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It is a fast life everybody wants things that are done at the earliest. And when it comes to something that is being remodeled in your home then everybody wants it in the most urgent manner and with perfection so that they can enjoy the new ambience. Well the thing is right with the bathroom remodeling plans that you have. Since bathroom occupies a small part of the house it looks like a room that can be done in a jiffy. After all it does not require the décor that a living room needs.

Bathroom Remodeling Duration

First thing to do before you start with the energy of destruction is to have a proper plan and look into it that you have all the desired material on site for the work. It is wise to do this because after breaking and tearing down the look of the old bathroom you do not get stuck in between due to lack of resource which will eventually lengthen the process.

Bathroom remodeling Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom designing and remodeling is not a game that you can play again and again, it requires planning of a serious mind. And if you have doubt, don’t act God, consult a professional for humble guidance. They are the saints that will give you direction to your troubled designer’s mind.

Here are few guidelines that will keep you on track while designing the bathroom that you will most lovingly have in your house.

Demolition – 2 days

Destruction (Most Exciting Part) – 2 days.

Have your energy drink to the brim and start with the loveliest part of the work where you can pull out all your anger on your boss and hammer it right. It is a little untidy though, messy. Some tiles will not respond to your destructive energy and some corners will be hard to be attacked, this will eventually delay the mission that you are in. After it is done, decide on how to dispose off the wastes in a social manner.

Carpentry and Plumbing – 2 – 5 days.

According to the bathroom plan that you have the work will have its own dimension. Carpentry work may not be required at all times. The idea is to set the framework of the plan right, like finding spots for pipelines and outlets of it. Place for installing showers, faucets, jets, steam etc. It is easier when done newly but can be demanding when the existing pipelines need to be modified or re-positioned.

After remodeling project Bathroom cabinets after a remodeling project

The Electrical Work – 2 days

Electrical work need to be a planned job. Wiring for the lighting system of the modern bathroom is not a child’s play. Cabinet lighting, floor illumination and other accessories like steam or jetted tubs needs proper planning. If you want to have a TV in the room or some speakers so that you can sing along or shake a leg when you shower is all part of the plan. So plan right so that you can enjoy the ambience.

before-after-bathroom-remodel Before and after

Insulation and Drywall – 1.5 days

When insulation and Drywall is being done you will see that the bathroom of your dream is taking shape and is a quick job too.

Finish Drywall – 2 days

Coming towards beautification, plastering, sanding, and smoothening the wall is the next step. This includes priming the wall surface for those areas which requires painting. First coat of paint can also be applied during this time. This stage will make you feel the change that you anticipated.

The Tile Work – 3 – 5 days

Fixing the tile will take some time which cannot be calculated efficiently as it depends on the area to be tiled and the kind of surface that you have. And moreover, drying and placing of the fixed tiles requires time and will vary according to quality and environment.

great-bathroom-remodel Great remodeling project

Fixing the Cabinets – 1 day

Fixing the cabinet will not take time as it can be made somewhere else and simply fixed as desired it may be the fastest process in the whole job.

Installing the Fixtures – 2 days

Installation of plumbing fixtures like the toilet, basins, faucets etc. needs a minimum of two days.

modern-bathroom-fixtures Modern bathroom fixtures

Miscellaneous work – 2 days

Final touch is needed for the great look that you have been expecting. This includes installing the wallpapers, final coat of the painted walls, fixing towel bars, lights, screens etc.

Time to complete may range from 2 –3 weeks. It is good to have a 3D rendering before you start work. This will enable you to envisage loopholes and areas that you might want to focus when designing the bathroom.

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