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The Pros of a wooden gazebo.


Woods are natural products that are eco-friendly and durable. Properly treated woods will remain new and unblemished for many years as compared to other materials like iron. Treatment of woods results in resistance from common wood boring insects that destroys it. And for a gazebo there may be no other better material than wood.

In the modern lifestyle where movement from one place to another is the thing of the present, a portable gazebo is a good investment for a fast lifestyle. When you do not have a permanent residence a portable gazebo that is economical on the pocket and is the best investment you can make. This type of gazebos are meant for movers. If you are not one of them and require a more grand and settled décor than there can be no better choice than a wooden gazebo that is built to last for-ever.

Wood signifies Grace:

Wooden gazebos are much costlier than any other, however if you look at the grandeur of a wooden gazebo you will realize that no other materials comes close to the class of wood. As wood is a natural product it blends so well with any natural setting such as your garden and you need not give any extra camouflaging effort with it. Gazebos made of other material is always hard to get associated with the natural environment of a garden. In terms of elegance a wooden gazebo always wins.

backyard wood gazebo

Weather resistant:

If you have a beautiful and pleasing environment than you can always relax much better and make it more meaningful. To make sure that your relaxation zone in the gazebo is undisturbed then you can have an all-weather ready material that is the wood. Treated woods can withstand extreme heat, rain, winds, snowfall etc. which makes it all the more desirable. So prefer a wooden gazebo so that you have quality time to spend with yourself or with friends.

Building Your Own Wooden Gazebo

A gazebo is a place meant to spend some quality time with yourself or with friends and family. It not only adds to the landscape as a décor but serves as a spot where you can have a cup of coffee with bliss. It can be a place where you can forget the hustle of the day and merge with the beautiful landscape that is with your garden. Planning to make your own gazebo is adventurous but you need few expert ideas before diving in for the work.

garden gazebo

Building a gazebo is no hard task with the right instructions and ideas. You can always do it as a hobby during your spare time or weekends and also can be done with the help of some friends and family. Having a gazebo in your garden is a value addition to the house. So when you decide to shift out and sell the house then a garden with a gazebo is worth much more.

Wooden Gazebo Ideas:

Having your own gazebo built by yourself can be rewarding. It is not so tough that requires professional hands but you do need some expert advice on it. And after it is all done you will feel the pride of having a structure built by you at home. On the monetary point of view, doing it yourself the right way will save you lots of money.


As you are doing it for the first time there might be factors that you need to consider before erecting the structure at its final place. Make sure you have the right measurement of size and the location you want to put the gazebo. Having a proportionate structure with the landscape is important. Chalk out plans and consider the required materials too. If materials are not locally available, few can be obtained from online shops. And for the designs, you can always refer the internet.

Placing it right:

Placing the gazebo at the right location matters as it will give a proper place for your time to relax and make the best out of your garden.


After determination of the location that you will place the gazebo you need to prepare the place for the structure that is coming up as done with all construction projects. Thoroughly clean the area, remove weeds and unwanted grasses. The area need to be leveled and holes dug for the gazebo posts to fit in. A minimum of 6 post holes with around a 30 inch in circumference need to be prepared for this.

The Size and Make:

The most important thing that need to be taken into account is the material that will be used for the construction and the size of the structure. Because requirement of materials will vary according to the size. The fact is that this important aspects depends solely on the area available and the budget that you have.

The design of the gazebo and the size should blend in with the landscape plans that you already have. Otherwise a grand structure that is not going along good with the garden will be an eye soar. Take time in deciding the size, style, and the material because it is what you will finally see in your surroundings.


Getting ready for the job

Since a minimum expenditure with best quality is what all human wants, you might want to go on a quotation spree, not a shopping spree. Get quotes from different hardware stores so that you have the best deal for the materials that need to be used.

See if you have the right equipment for the job. Considering asking your neighbor and friends for some tools if they have and you need it. It will save you money on costly equipment which you might not be using it very often. Keep things ready for the work ahead as this will save you time and money on running to and fro to the stores for small items.

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