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Bunk beds are adaptable which both the parents and kids love to own. There are wide range of bunk beds which are targeted for both boys and girls alike. This type of beds are usually made of metal or wood with a climbing ladder to reach the upper bed. The upper bed is always protected by a safety railing to prevent against accidental falls. It should be taken care that small children do not sleep on the upper bed. Bunk beds comes in different types, like addition of drawers and storage boxes to save space.

Some points need to be taken into account before choosing a bunk bed for your children. At first ascertain why you and your children need this sort of bed and what are the advantages owning one. Secondly, consider the size of the room that you are placing the bed, it is advisable to take a good measurement. And most importantly, take your budget into account. Bunk beds are usually expensive so it is good to determine what exactly you will be looking for.

Some types of bunk beds for children are:

1. Basic Bunks

These are the kind of bunk beds that we picture with the words. There will be two beds, one over the other and comes with twin mattresses. They can be dismantled and kept as separate independent beds whenever required.

basic-bunk-beds Basic wooden bunk beds

2. Futon Bunks

It is ideal for a house with many children. It is a type of bunk bed with lofted futon. The come with twin sized mattresses which has multiple utilities. They can be arranged as a full sized bed. This bunk bed is multiple purpose. It can be turned into a couch to spend time watching TV or a bed to sleep in at night. The multiple utility feature of futon bunk beds makes it a space saver and economical option.

futon-bunk-bed Futon Bunk Bed

3. L-shaped Bunks

The arrangement is little different from a basic bunk although it is based on one. The top bunk is kept at a right angle to the lower bunk. This type of bed occupies a lot of space but its look is great with a large space room.

l-shaped bunks Trendy L-shaped bunks

4. Basic Lofts

Basic lofts gives the option of adjustability and flexibility in designing a children’s room. It is a twin sized loft bed which is kept suspended. The suspended loft bed makes way for floor space and gives other options of space utilization. The empty space under the loft bed can be used for various activities like a play area or storage space for your children.

basic loft bed Basic loft bed

5. Junior Lofts

Junior lofts resembles the basic loft design but comparatively lower to the ground. The beds are made lower keeping in mind about small children. Junior lofts also can be seen with a playful slide attachment or with a small tent.

junior loft with slide Junior loft with slide

6. Novelty beds

This are beds which are designed based on a theme. Like the cars or a helicopter for young boys and fairy tale based beds for little girls. Kids usually are more attracted to this type of beds.

safari themed bunk bed Safari themed bunk bed

7. Study Lofts

For a children’s room with space limitation this type of bunk bed is the right answer. The can be installed in one corner of the room to make space for other activities. They have elegant designs and are made of sturdy and durable materials, especially designed for study area.

hardwood_study_loft Hardwood Study Loft

8. Triple Bunks

Triple bunk beds

If you have three children or more and a double bunk bed is not enough, then opt for the triple bunk bed. This will save you both space and money. The third bunk which is usually lofted is fitted on the upper bunk. This creates space for a good sleep or storage space when needed. It can also be used as a seating area.

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