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Imagine yourself with your partner lounging about in private, away from all the stress of a busy life, in an ambience full of tranquility and beauty. Remodeling your master bathroom is a great idea to turn your imaginations into reality. A new look to your master bathroom will give way to an atmosphere of sheer luxury, serenity, comfort, style and the much needed privacy. Moreover you can lavishly enjoy all these and more together with your partner.

The designs of all home improvement products, irrespective of the latest trends, do not only focus on being functional and efficient but are also stunning and appealing. So we can conclude that these products with its designs will efficiently fulfill all your master bathroom remodeling demands. Here are some guidelines which will help you maintain your big city life of pure indulgence as well as help you plan out ways to remodel your master bathroom at an affordable price.

Master bathroom remodeling tips Simple modern design

8 Master Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Privacy with Intimacy

We can all anticipate the fact that a hectic city life hardly gives a chance to couples to share a moment of closeness. If you are planning to remodel your master bathroom, do consider designing it in such a way that you and your partner will not have to take turns to do the everyday rudiments.  A practical option is to install a double sink bathroom vanity which creates two obvious sections for him and her allowing couples to groom. You can also consider a larger shower space or a bigger tub to fit the two of you for a more intimate time together.

Classy master bathroom

Sheer Luxury

Remodeling your master bathroom will allow you to indulge into the luxury and pleasure of pampering yourself in the convenience of your home. You can enjoy the indulgence of first class treatment without having to visit a spa or being a member of a fitness club. You can revitalize and relax yourself without undergoing the hassles of travelling and investing money for a membership. All the features and conveniences are now easily available for home use with rain jets, vertical shower, whirlpools, steam bath, sauna and other facilities accessible in market.

Luxurious master bathroom Luxurious master bathroom

With all the comfort and luxury offered by the home improvement manufacturers, people have increasingly started to spend quality time relaxing in their bathrooms. This paves way for incorporating entertainment into the renovation of your master bathroom through technologies like waterproof TV, sound system and media players.

Creating an Ambience

To set the right ambience and to put yourself in the right mood you should lay emphasis on the major exteriors like floor, walls and cabinets. You should also focus on the lighting scheme of your master bathroom. Colors play a vital role in creating the perfect ambience. Work according to your budget and taste. You may go for rich textures if you wish to enjoy a luxurious feel in your bathroom. Depending on your choice you may go for plush and individualistic look offered by a variety of natural stone, hardwood, glass, mirrors and other material for your master bathroom.


When we talk about these ideas, we are mainly looking at planning the renovation of your master bathroom with a broader vision focusing only on the fundamental. The little details that you give to decorate your bathroom are perhaps equally important. Do not ignore trivial details which can do wonders to your remodeling project. Romantic candles, small plants and rocks, fresh flowers and skylight for stargazing are some little details which will add to the appeal of your master bathroom.

Universal Design

Considering the increasing number of deaths and injuries resulting from accidents related to bathrooms, universal design products focus on making your life safer, easier and free from potential risks. Universal design uses the latest innovations in manufacturing to generate products which are easy to install and quite affordable. With these products you can create your very own stylish bathroom with a lot of space to move about incorporating features like several grab bars, open showers without a doorsill and fixtures at the right height. Universal design offers a variety of products which go well with all bathroom décor.

master-bathroom-2014 Our favorite design


Many adore the look, sound and lighting effect of a waterfall fountain. A surge of waterfall will give you the relaxing and soothing experience of a spa in your very own bathroom. All you have to do is unleash yourself from the constraints of everyday stress, dim the lights and relax in your bathtub. The peaceful sound of water and the lights reflecting air bubbles will transcend you to a heavenly feel. Pick a fountain which suits your taste and budget; you may choose a freestanding fountain or a wall mounted fountain, or you could place a tabletop fountain on the top of your bathroom vanity.


The floor of your bathroom has to be durable, safe and comfortable. Tiles are the most common bathroom flooring material. Not only do tiles last long if taken proper care of but they can also be placed in distinctive patterns to make the bathroom look good. You can also get them customized. Other options for your bathroom flooring are vinyl plank, waterproof laminate, natural stone and even bamboo. You may also install radiant floor heating for a more comfortable experience.

Best flooring for the master bathroom Master bathroom remodeling idea

Toilet Rooms

A separate room containing a toilet and a sink within your bathroom is gaining a lot of popularity of late. A larger room could contain a urinal, pedestal sink or a bidet. The “toilet room” sometimes separate smaller areas from the bath with partial or full walls.

Shower, Deep Soaking Tub and more

In a master bathroom you would desire a separate tub and shower area. Deep soaking tubs are increasingly replacing the noisy Jacuzzis. A lot of people are also opting for a large shower along with a bench. Another feature trending these days are multiple shower heads. Increase natural in master bathroom, maximize storage and include the comfort of mini refrigerators and waterproof TV for a plush experience.

Top master bathroom

For an efficient, luxurious and functional spa-like bathroom you should contribute quality time carefully planning and considering all options available to you in your budget.

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