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If bathroom remodeling is on your mind, there are certain things you need to learn before beginning the task, provided you are ready to get down to the job genuinely.. A DIY bathroom remodel will definitely give you the freedom to decide on the budget, time flexibility and also to design in every possible manner you wished for.

What is DIY remodeling?

Opting for a DIY remodel not only keeps a check on splurging your budget but also gives you the contentment of self-involvement in the process of remodeling. The criteria though requires a good knowledge of the job as in managing the project, selecting the right color, demolition and other fitting works like hooks and towel rails. The plumbing and electrical works should be done with expert help lest you are well acquainted with it. The family savings and in turn your health may be affected while you try to juggle with the plans of DIY remodel.


Planning for the remodel

Planning the extent of the remodel systematically will be the foremost step which depends on whether you intend to make a small change or an entire transformation of the bathroom. Another criteria to be considered is the total number of members going to use the bathroom and if any member needs customized design to suit the demands. With modern technology at your reach, the designing tasks are simplified with the available software programs charting out the plan for you. Initially a basic plan layout should be made with a well-equipped water proofing scheme. Modifications in color patterns and cabinet replacement can be further made.

bathroom-remodel-idea Bathroom remodeling idea

Carrying out a DIY bathroom remodel from ground level calls for legal attention and a green signal from local authorities. Therefore, after thorough investigation, permission from the law must be taken at the advent of remodeling. Performing the plumbing and electrical works is restricted by the law as it involves professional knowledge. For instance, in San Diego a DIY remodel requires a time span of a week to a month considering the time and labor necessary to finish the project.

The next step is to choose for raw materials that will be durable in the future though you have to spend a little extra from your pocket. But it should be kept in mind that the amount spent at present will safeguard your future losses and will promisingly turn to a money-saver policy.

bathroom design Modern bathroom design

One advantage of doing a DIY bathroom remodel is that you are the designer yourself and there are checkpoints where you can curb on spending unnecessarily. Doing so you can save money although a bathroom remodel is quite expensive compared to remodeling any other rooms of the house.

An area of checkpoint is the wall decorations. You can easily get expertise over the wall painting procedures for example with stenciling or faux finishes. You can either go through books meant for the wall decorations or attend classes held for people with such interests or even venturing out of opening outlets dealing in supplies and home remodeling hardware items.

An additional area with the scope for saving money is doing the wall art of your bathroom yourself. There is no denying that the paintings created by renowned artists will definitely add elegance to your walls but they also come with huge prices. So why not discover the artistic side of you which will consequently prove beneficial to your financial status. Do not worry if you are not very good in the job and have no creative skills as you can try your hands on some abstract paintings. Abstract art is the best choice since it is one form of art which does not require much skill. You need not be an amateur artist, just concentrate on the color combination and the theme of the painting to match the entire bathroom set up. As an alternative you can also select some unique framed photographs for your bathroom walls.


To begin with the bathroom remodel estimation of a rough total budget is the priority. Doing so you can keep a track on the expenses and cut down on unnecessary add-ons wherever possible. There are many ways to save money in a DIY remodel say on labor charges provided you have some previous knowledge and exposure in the field. Like every task, remodeling demands some areas of professionalism besides the other simple aspects. Reading this article you will have a brief idea as on what are the basic essentials required for remodeling a bathroom.

before-after-remodel Before & After


For the wood works, the prices per feet will differ for the low end and the upper end. The low end can be done with an average of $75/linear ft for paint grade unfinished cabinets while the upper end will come to $250/linear foot with extra $100/foot for finishing.

diy-bathroom-cabinets DIY bathroom cabinets


The extent to which you tend to cover the plumbing works will decide the average cost. It may be entire shifting of the toilet or shower from the previous location to a new place or mere fitting of new additions. New fittings will come to an average of $600 and other major plumbing modifications to around $2,600. Other luxurious additions such as a Jacuzzi tub will amount to an extra $1,000 to your budget.

The budget for mirrors will come up to $200-$500. Mirrors can be customized according to the style and design of the remodel or can be just a humble design with no frames.

Light fittings can be altered with an average of $100 and above. Installing recessed can lights and silent exhaust fans will be a complete makeover from the earlier appearance which will come up to $1,500.


The bathroom floors can be done with a range of materials such as tiles, concrete, vinyl and wood although tiles are usually preferred. An average of $4-$6/square ft will be the cost for the floor installation and $2-$20/square ft for the raw materials.

bathroom-floor-tile Love these tiles


Opting for a one piece shower will come to $400 while a tile shower will have a cost proportionate directly with the flooring cost outlined above. It will also depend on the material with which the shower is made of. And if you wish to fit a frameless shower door the cost will come up to $1,000.



The wall painting cost can be estimated at an average of $600 for just surfaced walls and $2,500 for special plaster finish walls.


Cost of countertops relate directly to the materials used. If you select a prefabricated marble top included with sink an average of $100 will be the cost otherwise a natural stone top of granite or marble is quite cheaper with a cost of around $65/square ft which comes with the material, fabrication as well as installation.


Accessories can be estimated to be around $100-500 based on the finishing which can be either a mere chrome connections or oil rubbed bronze. Towel bars, toilet paper holders and hooks will be in the list.

bathroom-comparison-remodel Bathroom remodeling done right

Drafting a budget plan before embarking on any remodeling will be a wise thing. It keeps you on check on how much you can spend and that will consequently reflect on the entire design of the remodel. A crucial element of concern is the labor charge which will depend on the current labor trend in the market. Check out how to estimate the duration of a bathroom remodeling project.

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