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Every year brings new bathroom styles and designs and following them will keep your home feeling fresh and modern. It also means you get the latest in comfort giving you a bathroom that is a point of focus in your home, rather being sad and neglected. 2014 has so far brought some interesting bathroom design trends that could have a great impact on your life. With the economy being what is still, more house owners are choosing to stay where they are and renovate rather than moving. But if your current home no longer has the space you need, perhaps because your family has grown, renovating your bathroom should be a top priority. You no longer have the luxury of spending hours in the bathroom, there are others who want their turn. But with some updates your half hour can be just as well spent.

2014 Bathroom Design Styles

Have your own luxury spa

One of the things we all love about staying at a nice hotel is using their luxury spa, but now you can get your own luxury spa in your own bathroom. A luxury spa effect in your bathroom is one of the latest bathroom trends and is well worth the investment! When remodeling your bathroom choose to get a new larger bath tub that has whirlpool jets. Make sure when buying the new tub you try it out for size. Get in it in the shop and look at where the jets will hit you. You want them to reach those aching muscles when you need it to. You might even consider getting a bath tub that accommodates more than one person. To add to the luxurious feel either get a tub with a flat edge so there is room for candles (and maybe wine) or have a small table next to it. That way at the end of the day you can light the candles, and lay back and let the world drift away.


Modern showers

There are a lot of people who would rather have a great shower than soak in the tub. Plus showers are quicker if you need to be somewhere and perhaps more invigorating first thing in the morning. 2014 bathroom trends have a variety of luxurious showers that come with several options. You can have multiple heads, have remote controls so you can start the water running from your bed, massage controls, water temperature mixer controls and they all come in a variety of shapes and styles. If you want your bathroom to be modern and eco-friendly while watching how much water you use, a trendy shower is definitely the way to go.

Modern shower design

Music in your bathroom

Just imagine having your favorite music playing as you shower in the morning, helping to wake you up, or maybe some relaxation sounds as you soak in your spa tub at the end of a hard day. If you are remodeling your bathroom in 2014, you have the option to add in a waterproof sound system. Usually speakers are difficult to put in the walls or floors so are put into your ceiling. There are several brands you can choose from that have specific speakers that are adapted for damp bathroom air. It would be a very good idea to have this kind of job done by a contractor rather than doing it yourself, as electricity and water are not a good mix if you do not know what you are doing. They will ensure it is safe by using things like double-insulated wire.


A personal steam cabin

There are many advantages to having your own steam cabin in your bathroom. They are great for relaxation and also claim to help you lose some calories (up to 300) with each use! Steam cabins come with lights, powerful jets, monsoon shower heads, and mirrors all designed to help you reach those hard to reach tense muscles. Steam cabins are not something everyone can consider, especially those working with a small space, but they can fit nicely into the corner of larger bathrooms and they make a large statement.


Glass shower screens

Overall any shower screen that is made of glass is the more popular bathroom trend. Glass shower screens look better and work well in spacious bathrooms and ones where space is limited, so they suit everyone. This is because when you step into the room the glass gives a feeling of space. Modern shower screens should be frame-less so that that illusion of space is not disrupted. This will make the shower itself seem larger too. Just because a bathroom is a functional room does not mean you should neglect its decor. Make it somewhere you can take the ‘me’ time you deserve.


Glass trends in bathrooms have a variety of style choices that are already made, but you also have the option to get custom designed and fitted screens if your budget allows it. When taking out the old sliding door make sure you or your bathroom screen installers fit the new screen properly so that it is safe. The new style of retractable glass screens is popular so that the shower does not seem overly bulky and you maximize the space you have. Unlike old sliding doors that are hard to clean and get a lot of grime in the frames and edges, frame-less screens are easy to take care of and there is no risk of rust.

There are other benefits to the use of glass as a material in renovation. It lets natural light in so that you do not need as much artificial lighting and helps you conserve energy. It looks modern and can help you achieve the effect you want. It is a clever choice for frame-less shower screens but it may be wise to have a professional screen installer take care of installation.

Tiling options

New modern bathrooms lean towards having larger tiles on the walls rather than the more traditional smaller tiles. It is a feature of many luxury spas and one you may want to include in your bathroom design. Large tiles without fussy patterns make the space seem more open and the bathroom itself larger. Small tiles, as beautiful as they may look in the store or catalogue, will make the space seem smaller.

The most popular style of tile for bathrooms in 2014 is large European tiles. They are elegant, there are less grout lines and this creates an almost seamless layer of tiling that makes it feel more luxurious. Despite their size they do not take over the room or its other furniture and accessories, but they are more suited for bigger bathrooms. Make sure you look for tiles that are non-slip, since there are less grout lines they can be more slippery if they are not specifically non-slip. Colors should be earthy and calming, so that you create a retreat you can relax in at the end of the day. Modern bathrooms trend towards blues, beige, greens and ivory. Neutral colors have been top for a couple of years now and look to stay there.


With everyone becoming more aware of re-purposing, recycling and reusing materials to help the environment, one option you can consider is creating a natural bath look. Recycle glass to create tiles, using ceramic and porcelain to create the effect of more light because of the glaze. Wood finishes add to the natural effect such as behind the tub and vanity. You can even get tiles that have a wood and leather finish. You can use natural stones such as quartz in the showers, making sure the bathroom reflects your taste.

When tiling the floor you may want to put in heated flooring. That way you do not have to stay on your mat while getting ready before walking across cold tiles. You can actually save energy by having this feature, as a heated floor means the bathroom is more evenly heated. You will no longer need to turn up the heating in the bathroom each time you bathe, nor dash for the bedroom to get away from cold tiles.

2014 is about going modern rather than traditional with your design. Stick to contemporary fixtures with your lighting, tiles, and cabinets. Keep the color neutral and the design simple. Use decorations and bathroom linen to compliment the overall look of the room. Give yourself a bathroom you love, whether it has a timed shower or a bath with jets, you deserve that spa feeling every day!

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