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It is a good idea when buying a bed frame of any kind to really get something that is durable. If you shop well you should get something that will last for at least 10 years. But this means if you are buying a bed frame for a child you need to take into account the fact that they will definitely grow in that time! For this reason if you are looking at choosing from twin bed frames you should go for extra long. This will give you a lot more use out of it and it means your tween can easily sleep in that frame through those teen growth spurts into early adulthood. While extra long bed frames may be higher in price if your budget can stretch to it, it will make more sense and cost less in the long term. It will essentially save you buying another bed sometime in the near future. Here is a closer look at types of bed frames and why a longer length is a good choice.

Types Of Twin XL Bed Frames

A twin bed frame in standard size is 75 inches by 39 inches so is a good side for children or the guest bedroom if you cannot fit a double in there. Twin beds give a little more room than a single but usually fit into the smaller bedroom and allow for the rest of the furniture too. You can get twin bed frames in a variety of materials and styles at a range of prices.

twin trundle extra long frame


The two more common materials though are metal and wood. A metal frame is durable, it can take some knocks without chipping, you do not have to worry about stress points. They can take pretty much whatever your tweens or teens can through at it or jump on it! They may not be ideal for younger children though as some styles have points and edges that may cause injury. Metal suits contemporary or modern decors.

walnut black twin extra long bed frame with storage

If you are shopping for a younger child or for a more traditional guest room wood may be the best choice. You can get themed wooden bed frames that the young may love like a car from Cars for example. A wooden frame can be sanded down then repainted when it starts to look worn or when you want to re-decorate the bedroom.

How much extra length?

Extra long twin bed frames are 5 inches longer than the standard frames. This is an amount that can make a big difference in terms of room for growth or for taller guests but is small enough for it not to impact too much on fitting it in a bedroom. While women average at 51/2 feet nowadays men get closer to 6 feet so if you have a teenage boy this is something you may particularly want to think about. The last thing your son wants is to have his feet hanging over the edge of the bed or not being able to stretch out his legs at all. Those 5 inches would mean a good night’s sleep and a less grumpy teenager (if possible).

wooden xl bed frame

Also called dormers, extra long twin bed frames are often found in college dormitories, when you position two of these twins next to each other it is almost as big as a King. The average person’s height seems to get taller every year and people prefer to have more room and comfort at night so more consumers are turning to twin bed frames that are longer. The only thing is you will also need to buy a mattress at that length too and the bedding and they are less common than the standard size.

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