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Have you ever imagined giving a new look to your bathroom without weighing much on your pocket? If you are considering a tight budget bathroom remodeling then you can actually do it and make your dream come true. All you have to do is add a little bit of creativity, a good plan and some conventional add-ins. Here are few tips on how to start with the work.

Let’s get started

Since it is about refurbishing the bathroom with a minimal budget the wisest thing to do first is to chart out a budget. Look into your expendables and affordability on the items that you are planning to install. It is not only the material cost that need to be taken into account, workmanship will also cost a lot for the job. If you are planning to go all the way of doing it yourself then it is best way to save the bucks or else do not forget to calculate the professional fees.

Bathroom remodeling Bathroom remodeling done right

There are a wide variety of materials available for you to choose from depending upon your budget. Whatever may be the case, asking for discount always pays off as you do not lose anything by doing so. And if you are lucky you may get a good discount.

After calculating the cost that may have to be incurred it is time to look into the project plan.

Bathroom remodeling on budget

10 ways to keep your bathroom remodeling on a budget

  1. 1. Ceiling is the most neglected spot in a bathroom and designing it to look great always pays off. You can design your ceiling on an antique looking décor which will cost you around a maximum of $150. And if you want a much cheaper option then you can always go in for the textured wallpapers. Textured wallpapers are available in a variety of designs at an amazingly low price of approximately $1 per square feet.
  2. 2. For a decorative and luxurious look install a curved shower road. Although it is curved when it comes to space saving, it does not occupy a large area. Another sure way of giving the luxurious look is to install a good shower curtain which is of high quality. It is better to buy a high quality shower curtain than go for a cheap one as on the long go it will have a lasting advantage and will also give the look of luxury to your bathroom. It is easy to find the right shower curtain; you can always look for it in the local stores or simply buy it online at your convenience.
  3. 3. If you have vanity lights in your bathroom then we can make some small changes or else putting those lights will instantly give the desired look in your bathroom. Replace the bulbs in the old vanity light that you already have to give a warmer look. When you are looking for such kind of light fixtures always go for a design that will remain contemporary at all times, this will not only save you money but will ensure that the bathroom work is not overdone and look awkward.
  4. 4. If you are redesigning your bathroom for your kids then you can have it colored bright yellow or other shades that reflect bright light. And if the bathroom that you are redoing is the primary bathroom then it is good to have a color that is different from rest of the house. Go for a color that is not so unique, kind of neutral, and always make sure the curtains matches the wall color.
  5. 5. You can always save some money on the cabinets. Cabinets are costly to install, and if you are planning to replace the old one that you have then think twice. Repainting it with a different color can give it an entirely new look or if you have a wooden cabinet which is not painted with any color and want to have it that way you can enhance the look by lightly sanding it and applying a coat of wood stain over it.
    Bathroom cabinets
  6. 6. If you have everything new and you have a sink of a bygone era then it will spoil all your investment. Have your sink replaced; they are quite affordable. Installing a pure white countertop with a matching porcelain sink and the look is complete.
    Affordable bathroom sink
  7. 7. If you have an old home then it might have shower tiles that are pink. Don’t panic! You need not change the all. Have it modified, rather. Install shower liners that will mask the old shower tiles which will give the room a fresh new look. If you can spend a little more, then it is best to re-glaze the tiles. Re-glazing it will give you the look of a modern bathroom from any shades of color.
  8. 8. Wainscoting is another option of saving yourself from the pain of tearing and scrapping away old wallpapers from your bathroom. There are numerous options of wainscoting that will remain for a long time. After the wainscoting work makes sure that the edges are painted and fixed well; this will prevent entry of moisture that will compromise the life of it.
    Wainscoting around the bathroom tub
  9. 9. Have you noticed bathrooms in malls? They have a lighting system that is so modern. You can always have it in yours. Having an old ceiling bulb hanging will definitely spoil all the arrangement of beautification. So, go ahead and install some beautiful drop light or modern ceiling lights.
  10. 10. Floors occupy the most visible area in a room and having the best look is always complementing. Look at the floor that you have, are they worn out and aged? If so, then it is time to replace those. It is advisable to take out the vanity and the toilet before doing the floor as it will not only give the floor a complete finishing but will be much easier to lay the floor.

Bathroom floor tiles

How to Find an Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

It is always difficult to find a bathroom remodeling contractor which is affordable and yet professional. It is the matter of quality that the contractor will provide at a smaller fee, which is quiet unnatural. However, as many famous people have put it ‘Nothing is impossible if you have the heart for it’. Therefore, stay focused to the plan and keep yourself upright that you have to find a contractor that I within the budget that you have set for such task.

Bathroom remodeling 2

If you look into your locality, you will find that there are a number of service providers that are ready to do the job. They are professionals that know the work well and also have links with other professionals that are required for the necessary job. Companies which have a team of experts and master in the fields will set your bathroom just right. Apart from it, service providers have useful resource persons like interior designers, engineers and architects that are needed for the job of perfection.

Giving the contract to an already established team will eventually save you a lot of money. Another way to save some more is to look for packages and offers that has a competitive advantage. This type of packages will benefit houses, companies and enterprises as a whole.

Bathroom remodeling ideas

What about the classifieds? Classifieds are often filled with remodeling and designing contract advertisements and s a sure way to find one within budget. Look for some lifestyle magazine and you will find classifieds of your interest. If you find contacts from classifieds then it is always worth negotiating and get the best deals as they are the ones looking for clients.

Another way to find contractors from the convenience of your living room is to look online. It is not so tough a task to do so, rather it is the easiest. Do a search online and it will give results that are of your interest and some that are unrelated, now it is your turn to filter out credible contractors from the list and start negotiating with them. There are other ways to find contractors within the budget that you can allot. Thus limiting the search criteria will yield results which are specific to what you want.

Bathroom remodeling for condominium

Searching for contractors online has its own advantage, as they provide details of their area of expertise and it is like virtually visiting their office. Narrow down to specifics of your demand. Read their review and recommendations that people have given. You may spend considerable amount of time for the work as this will eventually give you the peace of mind which you desire after selecting the right contractor at the right price.

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