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If you want to transform or update your patio one important feature you should consider is getting a combination of patio lighting. Having the right lighting can create just the atmosphere you want whether it is for an intimate get together, a party or family event. Choosing patio lighting depends on where it is for and what you want to create, but it is easy to install and remove and store when you do not want it out. This means you can have different lighting for different situations if you want to and once you know how to properly use it, it will definitely transform your patio into something amazing.

There are a variety of ideas you can go with, get creative! If you have an umbrella for example you can add umbrella lights creating a focus spot for people to gather around and talk. If you are actually completely re-designing your patio plan this feature in at the design stage. Garden beds and ponds can also have lighting to highlight that area or you can use lighting to actually rope off sections of your lawn. Get the right combination of patio and garden lighting to set the sort of ambiance you want.

patio-roof-string-lighting String lights for the patio

If you are someone who often has themed parties you will definitely love the imagination and magic good lighting choices can bring to your outside area. For Christmas dinners how about having red and white terrace lighting? If you get some snow imagine how the lights will look reflecting through it. As soon as guests step out they will straight away be in the mood you have set for them, in this case festive! Plus guests will always be back for the next party you have.

For some people the idea of changing the lighting for every occasion is not a comfortable one and that is fine too. Create something more neutral that will suit any event or time the patio is being used. White and yellow lighting will add warmth to the area and is a good option for when the lighting is going to be used for a longer time. That way you do not have to re-design the patio on a regular basis.

Types of patio lighting

The much loved string lights

Patio string lights are the most commonly used lighting outside. This is where small bulbs are in a clear tube and hang from string so can be strung up higher and fits well with any patio decoration. There are other hanging light options like lanterns, but string lights are a cheaper option. Ideas for using string lights include wrapping them around shrubbery and trees, lining your deck with them, lighting up a pathway, or having them on handrails. String lights can create an elegant ambiance, or a fun one depending on color and how they are used. The advantage is they do not cost a lot, so you can get more of them. If you do not know how you want to use them look up images online to give you some creative ideas, or hire a professional and tell them what mood you are trying to set.

string-lights String lights around the tree


A lantern has a very traditional feel and many patio decks have some lanterns on them. Of course traditional lanterns would have used candle light, and while you can opt for that, there is some safety concerns to think about if a lantern should get knocked over. Alternatively you can get lanterns with bulbs in them or even solar powered lanterns. Ideally the solar powered ones need to get a fair bit of sun during the day time to then work at night, or there are lights you can get now that are also solar powered and come with mini solar panels so you use that to charge a lantern.

lanterns Use lanterns to light up the patio

Lighting for home safety and security

More practical in their purpose you can get outside motion sensor lighting designed to turn on when motion is detected nearby. But practical does not mean ugly, you can get motion sensor lights in a range of styles and designs. You can also get them solar powered too so that no complicated wiring needs to be involved and you can have them placed wherever you want them.

Torch lighting

You can get the effect of torches without the danger of flames by choosing solar lights that have been shaped to look like flame torches. They come in a range of styles and create a very striking lighting effect.

step-lights Step lights to light up the steps in the patio

Post lighting

You can still get traditional post lamps or you can get solar powered ones. There is a range of new features being added to post lighting such as close fitting lights that actually shine their light upwards so that you have the patio lit but without actually having to see the light itself. They have an unusual effect and are quite a unique experience.

post-lighting-patio Solar powered post lighting

Lighting tricky areas

A very good idea as a way to avoid people tripping or stumbling in poorly lit areas is to have some step lighting wherever there are steps to navigate such as leaving and returning to the patio itself and anywhere else you have split levels. People can see where they are going and can walk confidently and it reduces accidents that can happen.

well-lit-patio Well-lit patio

There are more lights than even mentioned, those were just some of the options you have to choose from, and really the only thing you need to use is your imagination. Solar lights are really a great choice if possible, they save you on your energy bills, are safe and look great. They can create a variety of effects and be used for many different purposes. Whether this patio is mainly to be enjoyed by yourself, your family or whether you intend to entertain, the lighting is vital in creating the ambiance you want. Patio lighting does not have to cost a lot of money to be really effective, just have fun with it!

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