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9 Bedroom Design Inspirations

A person’s bedroom should be where you can let go of the stress of the day and relax. A retreat from the outside or a place you can indulge yourself. Therefore how you decorate the bedroom is important if you want to achieve that perfect place to call your own. Often when people think of re-decorating they look at the public rooms first like the living room, because it is a place guests see. But having a fresh and new bedroom should be high on your priority list too. There are several places you can draw inspiration from on how to design your bedroom to create the room you have always wanted. This article offers some suggestions on bedroom design inspiration and some more inspired themes you might be interested in!

There are many types of designs you can choose from for your bedroom to make it more appealing to the eyes and more comfortable to sleep in. Bedroom design is more than just re-painting the walls, though color scheme is part of it. You need to think about your furniture, windows, floor and decorative items too, as well as a key feature the bedding. You should be trying to make the most out of the space you have but avoid cluttering. Look for ways to optimize storage and furniture. Use accessories in key places to enhance the end result in a controlled manner. Also think about the kind of lighting the room gets, whether you can allow a lot of natural light in, and the kind of artificial lighting you want, a lamp to read by, mood lighting for romantic nights in, good lighting at the dresser when you are applying makeup or getting ready.

Where You Can Draw Inspiration From

If you already have a fairly creative side to you the inspiration for your bedroom design can really come from anywhere. Use existing furnishings or a bed spread to inspire the color scheme, look through magazines or look online for visual inspiration. Alternatively you could get your bedroom design inspiration from the season, your relationship, an ethnicity or country. Below is a look at some popular trends in bedroom design and an outline of three themes for you to consider.

Lovely bedroom theme Modern design for the master bedroom

Popular bedroom trends

Eco-chic – Many people are becoming greener nowadays and this can be an inspiration for your bedroom design too. You can purchase green furniture, made by places like Team 7, that is made from solid natural wood and given a finish using herbal waxes and oils rather than being stained and lacquered as the latter lead to VOCs being emitted into the air. This design also encourages re-purposing old items and turning them into something unique and new. Turning old doors into shelves for example or an old chair into a night table and so on.

eco-chic bedroom design Eco-chic design

Organic modern – This design style is also inspired by the Eco-chic look but also has a mix of old and new furniture, uses a neutral paint scheme and has an earthy feel. Flowers are included in the decoration and it is an eclectic look with some clutter but done in a purposeful and organized manner.

Organic modern theme Organic modern with old furniture

Airy ranch – Design a country inspired bedroom that creates a relaxed and worry free atmosphere. Wooden furniture that is rustic looking and possibly vintage or antique, pictures and knickknacks are common as is the use of dried flower decorations. The wall color scheme is usually light or neutral so that decorative items look good against it. It is also possible to find design aspects like exposed wooden beams or brick walls.

country-theme Country style

Ethnic – Very popular amongst bedroom designers at the moment, the ethnic trend involves bringing world travels into the bedroom. This could be Moroccan, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and so on. Bright patterns, authentic rugs, lanterns, candles, Buddhas, wooden masks on the wall, screens are all examples of what you might find in an ethnic inspired bedroom. Some of the best Asian bedroom design ideas are available here.

Asian oriental design Asian oriental design

Bauhaus – Originally a school for architecture with the premise of ‘form that follows function’, this style is now a popular design for furniture and interior decoration. This style is about being inspired by classical shapes and having a clean and functional bedroom. Walls would be white or neutral free of moldings, floors made from natural materials like wood or cork, rugs with abstract patterns, simple plain curtains or blinds, organic forms and textures in the decorations. Primary colors can be used for pops of primary color that stand out against the white or neutral background. It is popular amongst professionals because of its sophistication and classic look.

bauhaus Bauhaus

Eclectic – If you are inspired by a variety if styles or themes that you could create your own eclectic bedroom. This is a mix of styles in one room, but it does require a good sense of style and color to get the right balance. It is a good choice if you have a range of tastes you want to be able to express.

