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The bedroom should be a place where you can get away from the rest of the world. It should be a sanctuary that encourages relaxation and allows you to rest. Therefore if you are looking to create a modern styled bedroom that is simple, serene but still contemporary here are some ideas for you to consider.

Ideas for Creating a Modern Styled Bedroom

Think about wall color

Key to a modern bedroom is what color you paint the walls. While you may want to stick with neutral and more calming colors like greys and greens, you could be more daring and go with a bolder color like red. Think about the furnishings and the theme of the room. If you have Asian pieces in the room for example red would work very well indeed. Avoid the more boring various shades of beige, that is certainly outdated now. However if painting the walls is not an option you can leave them as is, or leave them white, and then work with your furnishings to bring color into the room.


Popular colors for a modern bedroom are currently black and brown used alongside pastel, white or other bold colors. Choose something you can live with and sleep with, that fits with your style and personality. The advantage of these colors is that modern furniture looks particularly good against it but it is best to avoid using bedding with a lot of patterns. Busy bedding is hard to match with the modern style.

Modern bedroom furniture

Your furniture should be sleek and minimalist to create a modern look. Materials to consider are metal or dark woods. If you are on a budget or are happy to re-purpose consider taking your old furniture and use it in a different way, or give it a new coat of paint. The materials are usually darker wood or metal because these look more modern with clean lines, whereas lighter woods are more suited to the country style look.  You could even opt for black wooden furniture like a platform bed and have an accent chair in the room with it. While too much pattern in a modern bedroom is discouraged you can use a small amount to create a personal space, so perhaps chose a chair that is patterned. When you create a modern styled bedroom you need to look at the whole picture in order to be successful in your design.


Your bedding

When you make a modern bed you should be able to see all of the bedding, the sheets, throws, pillows as well as the top duvet. It is a large part of the overall feel of the room so your choices need to reflect that. Use bed linens that are simple but have a hint of luxury, avoid frills or fuss, choose colors that work with your walls. A great way to get ideas on how to stage your bed and what style of bedding to lean towards are magazine and catalog pictures.

Lighting the room

Lighting is a very important part of the decor and should be well thought out when designing the room. If you get it right the lighting creates the appropriate mood, and should be adjustable. There are times when you need good lighting as you get ready for a night out, or for work in the morning, and there are times when you want a more romantic softer light. Getting the lighting right is easier if this is a complete renovation as you can build in the cost of an electrician and fitting. If you have a room that you are trying to redecorate into a more modern style thinks about lamps or the use of candles, if changing the lighting fixtures is not possible.


The right accessories

A modern style bedroom does not lend itself to having a lot of items on show around the room. It encourages clean lines and choosing key things to highlight such as a large vase, or a framed print on the wall. If you have a lot of items in your bedroom it is time to de-clutter. Move them elsewhere, recycle, sell them or just pack it up and move it the attic! You need it to look clean and simple which also means cleaning up clothes or shoes that hang around in the corner of the room. Buy some organizers you can keep in your closets or have a good sort out. When you walk into a modern bedroom your eye should be drawn to just a few pieces that accent the room.

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