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If you are re-vamping or re-decorating your bedroom and are looking at storage options something you may want to research is the various bedroom wardrobe designs that are now on offer. There are many different types of wardrobes you can get, in various styles and materials. Getting the right wardrobe is an important part of your bedroom design, it needs to fit in with the d├ęcor, look good, but also be suitable for your practical needs too. As well as just looking at pictures of various bedroom wardrobes have a read of this article so that you better understand the types out there and can work out what fits your style and personality the best.

There are three key things to consider when you choose, all have as much importance as the other;

  1. Your own style and preference. Do you want something rustic, modern and so on?
  2. Where is it going? Is the room large or small? What other furniture is in it? Will the choices you are considering work in the space you have? Something too large will stand out and be a constant source of aggravation. Make sure you have proper measurements and know exactly what will and will not fit. Take into account doors if they swing open. Would sliding be a better option?
  3. What are you storing in it? Is this a shoe closet, a place for linen, your clothes, are you sharing the space or is it all yours? You need to have an idea what kind of storage you need, shelving, rails, cubbyholes for example, perhaps even a place for hat boxes!

modern-wardrobe Ultra modern wardrobe with glossy finish

Corner wardrobes

If you have a small room or this wardrobe is for a child’s bedroom you may want to think about getting a corner wardrobe design. They take up a corner of the room, a place that is not much good for anything else apart from some piece of furniture and you can get them at varying prices, from a DIY store or something more fitted. They are especially suitable for children because in terms of size and storage there is less room in them. You can get them in a variety of materials and styles, from pine for something rustic and country to oak if you want something more antique looking. There are corner wardrobes with patterns and molding in a more ornate style and simpler designs for a more modern feel.

corner-wardrobe Corner wardrobe design

If space is a factor another consideration is getting sliding doors on the wardrobe rather than having ones that swing out and take up room. Add a mirror perhaps so that there is no need for one to take up room elsewhere. Inside you can have customized shelving and rails at different heights. Or if it is a child’s piece, place most of the shelving and rails at a height they can reach.

Walk in wardrobes

If you have the room and have a lot of clothing or are sharing the wardrobe with your partner, a walk in wardrobe design may be the perfect choice for you. A walk in space is created using stud walls, leaving an opening for the door or putting in an actual door, sliding, folding or regular. Sliding doors come in various materials including glass, colored, frosted or clear, mirrored, wood, vinyl and so on. Inside you can put in the kind of storage space you need, drawers, shelving, racks etc. Have hanging rods at different heights for longer dresses and jackets and then for smaller items like tops. Create a place for your shoes and purses. On the back of the door have a hanging area for scarves, belts and ties. You can have solid timber shelving that is more durable or something like wire shelving that offers better ventilation, or a mix of both.

luxurious-wardrobe Luxurious design

An important part of a walk in wardrobe that you do not need to think about with other kinds is lighting. Even if you have it positioned so that there is a lot of lighting coming in from the room you will still need more lighting so you can see clearly as you choose your outfit and get dressed. The color of the walk in is also important, keep it light and bright. If it is possible to get natural light in there with a small window that would be a great addition.

chic-wardrobe Chic walk-in

Stand alone wardrobes

These are the most economical option if your budget is limited. You need to have some room for this type of wardrobe as they will take up space. They are a more traditional choice and can be very eye-catching. If you need to soften the lines of the wardrobe somewhat consider changing the solid door panels to a fabric, or a lattice grille. Don’t forget to also line or change the inside of the doors so that they too are softer when opened. So that the bed and wardrobe do not compete with each other try to buy both together so that the designs compliment each other, or keep in mind your bed as you choose. For a contemporary room have undecorated doors and smooth lines. In a room that is more period, you want the opposite effect on your wardrobe, decoration, doors that are hinged to open in sections perhaps. If you have a real antique piece you may want to know that until just a couple of hundred years ago, it was not done to have wardrobes in the actual bedroom, they were kept out on the landing! Perhaps that is something you could do too.

standalone-wardrobe Economical option

The wardrobe you choose will have a large impact on the room as well as being a place you visit daily to organize whatever you are using it for. The design you choose and the style is not just about how it looks but also about how that design impacts its functionality. Research your options, look at pictures, visit stores. Measure your room and where you want it precisely and know what you are going to be using it for before you make your choice. You will find many bedroom wardrobe designs online as well as in catalogues and interior design magazines. If you have the money there are many companies that will work with you to design your own wardrobe based on your specifications and wants. Remember that in all probability the amount of clothing and shoes you own is going to increase so make sure you have plenty of room left in whatever wardrobe design you go with.

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