eclectic-bedroom Eclectic design

A detailed look at three popular bedroom themes

  1. 1.    Romantic
  2. 2.    Moroccan
  3. 3.    Spring

The Romantic Bedroom

Taking inspiration from romantic novels and movies this bedroom creates the perfect romantic setting. Key to creating this bedroom is not being afraid to use vibrant colors and to get the lighting right. Starting with the walls choose from a shade of red you like avoiding ones that are too orange. You can choose to paint the trim white or a darker shade of red. Have pictures up on the wall that are sensual but not necessarily risqué. Frames could be black. Have the lighting on dimmer switches so you can set the right mood, and have candles placed around the room. Consider getting sconces as well as ceiling lamps or even a chandelier and have more lighting options above or next to the bed.

romantic-bedroom-design Romantic bedroom design

The bed is also important in this room, a large bed would be perfect, King sized if you have the room. Choose bedding that compliments the wall color and have a multitude of cushions on the bed in various textures. Avoid bedding that is overly heavy. If you can have it a four poster bed would be amazing, but you could still use some white gauzy fabric draped around the bed to create that effect. Have the bed placed so it is the central feature of the room as you enter.

Furniture in the room should offer other places to relax, perhaps a love seat made from bamboo for example. Antique furniture adds to the effect of the room, look in antique shops and online auctions for old armoires, dressers and mirrors.

The Moroccan bedroom

Morocco is a North African country and has a unique style that is popular with people whether they have actually visited it or not. A bedroom inspired by Morocco is exotic. It uses color, accent pieces and fabrics to give that feeling of being somewhere far more exciting than just your bedroom! Colors you need to use include warm colors like the spices that come from that land, turmeric yellow, paprika red, saffron. But as well as the yellows, reds and oranges, you also get some jewel colors like sapphire blue.

moroccan-bedroom Exotic Moroccan design

To make the room feel sultry you need to use fabrics that are as authentic as possible. Drape some silk around, a colorful rug for the floor, rich fabrics draped over chairs or around the bed posts. The bed itself can rest on the floor but would look better if it could be raised on a platform and then surrounded by a canopy. To get that exotic feel does not have to be costly, netting for around the bed can be found for around fifty dollars.

The rest of the furniture should be dark wood with some decoration and carving. Or create a place to sit by using extra large and colorful cushions on the floor. Have lanterns or lamps and candles in candle holders and wall sconces that are Arab influenced. You can buy the real thing from online or to save money look for great replicas from stores closer to home. Be eclectic – that works well in this theme.

The Spring bedroom

This room is inspired by the Spring season, a time of growth, promise, color and light. Remember that feeling you get after a long cold and dark winter when you realize Spring is finally here and then bring that feeling of revitalization into your bedroom. Paint the walls a white color to make it feel larger, more open and brighter. Also paint your ceiling white to give the room a sense of height. The floor can be covered in white or cream carpeting or have a white rug down if you want to keep your wooden floor and don’t want to paint it.

Spring-themed bedroom Fresh spring bedroom theme

If you are getting new furniture for the room opt for sliding door wardrobes so that the room stays open, and have the doors mirrored so that they reflect natural light around the room. Opt for light or white furniture or if you are keeping your old furniture consider giving it a coat of paint. You can then buy new colored handles for it to add a splash of spring flower color. On the bed have a bright duvet to add more color to the room, either in a block color or have colorful flowered motifs in it. You could also continue the flower theme by having a bright flowery print on the wall behind the bed.

The window frame should also be painted white and have a plain blind or white curtain. But to the top have a flowered or brightly colored piece of fabric draped around it. Use prints on the walls to add color also but have the frames in white. Rather than spacing pictures around the walls arrange them in clusters. Other accessories to use include colored vases and lampshades, scented candles, fresh flowers. If you have a white floor, add a colored rug.