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Bunk Beds were originally created as a way for larger families to have space to sleep without needing additional rooms. They were a practical solution to big families living in small living spaces. Nowadays many choose to get a bunk bed for aesthetic reasons as well as practical, and there are many kids out there that want one, and get excited when they get one. So now companies are looking at bunk beds and their design in order to come up with new ideas to attract the buyers, one of those innovations being bunk beds with stairs , also commonly called stairway beds.


Traditional styles of bunk beds have two identical beds, one over the other with a ladder that leads up. There are some even where you had to get up to the top bunk under your own steam by lifting yourself up there! Now there are stairway bunk beds, and in terms of cost this is on the top end of bunk beds but there are several reasons you might be willing to pay the extra money which are as follows:

stairway bunk beds 1.    Some people feel that these newer stair bunk beds are safer simply because stairs are safer to go up than a ladder.
2.    Design wise stair bunk beds have a richer feel so if you want something that looks or feels like a step up from a regular bunk bed this would be what you’d want.
3.    If the bunk beds are for children which is the most likely scenario, going up stairs is easier for them than climbing a ladder. They can get into bed without always needing some assistance, they do not need a certain amount of strength in the arms.
4.    Going up some stairs to bed is fun and is something your kids will love! Most of the time, they want to sleep in the top bunk, it is an adventure and gives them a sense of independence even.
5.    Some stair bunk beds offer extra storage under the stairs, almost like a dresser so you could get a style with drawers under the stairs. This gives you a place to store clothes, school books, toys or games and so on. Extra storage in a child’s bedroom is always a bonus. For smaller rooms it could mean you do not need to have a separate dresser and that frees up a bit more space for something else.
6.    It is easier for the parent to get to the top bunk, read that bedtime story then tuck your child in!
7.    If the child or adult using the bed is overweight stairs are easier to use.
8.    Stairs are kinder to bare feet! Climbing up a metal or wooden ladder is not comfortable for everyone when in bare feet ready for bed, the rung can push into the foot. Going up stairs does not cause that discomfort.

However there are some issues to buying this style of bunk bed that you should be aware of before you purchase. These include;

1.    Staircase bunk beds usually have the stairs built at the end of the bed so you will need to have a certain sized room to be able to fit this in. Unlike a ladder that takes up no additional space in the bedroom as it stays close to the beds and goes straight up, the stairs come out more so need to be accommodated. Therefore if you are set on getting this style, be sure to measure the room accurately, triple check your numbers and be sure the bed and the stairs will fit. Also make sure you add on some room for allowing drawers top open if you plan on having drawers at the end.
2.    The stairs go on one end only; you cannot decide to move them to the other end so there is no wiggle room in how you position the bunk bed and the drawers if you have them.
3.    The argument about safety is not necessarily true, kids can and do fall down stairs, you might argue that at least with a ladder bunk bed their arms and legs are both being used to keep them steady and balanced.
4.    You are paying a premium price to essentially show off or be flashy. If you have the money spare then that is fine, people who can afford it get the best cars, the latest clothe designs, and therefore your kids can have the latest trend in bunk beds.

Buying stair bunk beds

Bunk beds are almost like a personal secret place children can gather, on the lower bunk whispering secrets to each other and thinking up mischief. When you decide to buy a bunk bed with stairs or without you need to know what size beds you want as nowadays there are more options than the twin over twin size from the beginning. You can even get bunk beds now that have a different lower sized bed to the top if that is something you want, and there are now beds strong enough for adults as well as children. So if you always wanted a bunk bed but never got one as a child, or if you too need to save space, you can get bunk beds that can support up to 400lbs in weight. You could also opt for a loft bed, which is similar to bunk beds but usually has a desk or something below the top bunk as well as storage like a dresser.

They can be made from metal or wood depending on what your preference is so consider what other pieces of furniture will be in the room. Make sure if you choose wood that it is solid wood as some are not. Solid wood though is superior because it is more attractive to look at and it is for stronger and therefore more durable than MDF, composite or particle boards. Metal is usually a cheaper option for stair bunk beds than solid wood and is also strong and durable but there may be safety concerns with little ones, and it may not be as attractive to some as wood.


Even if you have just one child a stair bunk bed may be a great choice just to give you an extra bed for guests or friends to sleep over in. While you could opt for something like a trundle bed that can hide away under a regular bed, there is no setting up to do with a bunk bed, it is already there ready to be slept in.

Once you know the style of bunk bed you want a great place to look for one would be online. As mentioned bunk beds with staircases are more expensive than regular bunk beds so if you are looking to keep the cost down you can find websites online where the manufacturers sell directly to the customer giving you a better price as they just ship direct from their warehouse to your home. There are several retailers that offer this saving on prices just do a little research first.

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