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A great way to improve the value of your home is to make sure the bathrooms are all modernized and have an up to date decor. It is also a sure fire way to make you feel better about living in your home. When a bathroom has been left behind in the renovation process, it can affect the feel of the whole home. Instead of being energized and trendy it becomes soulless and tired. Too many home owners underestimate the impact an up to date bathroom can have. Check out our bathroom remodeling ideas that you can use to remodel your home’s bathroom.

Ways to update your bathroom

There are several ways you can approach this type of remodeling. There are quite a large number of magazines that feature the latest trends and designs in bathrooms. These can be used for guidance or inspiration though they are often examples found more commonly in larger cities. You can also choose to use a remodeling expert and rely on their experience in their field. However you go about, this is a big and important project so make sure you or the person you hire has a plan. Think about the space, and make sure your budget is adequate. Having a stylish bathroom is not something that only the wealthy can afford; there are ways to get style and modernity even if working with a limited budget. Here are some things to think about as you start your planning or check out our affordable bathroom remodeling tips here.

Dream bathroom ideas

Updating your cabinets and sinks

In 2014 making the most of the space you have is key. Bathrooms no longer have sinks or vanity cabinets that go all the way to the floor. Nor do the latest styles have storage drawers together with the vanity. Go with styles that have separate vanity and storage, sinks should either be a feature of the room in the form of a bowl on top of the counter, or sunk in. Vanities themselves should be slim, stylish, without more traditional supports that show. Updating your vanity is relatively painless and one of the quickest ways you can alter your bathroom, giving it a feeling of space.



Many people do not realize how much impact faucets have on a person as they enter the bathroom. While one of the smaller fixtures of a bathroom, they can still make a great statement. Make sure the ones you choose are bold but still fit in with your bathroom’s overall theme. If you want to find something different avoid common, safe styles many people already have. Find more unique options such as Victorian retro and consider how they are mounted, do you want wall mounted, single hole or something else? Or perhaps Asian bamboo would suit you better, but then what color and finish do you want? You also have options on how you control the faucets, lever handles, knobs, push buttons and more.

Bathroom faucets

Thinking about the shower

People have very strong opinions on what a good shower should have! You want it to look amazing but also to function how you need it to. One of the biggest trends in showers today is the hot spa style. Ideas include using stone tiling on the walls rather than ceramics, having shower heads that are multifunctional, even having more than one shower head. Glass doors are still in as they give a sense of sophistication to the bathroom. Having a very modern shower head combined with stone tiles and glass doors combines to create a luxurious spa experience in your own home.


Modernizing your cabinets

modern-cabinets Your cabinets are very important in the appearance of the room, but of course need to be practical and suit your storage needs. You may want to consider having custom-built ones so that they fit exactly what you need, but there are other options if that is not possible. A great way to lift current cabinets if replacing them is not an option, is to paint them. Popular color choices in 2014 include beige, peach, navy, off white, rust, dove grey, gold, or copper. You can have your contractor do it, or even take on this project yourself to save some money. Pale colored accents with floor and wall tiles and counter tops can help with contrast. Do not forget the flooring or the shower walls when considering the appearance of your cabinets. As mentioned stone tiles can create a very elegant and classy feel as can options like a marble floor. If a more rustic style is what you want think about travertine or limestone.

Lighting fixtures

bathroom-lighting Do not leave the lighting out of the initial planning when designing your new bathroom. The ambiance of any room is greatly affected by the lighting and you need know what feeling you want to create with yours. The trend today in homeowners is to use modern fixtures that have geometrical shapes finished in nickel, steel or chrome. Modern bathrooms have diffused lighting that is softer created from ceiling mounted fixtures, and then for more practical lighting, fixtures are installed either side of a large bathroom mirror.

Changing your ventilation

bathroom-ventilation Ventilation is a very important practical part of a bathroom upgrade. If a bathroom does not have good ventilation there can be problems with mold and humidity damage. This can affect the health of the homeowners as well as cost you money in the long run. While a window can help with some of the problem there is still a chance the humidity can cause long term structure damage. A window is also something people would be reluctant to open when the weather is colder. Having an updated bathroom fan can improve ventilation and are a lot quieter than old styles when they are on. You can have a dehumidistat installed so that the fan automatically turns on when it is needed and then turns off when it is not.

Upgrading your bathroom floor

As mentioned your floor can be an important part of creating contrast and attitude in the bathroom, but it should also be about comfort. Homeowners creating a modern bathroom often turn to the popular feature of having heated flooring. This ensures during those cold mornings or winter months your feet are warm as you use the room. Tiles should be in solid colors that blend or contrast well with the colors you have used in your tiling and your cabinets. Colors that are considered modern include beige, black or white. With such a floor a modern house owner can feel happy going about their usual morning routine.

Modern bathroom idea

Having a modern bathroom is not just for the wealthy, the spas or fancy hotels. Anyone can achieve it with proper planning, getting the bathroom they deserve, within a budget they can afford.