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There are many different themes you can choose from if you are designing a child’s bedroom. However before you make a final decision make sure you talk to the child whose room it will be if you can, as they should get a say in the theme and color of their room. Also make sure the themes you are interested in are age appropriate. An older teenaged boy is unlikely to appreciate a dinosaur themed room for example. However try to avoid stereotypes unless they actually fit. It is perfectly okay for your little girl to want a space themed bedroom if that is what she is interested in. Because age is as much if not more of a factor to consider as gender here we have grouped themes in age appropriate sections, working from the very young to older teens. However that is a rough guide and it is very likely some of those themes can cross over into older or younger age groups.

One thing that a lot of parents end up doing is decorating the room with a current favorite TV show as the theme. While this is fine and is in the list keep in mind that children outgrow certain fads quite quickly, so unless you are happy to re-decorate in two years when they are no longer into Thomas the Tank Engine, avoid doing too much on such themes. Also remember that designing the child’s bedroom is more than just paint color or a few stencils on the wall. You need to think about the furniture, bedding, window treatment, decorations and flooring too. Include them in each decision and encourage them to be creative and have a role in their room’s design and creation and they will love it and you all the more. Just as your bedroom is a place for you to get away from everything and relax, so is theirs. But in all likelihood the room will also need to have room for studying, playing, entertaining friends, storing toys and books and displaying trophies or treasures.

Amazing Bedroom Themes For Your Child

Baby to around ten years old

The following themes for child bedroom design are for younger children though it is possible and fine to use them for a girl or boy a bit older if it is what they want. Remember that even a baby’s room needs visual stimulation, things for them to watch and learn from.

Baby girl bedroom design Bedroom theme for baby girl

Color – Take the child’s favorite color if they are old enough to show or tell you and use that color as a theme for their bedroom. You could paint the room a white or neutral color and then have bold splashes of their favorite color as a rug on the floor, a cushion on a chair, the bedding, some basic shape stencilling on the wall. Add a second color either choosing a color on the color wheel that is next to it or choosing a color opposite it. Have matching curtains and bedding in the first color and then accents in the other color. Have a book area no matter their age, for younger babies have a mobile in bright colors over their crib and have photos of their parents, their first hand and foot prints, a lock of hair, framed in bright colored frames. Alternatively you could paint the walls in the bold color and then use different shades for the accessories.

Characters – Take their or your favorite character as a theme for the bedroom, Thomas the Tank Engine, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses for example. If you do opt for something like this keep in mind that children can go through fads of favorite shows and so in two years they may no longer be that into their room at all. If you are happy to change it to keep it up to date, great. If you would rather not you can still create a themed room like this but do it the smart way. Keep the walls mostly neutral and the character can be in decorations, bedding, peel off wall stickers, lampshades. All things that can be changed when the next fad comes along!

adorable-baby-room Adorable ain’t it?

Fantasy – For a girl this might mean creating a princess room, for a boy this might mean a pirate room. Pink walls, gauzy material for the curtains and around the bedding. Lots of different shades of pink or lilac and white cushions on the bed. A duvet with a princess motif, or in a hot pink color. A chandelier lighting fixture, a selection of tiaras displayed on some white shelving. Or for a pirate’s room, blue for the walls to capture the sea feeling, have a ship wheel at the end of the bed, a jolly roger up on the wall or on his bedding.

thomas-tank-bedroom Thomas the Tank theme

Nature – Suitable for both genders and this theme covers such a broad range of possibilities. You could make it aquatic and use blue and greens on the walls and bedding, with splashes of color with fish on the wall. Or the desert, with sandy yellow walls, some cactus on the walls, a real cactus on a shelf, lizards and snakes on display. Or a jungle, dark greens and light greens, mosquito netting over the bed, splashes of bright colors representing the creatures and flowers. Or take a certain animal they love and run with it as a theme.

Ballet – If the child is into ballet you could create a child bedroom design based in this. Similar to the princess theme, in terms of colors, but specific to ballet would be adding in some floor to ceiling mirrors and a barre, have her past ballet shoes hung on the walls, use pink netting as a bed skirt.

Cowboy/Western – You could go with browns as a background color for this theme and then use splashes of blue and red. If someone is artistic in your family paint a mural on the wall, images to use include horses, horseshoes, cowboy hats and boots. White shutters on the window like salon doors would look good, a motif quilt or in blue denim.

cowboy-theme Cowboy-themed bedroom for the boys


This age is sometimes a difficult one when it comes to clothing, bedrooms and toys as they are still young, not teenagers yet, but they think they are growing up and want their style to reflect that. Here are some theme ideas for this group.

Space – There are many themed wallpaper options you could choose from, or choose a neutral paint color like grey or white. Then have pictures on the wall of suns, the planets, meteorites, stars and so on. You could get a proper solar system display hanging from the ceiling too. Over their bed could be stars that glow when the light is turned out.

outer-space-theme Space theme

Sea and Sand – You could have sandy yellow walls with splashes of blue in the room, or do it the other way around and have sea blue walls with splashes of sandy yellow, a rug, the bedding for example. You and the child could paint starfish or seagulls on the wall. Have a light shade that creates a sunset effect. Use a surfboard as a desk or shelf. Add fringes to the curtains or the bed skirt to create a Hawaiian feel to it. Have a collection of pebbles and shells on display or framed on the wall. Have a palm tree like fern in there.

surf-bedroom Sea & sand with surfing theme

Nautical – Similar to the sea and sand idea but this time leaning more towards boats and ships and a Navy theme.

Floral – This is definitely a theme that could work from the really young to the older teenager depending on the girl of course. Have the walls a pretty shade of the child’s favorite flower and have flowers on the bedding, the curtains, and dry flower collections on display.


Teens are at an age where they really need to be allowed some freedom to express themselves, their own sense of style and their likes. If there are some things you want to avoid like black walls, plan with them and compromise. Some ideas that might work are below.

Movies – If they have a favorite movie they may want to use that as a theme for their room, like Stars Wars, or X men for example. You can work out a color for the walls that you are both happy with and then use the movie theme in the bedding, furnishings, accessories and so on. If you child is into Batman, check out batman beddings for the superhero theme here.

star-wars-theme Star Wars based bedroom design

Sports – Often a child, girl or boy, will have a sport they are in to from a really young age, even up into their teens. This means you could have the same theme for that number of years but update it as they get older so that it reflects their maturity. Get creative and use some old sporting equipment like a hockey stick as a curtain rail, or a baseball glove as a dish for loose change, a bowling pin as a lamp and so on. Frame favorite pictures of sports stars they love, have a decorative box for looking after card collections.

Music – Most teens love some form of music whether it is rock, rap, hip hop or pop! Many of us went through the stage of plastering posters up on our walls. Work with that, choose some funky frames for them, have a collage of concert tickets up, display a guitar.

music-theme Music-themed bedroom design

Hollywood – Re-create the walk of fame in their bedroom on the walls and across the floor, have old movie reels as bordering, put a name plaque on their door like a dressing room. Have celebrity magazines on display on a coffee table and a plush chair or couch for them to lounge on.

Gadgets/the future – lots of teens are up to date about the latest gadgets and think about things like what inventions will happen in the future so bring that idea into their bedroom.

travel-theme Travel theme for the boys

Travel – The teen years is a time when your kids are growing up and realizing the house and their school is a very tiny part of a large and interesting world. If they have travelled or want to travel this would make a great theme for their bedroom design. Have a world map on the wall and pins in where they have been. Have knickknacks collected from their favorite places, a miniature Eiffel tower if they want to go to France, a pyramid if they want to go to Egypt, Russian dolls for Russia.

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