But before all this you need to consult a professional who can tell you if the attic can be transformed into what you are dreaming of. They can also add in more ideas on how it can be done. If at all it is possible, then you can start thinking of refurbishing your attic.