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Bathroom is the place where a person can have complete privacy leaving behind all the hustle-bustle of one’s life. Every homeowner naturally has a longing for a stunning bathroom, having all the luxuries. So everyone loves to have a well-furnished bathroom, with all the glamorous features, facilities and accessories like double basin vanity and radiating towel warmers. This dream is far easier to achieve than what people may think. The way to start exploring the choices is to know what exactly is that you desire, to create a stunning and prestigious bathroom. Working within one’s space and budget constraints, it will be surprising to know what can be achieved. Keep in mind that to refurnish your bathroom does not mean to replace every single thing.

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeovers

It is tempting to bring down the existing bathroom in your house completely and build a new one full of shiny brand new Toilet-ware. Keep in mind such an endeavor would only burn a hole in your pocket, leading to cause heartburn when you would realize that the same results could have been achieved at a significantly lesser cost. You need to understand that there can be minor changes and alterations that count much while renovating a bathroom. For the sake of example, by simply adding a brand-new  basin tap you may change the whole look of an existing sink, and it can look marvelous. Imagine the amount of money that you can save by resorting to such practices involving these smart-hacks.

nice-budget-bathroom Bathroom renovations ideas on budget

Replace the Curtains

There are several means, and choices that can be adopted to save a lot of money to impart your bathroom with a modern stunning look, with minor changes. Let’s take the example of a shower for the sake of the argument. If you have in your bathroom, traditional shower curtains made of plastic, you can replace these old styled curtains with solid glass doors, which are more durable and more stylish, as well. This simple yet elegant replacement gives you a sense of the bigger space. It’s a functional alternative, as it is not only easily cleaned but also wallet-friendly. Smart decisions such as above can help you in the achievement of your desires and longings and at the same time this can help you in providing value to your money. So before you chose to install many expensive spa baths, have a thorough look around your bathroom to consider the improvisations and possible improvements in your existing systems and circumstances.

bathroom-glass Bathroom glass for a modern look

Vanities & Cabinets

Likewise, very simple steps and choices for your bathroom vanity or cabinet can work a lot of wonders for you. Here is what you need to do in this aspect. You can buy some sand papers, paint, paint remover, and varnish. Now you can use paint remover to strip off the old paint that has lost its shine. After sanding your cabinet, paint it in the color of your choice and finally apply the varnish. Viola!!! You have a brand-new cabinet looking very attractive and ready for your use at a fraction of the cost or money that you might incur to buy another cabinet to replace the older.

bathroom-vanities-budget Unbelievable budget bathroom


Be clear about the desired usage and pattern of the bathroom. For example, if you have some children in your family, who would tend to splash water all around, it will be a wiser decision to go for durable building material such as ceramic materials or acrylics. Instead of using steel or cast Iron, you can choose for stone cast resin weaved with acrylic. This would not only provide greater durability and solidness but also better scratch resistance.


Space is a matter of visual perception of mind. By simple rearrangement, you can provide a sense of more spaciousness in the same area. For example, fitting a corner bath in the corner of the bathroom frees up a lot of space in the middle region of your bathroom. It gives in real terms, not only a smart aesthetic sense, but it is also a smart bargain.

remodeling-small-bathroom-decorating-ideas-on-budget Remodeling a small bathroom – decorating ideas on budget


Some smart and minor additions to your existing bathroom could be very useful for this purpose. A towel warmer provides a decent utility. Ventilation is another important requirement in a bathroom, particularly for bathrooms that are in frequent and common use. Installation of bathroom fans is recommended in such cases to get rid of the agonizing bad smell. For small bathrooms, shower cubicle will be much advantageous. Furthermore, do think of installing a faucet that is mounted on the wall. Not only have they taken lesser space they make cleaning very easily, as well. Always make sure to know where you should position the faucet. A wrong positioning would lead to splashing of water all over.

lovely-budget-bathroom Small lovely budget bathroom

Converting a gloomy bathroom into an enchanting enchantment originates from inspirational concepts that can be realized on by taking a glimpse into a bathroom outlet. Edison said  the success is 1% inspiration and 99% hard work. Your motivation for a bathroom you desire would be present in a bathroom shop. A little of research and information about the quality, prices, brands and the salesman’s personal favorites could provide for a helpful guide. Always remember that there can invariably be a better alternative, but make a conscious effort not to exceed your budget.

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