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How the headboard will look, its design, shape and style has become something people spend a lot more time considering and making decisions about than ever before. It now is second only after the mattress. This is likely because of its prominence in the room, when chosen correctly the headboard has a great visual impact unlike the rest of the framework. Buying a frame and a headboard from a store can set you back a lot of money but that is not your only option. You can create your own bed headboard which would not only work out cheaper but also means you get complete control over its color and style. You do not have to be limited to the selections on offer in furniture stores, by designing your own headboard it can be as detailed or as simple as your prefer. And there are some really unique and clever ideas out there that this article will share with you shortly.

Build Your Own Headboard

It is perfectly acceptable to have a headboard that either leans up against the wall or fits to the bed that adds personality to your room. You can easily choose to have a metal frame to support the mattress and box spring and then have a headboard that you fix to the wall. The question is do you want it to be fixed rather than leaning, if so how are you going to do it, and with that you have to consider how big the mattress is, how high you want the headboard to be and what the rest of the room looks like. You could opt to have a shorter headboard but wider than the mattress, or a tall one and so on. Make sure you take careful measurements of your mattress before you start designing the headboard so that you can make an accurate design plan. If you are making your own wooden headboard you need to think about what you want the wood to look like too, will you age it, give it a polished look, what colors will it be painted or stained?

headboard-ideas Vintage headboard style

Before you begin make sure you know what height you want the headboard to sit against the wall. Though there are several options for fixing it to the wall the most secure is to attach to the wall’s studs. You could use flush mounts to fix it in place or you could create a headboard frame and have boards on the wall that the frame screws onto. For something simple and easy you would need one piece of wood that is the width of the mattress. You can then stain it or paint it, or even cover it in cushioning and then fabric of your choice. For something a little more modern you could use several wooden squares that you put together to create a grid like pattern. Add other items for decorative features like cubes, buttons or dowels.

The wood for such a project does not have to come from a lumber yard or DIY store. Think about re-purposing old wooden shutters or doors. They would make attractive headboards that are unique, creative and eco friendly. Source such materials from places like flea markets, antique shops, local building sites! However making a wooden headboard is not your only option, so here are a variety of headboards you can design yourself, some wooden and some a little more out there!

DIY headboard ideas

Here is a look at various creative ideas you can try when designing your own headboards.

Curtained Headboard

This is a very simple idea to create a headboard effect without actually having to make anything. You can use it if your bed is against a wall with a window, or even if it is not. Curtains do not just have to be for windows! Put the curtain rail either on the ceiling or the top of the wall and then hang up your choice of curtain panels. Make sure you have measure the panels accurately so that they drape down to the correct height. You are adding extra pattern and color to the room and create a fantastic focal point that will draw your eye every time you enter the room. If you want to create a canopy have panels around the bed too. The type of material you use is as important as the color and style. Sheer panels will create a romantic soft feel to the room, something like silk or faux silk will give the impression of luxury or linen will be more casual.

curtain-headboard Curtain as headboard

Headboard with Photo art

Again this idea involves no wood at all, just a lot of favourite photographs. Get a lot of frames that are all the same style and color and then put in the photos you have chosen. Then hang them all on the wall in the shape of the headboard you desire. If you have a lot of frames already you could choose to spray them all the same color first for a more unified look. Another great effect is to choose photos that are all sepia toned or all black and white. You could change the photos on a regular basis or seasonal one, for example have winter photos up during the winter season, past Christmas photos displayed during the holiday season and so on. Or using a similar idea you could frame your children’s artwork and create the headboard or use other artwork or prints that you love.

photo-art Just photo art!

