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Most Popular Bathroom Colors

A spanking new coat of paint for your bathroom always helps maintain its appeal, ambience and style. It also helps retain the refreshing experience a brand new bathroom exudes. Nevertheless, there is always a question about which color to go for, and what accent will look best with it.

There is no need to panic, as there are plenty of options to solve this issue. Following are a number of choices that are setting a trend; you may choose any of these to provide your bathroom a fresh and brand new appeal.


1. Bright & Bold accents

Now a day bright and bold colors are becoming a favored choice for bathrooms as well. Rich shades of burgundy, cheery bright yellow, vibrant teal are colors that emanate energy. Bright and bold accents with a neutral backdrop for your bathroom match perfectly well with the contemporary décor of your living area. For a chic modern look, you may try a monochromatic gray coating along with vibrant color accents.


2. Blue and Brown

Blue and brown is a combination of colors, which has always been a favored choice. The tranquil cool effect of blue harmonized by the tender warmth of brown makes it a perfect pick. Use this combination on your bathroom walls by painting each wall alternatively with blue and brown. You can even mix and match shower stalls, patterned tiles or backsplash for the walls and flooring. Blue tile backsplash with cabinets in brown look elegant. Lighter hues of brown are more in fashion these days, like cinnamon and caramel against dark chocolate brown.


3. Soft White

Pleasing soft shades of white resembling eggshell or a whipped cream are substituting the striking more austere white. For a classy and voguish white bathroom, you may go for subtly different layers of white.


4. White and Black

Coupling the classic combination of colors, black and white, is an ideal choice. Modern bathrooms combine the two in marble countertops of white with a hint of black or pairing bold black with polka dots in white. A combination of black and white stripes or patterns on the walls and fabric material works absolutely fine as well. This is a perfect combination for bathrooms with white furniture and shiny chrome hardware, faucets and towel racks. Go for colorful accents; maybe try the trendy contemporary shades like scarlet or amethyst.


5. Neutral hues

Colors like taupe, beige and cream is a perfect choice for those fond of warm and effervescent hues.  These colors are soft and not harsh on the eyes; they work like magic on any kind of bathroom. Neutral colors are the best substitute for the dull and plain white.


Lighter shades of pink and blue are excellent for children’s bathroom. You could give it an exclusive touch with random patterns on the wall to open up their imaginative minds.

6. Deep Shades

Natural elements like water, sky and leaves are best depicted with darker shades. For a gentle calming ambience, apply deeper shades of blue and forest green. Many spas use these kinds of colors as they bring the feel of peace, serenity and relaxation.


7. Pastels

If neutral colors are not your thing then you may go for a variety of pastel colors. You may pick colors like turquoise, fiery red or orange, as they exude a positive and cheery ambience. You could also consider royal colors like lavender and purple, which emanate a grand and luxurious feel if that, is something you want for your bathroom.


8. Beach Colors

In spite of a cold climate outside, you can bring the feel of tropical warmth in your bathroom. As a matter of fact, colors like flamingo pink and sky blue induce a vivacious summer like warmth. For a summer cool tropical feel you may try deep blue and sea green. Stripes of sand brown color added to the ocean colors of blue and green bring home the perfect ambience of a beach.


9. Yellow and Orange Hues

For all the fun loving, happy go lucky ones who love to see the brighter more positive side to life, brighter shades of yellow and orange will match perfectly with your personality. Yellow to orange is the color of the sun which symbolizes energy and illumination. Bathrooms dazzle with brightness when you apply these shades. On the other hand, for those with a quick temper and a nature prone to irritation, cooler colors will help you keep calm and bright ones will only aggravate your temper.


10. Skin-Friendly Palettes

Pick a color, which you will not mind changing for several years to come. You have a lot of choices to pick from as long as the paint stands the test of time. Colors that compliment skin tones like brown and fleshy pink and warm colors like peach or pink are great ideas. Skin pleasant palettes flatter your skin tones leaving you with a feel good mood. On the other hand, colors like mustard and bottle green can make you feel sick and old, these colors are best avoided. A light hue of pink is excellent for your powder room if you are used to applying makeup every day.


If you decide to repaint your bathroom, you have several options to pick from. It is vital to choose a color which matches with your personality, taste and function of your bathroom.

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