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Decorating or redesigning your bedroom is not always expensive, if you don’t mind experimenting, there are a lot of tricks, which are economical and will help you in designing a serene bedroom. Homeowners tend to ignore bedrooms while redesigning the rest of the house. Bedrooms are your personal space and are not frequented by guests, but that does not mean that you could compromise on the design and comfort of the room that is your identity.

Bedroom Designing Ideas

bedroom-design-tips Nice & simple bedroom design

Use interior design software and plan a detailed design from the very beginning. It is not only time saving but also cost efficient. A home interior design software is a computer program which helps you plan your designs with details; it helps you find the right dimensions for the bed as well as find a suitable color for the curtains. It takes note of the exact dimensions so that you are aware of the space in your room and make your purchases accordingly. It will save you from buying furniture that doesn’t fit and wasting money on knick-knacks. It helps you select a design theme for your bedroom, or a particular color scheme, which will save you from buying unnecessary items that you will not use as they will not add to the rest of the room. One theme that you can check out if you are a fan of Marilyn Monroe is this bedroom theme.

You can then paint over the walls with a new coat of paint. You could stick with the same color or go for a new one. Bright colors fade away easily, so it is best to go for a neutral light color. These colors are refreshing and relax your mood. To evade from ending up with a plain look, you could match a solid color with contrasting one or use different shades, for example, tan and beige or peach and ivory. You could take first hand suggestions from local paint shops or search online for bedroom decorating sites. Detail your window and door frames with ready-made stencils or go for solid outlines.

scandinavian-bedroom-design Scandinavian bedroom design – white & serene

The principal factor of a bedroom is the bed. Get a good bed as you will not want to compromise with your health. You could invest in a new better mattress if you did not buy another bed. Spare bed linen is always handy. You could get a little creative and start a DIY project to sew together spare duvet covers using sheets and buttons. You can also drape material from the ceiling to create a canopy – style bed. You can have your very own, lush and grand looking bed if only you think creatively.

good-bed Invest in a comfortable bed

Headboards give a perfect finish to your bed. You could customize your bed by making your personal headboard. Use an old door to make your own headboard, after it’s sanded down and varnished or repainted with a new paint, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how it turned out. Building a headboard is very time-consuming, and if you keep busy, you could purchase a second-hand headboard from a garage sale.

headboard Big wooden headboard

Your bedroom is not your second office. It is a place you take refuge after you come home from work; it’s a place where you rest so do not clutter your bed with unwanted paperwork, diaries, laptops or any other work related items. Keep your bedroom clean and store away things that you don’t use every day. You could purchase cheap plastic or cardboard boxes from the local supermarket, use them for storage and push them under the bed so that they are not visible. Furthermore, buy special vacuum bags for storing spare duvets as the vacuum bags can compress the duvet into a small size, therefore, it can be stored without taking much space and also save them from collecting dust.

A great option to decorate your bedroom is by using mirrors, which are very economical. The best mirror placement in the bedroom will give you the perfect place to for dressing, also you can put your makeup things on it and hair combing can also be done here. Full-length elliptical mirrors or reflecting glasses on a stand can create a magnificent look at a reasonable price. You can make reasonably priced mirror wall assortment by placing small mirrors on the wall through the use of mirror mastic.

bedroom-mirror Big mirror in the bedroom

If you want some great home decorations concepts with a tight budget, then throw rugs are what you should invest in. If only your bedchamber has the space for a rug, you can add a nice looking rug for a luxurious look. Also, your décor design can match with the bedroom design theme as throw carpets come in a wide range of various color schemes, designs, shapes and sizes.

amazing-rug-bedroom Place a big rug in the bedroom

A bedroom looks very impressive with a bookshelf on the wall. Bookshelves make your room luxurious even at a cheaper price. You can decorate your bookshelves using your favorite knick knacks and table decorations in an affordable decor design. You could be tone your bookshelf with your bedroom design theme by painting it yourself, as they are easy to paint.

Mantelpiece is an excellent way to affordably and economically decorate your bedroom even if you don’t have a fireplace. Mantelpieces embellish and add the glamour to any room by furnishing a space where you can display your best photographs and décor accessories. Mantelpieces are affordable and can be easily installed on any wall, at any given height. They also go very well in any room of the house.

Incorporate the lighting of your room to blend with the theme of your bedroom design. You could change the shades or the color of the bulbs if you already have lamps in your room. The most economical choice is to make full use of natural lighting. You could also boost up the lighting flooding into your bedroom room by placing more mirror pieces. The light reflected by the mirrors will spread across the room making it look brighter. You could also purchase unique stand alone or table lamps, which are easy on the pocket from a discount shop.

bedroom-natural-light Natural light to light up a bedroom

You could create personalized items by planning a budget as this will not only make your room more comfortable but also distinctive. Save yourself from spending large sums of money in buying high-street and designer furniture.

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