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Small bedrooms have some positive things about them, they are certainly easier and quicker to clean, they have a cozy feel, they are easier and cheaper to keep warm in the winter or cool down in the summer. But they can also look cluttered and feel cramped. If you do not have the option of knocking a wall down or changing rooms there is not much you can do about the physical size of your bedroom. So how do you go about making a small bedroom look larger? Here are some ideas you could try out using the basics of interior design.

6 Ideas That Will Make Your Bedroom Appears Bigger Than It Is

small-bedroom Tips to renovate a Small bedroom

1) Clear up the clutter

You really need to keep a small bedroom free of all clutter, you do not have the room to display every collection or award or photo you have. Clearing out some of those knickknacks will make your room feel more open. Also look at the furniture you have in it. Anything that is overly large or is for decorative purposes only should be re-thought. An over crammed room is hard to navigate and leaves little space to play if the owner is a child, or to spread out hobbies or have friends over in.

tidy-small-bedroom Tidy and neat bedroom

2) Keep it light

If possible think about giving the room a lift with a new and lighter color. Dark colors make rooms seem smaller and light colors gives the impression of more space than there really is. White or light shades will help, though they may not be the most dramatic wall coloring. Avoid warm colors like reds, oranges or yellows as they too make areas seem smaller. Instead stick with cool colors like greens, blues or violets. Choose a cool color and then experiment with varying light shades until you find one that you like and will suit your room best. Once the walls are painted in a more appropriate color for maximizing that feeling of space do not ruin it by putting up large prints. They will overwhelm the room and ruin the illusion created by the wall colors.

bright-bedroom Keep it bright

3) Match it up

In larger rooms you can experiment with different patters and bold colors, but in a smaller room this does not work. Keep it coordinated to make it more appealing visually and make sure your patterns match.

matching-colors Matching colors

4) Use a mirror

Mirrors reflect light around the room, making a small bedroom look larger than it is. If it comes to a choice between a picture or a mirror and you really want your room to feel more spacious, choose a mirror.

mirrors-bedroom Use mirrors to give the illusion

5) Get the furniture right

Obviously the main piece of furniture in a bedroom, small or larger, is the bed. In a small room avoid having a large bed for no reason or consider having a platform bed. When you can have pieces that have more than one purpose. A chair that opens up and can acts as storage, or a loft bed that has a desk, or a box spring that has drawers. There are a lot of obvious and more imaginative ways a piece of furniture can be multifunctional. With a higher budget you could even consider getting one of those mattresses that can be adjusted via remote control into a chair shape so you can sit and read or watch television. Try to use up any ‘dead’ space, like storage containers under the bed or a set of drawers in the wardrobe.

furniture-small-bedroom Get the right furniture

6) Shelving

Shelving in a small room is a way to lift off clutter from the floor or unnecessary furniture and keep yourself more organized. Store your favourite ornaments or knickknacks as well as your books. Try to display things in an appealing way and avoid over cluttering them.

shelves-bedroom Use shelving to organize

Even if your room is small it does not need to feel crowded if you just follow a few or all of the steps offered here. As you can see many of them do not even need you to have a large budget, just time to get organized and use some imagination!

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