Other Hanging Headboards

Similar to the curtained idea but this time instead of using curtain panels you can put up the curtain rod and then hand a quilt or favourite blanket from it. This is a headboard that can be changed regularly too so you get different effects depending on the quilt you have hanging! This is also a lovely way to display that patch-worked quilt that has been in the family for years, or gives you a reason to start such a quilt. Or you could even hang more unusual items like antique place-mats or napkins or pillows.

hanging Interesting hanging headboard idea

Animal printed headboard

This is a particularly popular choice for children’s headboards, using faux animal prints, skin or fur. You can create a wooden headboard then cushion and cover it with a fake animal leopard, zebra or cheetah skin or whatever they prefer.

animal-print Fake animal print

Padded Headboards

Padding a headboard yourself is not a lot of work if you have some upholstery experience and creates a retro design that is popular today among a lot of people. It is also one of the less costly options. There are a lot of design options so do some research first so you know what look you want to create. By following the instructions carefully in a short time you can have the padded headboard you want. Padded headboards are a great choice for master bedrooms and are perfect for rooms that are not overly bright or bold.

paddedheadboard Traditional padded headboard

Door Headboards

As mentioned a great way to re-purpose old doors is to use them to make an interesting and individual headboard. You can get old doors from salvage yards, thrift stores and so on. Depending on what it looks like and its condition you could sand it down and then paint it or just remove the door knob and then keep it as it is and clean it up. Mount it horizontally onto the wall with the knob side down to the bottom so it is out of sight.

door_headboard Re-purposed old door for that nostalgic look

Headboards with geometric shapes

With the use of shapes and color you can create a retro look on your headboard. Use bright colors like yellow, lime green, red, teal blue for boys, and the same plus hot pink for girls. Polka dots look great in girls’ bedrooms and paisley patterns work in both boys and girls rooms. Let the kid’s express themselves by choosing their favorite two colors.

geometric shape design headboard Geometric shapes to create the illusion of a headboard

Covered Headboards using Fabric

You can cover your headboard with fabric with the following items, fabric of your choice, plywood, batting, a staple gun, and foam. Measure your headboard first and take a trip to your local DIY store to a piece of plywood the right size. The foam you choose can be of varying thickness, if you opt for thinner foam the staple gun is sufficient, if you go for thicker foam you will also need spray adhesive. At home attach the foam using either the staple gun or spray adhesive if you have chosen thicker foam. Now with the staple gun fix the batting by pulling it over the top and stapling the edges to the back of the board. Next attach the fabric the same way. Now you can fix the headboard to the wall.

fabric-headboard Use fabric

Stripe or Checker board Headboards

A great option if you do not want to work with fabric and have little experience with DIY projects. All you need is your headboard, paint of your choice, pencil, ruler, painter’s tape and a stencil. Just use the stencil to pencil on your design or lines, use the tape to make sure paint does not go into the next section and make sure you let one section dry before doing the next. Color is up to you, your taste and what is in the room already. You can stick to two tones if you prefer or really go multicolor with your design.

checker-board Checker board design

Cover your headboard in leather

Leather has a specific style or feel to it so if you are trying to create something more country themed, a leather headboard may be the perfect thing to add. There are various types of leathers and different colors to consider from a rich brown to ivory for example.

leather_headboard Leather headboard

Bookcase headboards

You can make these yourself if you have more DIY experience or buy them with the bed-frame so that the styles match. A bookcase headboard means you get a little additional storage close to hand as well as a nice headboard for your bed. Now you have a place to put your glasses, books, radio, clock, remote, lamp switch and so on. Instead of taking up room in the bedroom with bedside tables a bookcase headboard can take on that function. You could have an adjustable light clamped onto the shelf to read by and have relaxing music playing to fall asleep to all within easy reach.

bookcase-bed-headboard Bookcase shelves to store books and decorative items

More re-purposing ideas

Already mentioned is the door idea but there are other things you can re-purpose into fantastic headboards. Part of a wooden picket fence for example painted and then fixed to the wall would look great in any whimsical room. Similarly an old arbor or trellis would also work, if you cannot find any old ones that need re-purposing you can always go to the DIY store and get something new. These can be painted too and decorated perhaps with twists of fabric or ribbons, or silk flowers. Then attach to the wall mounts. Old window frames are another idea and if you or someone you know is artistic this is a chance to create your own painting. The window frame becomes an art frame and you can paint a picture inside it. Or if you have some wallpaper you particularly like you could wallpaper inside the frame. If you want something even more unusual how about ceiling tin sheets! Again these can be found in thrift stores or flea markets and can be nailed to the wall for a unique headboard.

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