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From the last decade or so, there has been a vogue of enhancing bathrooms to an extent of attaining luxury.  The treatments of bathroom are more like that of a spa with intricate décor and expanding dimensions of the room. There has also been a notable and significant hike in the prices of bathroom renovation and décor. To extend the dimensions of bathrooms, bump outs are being created in the exterior walls of a house. People are sacrificing guest rooms and closets to make room for a luxurious and spacious bathroom. Sometimes people even incorporate exercising equipments and armchairs in these humungous bathrooms. Nevertheless, not everyone can afford to spend $15,000 to $20,000 to renovate bathrooms. Nevertheless, it is a great idea always to have a bathroom that exudes a feel good factor.


Standard Bathroom Stall Sizes

Shower stalls render your bathroom a new contemporary look. Irrespective of the dimensions of your bathroom, persons now a day prefer to take a shower instead of wasting time in filling bathtubs. Shower stalls made of long lasting materials is a much favored choice. Bathroom shower stalls are available in many different kinds of materials, ranging from fiberglass to tempered glass and many more. Even you can get these customized and arranged according to the size of your bathroom. A standard size for shower stalls is 3’ x 3’, but you may consider getting shower stalls in various other sizes.


Choosing The Right Size

A lot can be done to make your bathroom appear to be decorated professionally. One such idea is to carefully choose your shower stall with precision. Bathroom shower should not give the sense of murk and congestion while you are in it. Your choice of shower heads can prove to be a vital decision. Rain-head showers imitate the plush summer rainstorm, giving you a soothing bath experience. To save the usage of water, your shower heads should be those with high efficiency. You have a choice between either purchasing a ready-to-install shower unit or build your own with tiles walls and flooring. You may still install a combination of shower and bathtub. Look for light neutral colors instead of looking for plain white color. Keep in mind that you have to store shampoo and soap in this area. Try to keep to the budget and work with the space you have. Keep the look simple yet unique.


You will find a variety of units when you go to purchase the ideal shower stall. You have also the choice to go for a shower & bathtub combination unit, a frame to upgrade the tub you are using, an only shower ready to install unit made of fiberglass or tempered glass or other material. Pre-built shower stalls can be made in a variety of different shapes, for instance it could be rectangular, circular, semicircular and other patterns. To install the unit as well as to install ceramic tiles on the floor and walls, you may employ a contractor. Regardless of the kind or type of the unit, you choose for your bathroom, they will all require a door or a curtain to restrain the water from moving out. You may choose to buy a metal framed door or one without a frame.

Modernized bathrooms usually make use of a glass block.  You may opt for etched or molded glass, whichever go well with the theme of your bathroom. Make sure u take the right measurements before you head out to purchase stuff for your bathroom. It is advisable to hire an expert to execute the installation.


You may wish to consider getting a shower curtain with beautiful patterns and vibrant colors, particularly ones made of fabric. You can get the shower curtain rods custom made, as they look perfectly trendy. But if you desire to keep it simple, you may also go for a door in a solid color. Folding doors occupy a lot of room and bathrooms could have space constraints, restricting the vast range of ideas that you have.


In case you wish to put up your shower stall on your own, you can refer to books and magazines, which demonstrate the ways in which you can tile the walls and fix the shower pot on the floor. Only the ideal shower stall can give you that pleasant and revitalizing bath experience.

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