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7 Amazing Basement Ideas

A lot of people use their basement as a place to dump everything they have collected over the years but have no where to put, or to store winter gear during the summer, and summer gear during the winter. Sometimes part of it also acts as the laundry room, but apart from that not much is done with the space and it is not often visited. But in many houses that is a lot of square footage that is not being optimized, so if this is the case with you and you want something more from your basement maybe it is time to think about remodeling.

When we use the term remodeling this can cover a wide range of options to turn your basement into useable space and take full advantage of it. But whether you intend to do a complete renovation or something on a smaller scale you must check for two vital safety issues, damp and stability. Have someone come and inspect the area and give you a proper report so you feel sure your health and safety are not going to be at risk. Any problems that are found should be dealt with before you turn the basement into a living area. A final issue to consider is having an emergency exit down there, specially if you intend to use part or all of it as another bedroom. An Egress window might be one option and this would also offer you a bit more natural light.

Before You Start Renovating The Basement

First of all have a plan for how you want to use the basement as this will affect what you need to think about. Office space does not need plumbing for example, but if you intend to have a bathroom and toilet down there, you will need to consider plumbing lines and the possibility of needing a sewer ejector pump. An office will need storage, shelving, internet access, a child’s play room would need safe flooring that is easy to wash, toy storage. Function plays a key role in your planning.

basement-tips Basement home theater

Whatever function the space is going to have, you will probably need to change the ceiling. Most basements that have not already been finished have open ceilings where you can see plumbing pipes, wires and heating ducts. This means you may need to make sure that panels are created so professionals or you can access these different things should they need to in the future. A suspended ceiling would make this possible and comes in a variety of styles and colors. They look good as well as making access easier than some other options.

Lighting is a big deal for basement renovations as they do not get much natural light. You can combine recessed lighting with ambient lamps both table and floor. You should also have lighting put onto a dimmer so you can control the brightness depending on what it is being used for and your mood. A romantic evening, or watching a movie will want dimmer lighting, children playing or working in your new office, you will want it brighter.

Flooring is also something to consider carefully, based not just on what you like, but what would work with the function of the room. If you have a home gym down there you will want flooring that can handle heavy equipment on it but that is easy to clean. Carpet would soften it and make it feel more homey and warm. Hardwood might be more suitable to an office. Just keep in mind that basements are prone to moisture so whatever flooring you have needs to be resistant.

basement-flooring Tile flooring

Over all style and decor comes down to your own preference and tastes. Make sure you end up with a basement you are happy with, choose colors you can live with. Get tips and advice but use it alongside your own ideas and style. If you do not have something particular in mind for your basement, here are some ideas for you.

Basement Remodeling Ideas

A spacious home office

As mentioned a lot of people need a home office these days and using space in the basement is one option if you do not have room elsewhere. By using the basement as office space you get more room to work, more storage space and your spare bedroom can actually just be a spare bedroom. In a basement with enough room you could run a whole business from there! It is easy enough to make sure internet, fax and phone all work down there and you may want to discuss with your tax adviser whether converting the space for your business is tax deductible. Also, make sure your keep everything neat & tidy as most people tends to overlook this area when dealing with the basement. If you need some shelving ideas, check out this page.

basement-home-office A room for work

A large family room

The most popular choice for house owners is to convert the basement into a family room. Larger ones can have a pool table and ping pong table in them and it gives everyone in the family a place to use to relax and have fun. Done well the family room can soon become the most used room of the house!

big-family-room Family hang out room

Your own gym

Having a home gym is something many people would love. It saves you gym membership costs and means you do not have to leave the house to get your workouts in. You can use your basement gym early in the mornings or very late at night, however and whenever suits you. You can get your treadmill out of the spare room or the bedroom and build up other equipment or dig out those weights that were collecting dust in the garage. Put a television mounted on a wall to watch while you move, have your own water cooler to keep well hydrated. Plus the basement is naturally cooler than the rest of the house, something you will appreciate as you build up a sweat.

basement-gym Personal gym room

Another bedroom

Perhaps your family is outgrowing the house you are in and you need another bedroom or maybe you are the ones that often get guests staying over. A basement is a great place to add in an extra bedroom or two! Once decorated add in the beds, lines, a closet, a heater and maybe a ceiling fan too. Also consider having a bathroom down there too so who ever is using it does not have to go up and down each time they need it.

bedroom-in-basement Bedroom for guest maybe?

Create a home theatre

If you are a family or couple that enjoy watching movies and shows together this is a great option. Spend some quality family time watching your favorite movies in your basement. Put in some comfy seating like a large couch, perhaps some bean bags, have a refrigerator and storage down there for snacks and drinks, a popcorn maker would be great, obviously a large screen or a projector. Things to keep in mind if you do go for this option are;

  • •    Insulation – make sure the interior walls have insulation too to dampen the sound
  • •    Screen placement – avoid putting them near windows and make sure it can be seen clearly from all points of viewing
  • •    Sound and audio equipment – these need to be placed properly too so you may want to pay for a home theatre expert to come in and install or advice you on this to get it right
  • •    A seating platform – If budget is not a problem you could think about raising the seating gradually like in a real cinema to help people to see better at the back

home-theater-room Home entertainment room

A bar

If you like socializing and often have friends, business acquaintances or family over you might want to have your own bar put in the basement. Gives you a place to party without disturbing neighbours or children. Put in a full bar, fridges for beers and wines, ice machine, drink racks, cabinets for glasses and so on. Have some stools and then some more comfortable seating on offer too.

bar-basement Have a drink at your private bar!


storage Most common usage but keep it clean & tidy

Yes we know it was already a storage area, but really it was probably more like a dumping ground. The least you could do is sort through it, and put in some storage units and get it cleaned and organized!