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The appearance of your bathroom in terms of its overall look and style is enhanced by having walk-in showers. Style can definitely be added to your bathroom simply with utilizing various smaller shower designs. As a rule, walk-in shower designs are best suited for small bathrooms as they really bring your small bathroom to a higher level with regard to its beauty. There are certain factors that have to be considered when implementing walk-in shower designs:  these are style, angle, and size.

Walk-In Shower Design Tips

A walk-in shower’s accessibility and size are highly important because they affect the level of comfort for the user. You would naturally expect your walk-in shower to effectively serve its purpose, but at the same time you cannot make it too big to the effect that managing it becomes tedious.

Design ideas

Keep in mind to refrain from having the wrong kind of slope on your bathroom floor. Making a mistake in this regard will create a pool of water that is unwanted. This will most probably be the case if the angle for flowing water is incorrect.

Another major aspect you must attend to is style. Using tiles is one basic technique to achieve this. Tiles which can either be in ceramic or granite material are attached permanently to the bathroom walls. The enclosure on the other hand is usually in the form of various kinds of glass. You may choose among non-transparent, semi-transparent, or fully transparent depending on your personal requirements and preferences.

Should space be a primary problem, showers without doors are the thing to have. They will obviously maximize your bathroom space. You will also have less of a hard time cleaning your bathroom with this kind of treatment simply because there will be a lesser amount to clean. It will make your bathroom look larger than it actually is. You will find this kind in hotels and beautiful homes that breathe of luxury.


With this type of shower, it is also possible to create a hot steam bath simply by installing a spa design. It is recommended that you incorporate a rustic theme if you happen to have a small budget as it turns out to be the cheapest alternative. A characteristic of this design type is the use of natural hues. Copper is the material of the shower heads in the enclosures. Beech wood is the material used for the cabin which gives beauty and elegance in spite of the big savings represented by this style.

It is but a natural inclination to want as many possible features incorporated into your bathroom, but you must be careful with what you put in it so as to avoid making the wrong choices. Undertaking a simple research into the matter is a must, after all you would want your bathroom to be fabulous!  You spend a lot of time in it, making it as if it were your second home.

Most Widely Used Walk-in Shower Designs

Doorless Walk-in Shower Designs

Walk-in shower designs without doors provides many benefits. The primary benefit is that space is maximized to the fullest thereby creating enough space inside. Needless to say, people with very limited bathroom space opt for this alternative. Not many accessories are needed for this design type, therefore valuable space is not taken leaving much needed space open and available. Having less also means there is less to clean.


The biggest benefit of the doorless walk-in shower is its ability to project the appearance that your bathroom is bigger than it appears. This is an excellent shower design for small bathrooms. Although you can see them mostly in hotels and luxurious houses, you can still enjoy and have this bathroom type in the comfort of your bathroom and home, even if it is just a small one.


Tiled Walk-in Shower Designs

Ceramic tiles and granite tiles are but two (2) of the most popular tiles that are utilized in creating walk-in showers. But of these two (2), it is the latter that is used for contemporary walk-in shower designs. To create both a beautiful and an elegant appeal, use tiles on the bathroom walls, while glass surrounds the shower area as an enclosure which at the same time allows the tiles to be seen. Tiles that have delicate designs on them have an impact on the overall appearance of the bathroom. Unfortunately, you have to take into account your budget because these beautiful designs also come with a high price tag. Having said that, those who are able to have extravagant designs on their tiles have money to burn. A bathtub inside the enclosed shower area is usually a common addition in many walk-in shower designs.


As expected, more space is required for walk-in shower designs that include a bathtub as opposed to those with shower heads only.

Rustic Theme

The rustic theme is by far the walk-in shower design that entails the lowest cost. So if you have a small budget then by all means go for this style because it can still turn your bathroom into a beautiful one that is easy on the pocket. Again, the primary colors for this theme are natural ones. For this style, copper is the most suitable material for shower heads. For the shower enclosure or the cabin, beech wood is most appropriate. At first glance, your walk-in shower will appear like a sauna because of the wood material.


If you have enough budget and if your bathroom can accommodate it, you can add massage jets, a steam shower, even a Jacuzzi and other facilities.

Spa and Zen theme

zen walkin shower

From the name alone, one can sense that this bathroom design costs more than other design themes. You can experience the same level of relaxation that a spa offers by installing many shower heads for the spa and Zen walk-in shower. Cream, white, and pastels are the hues that best fit this type of design. A crisp, clean effect is produced by these shades. Elegance and a spa atmosphere can be achieved by adding scented candles.

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