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A small claustrophobic bedroom could be really suffocating, especially with a lot of things cluttered here and there. Nevertheless you can make the same room appear to be spacious and refreshing with a few tricks and tips. For a starter you could paint the walls with the right color and then rearrange the furniture.

Ways To Decorate Small Bedroom Space


You must get rid of all the redundant furniture. The best way to avail more space in your room is to find multipurpose furniture which helps keep your room free from pointless mess. A good alternative for a lot of small stuff are storage containers. You can get these containers with wheels or without them and put them out of sight inside your closet or under the bed. The concept is to keep away smaller pieces of useless furniture to avoid a lot of clutter and only stick with important larger ones in the room.


Larger furniture look modish and elegant, and at the same time it adds a sense of roominess to your room.  The room appears to be confined and overcrowded with smaller pieces of furniture. You may switch to a full size bed if your empress sized cradle is taking much room. Or if you do not wish to change your bed, you could make it the focal point of the room and get rid of other pieces of furniture. The room will look larger and more spacious with more open floor area. Another trick to make your room look bigger is to keep your furniture at some angle instead of placing them in straight lines. Furniture kept at an angle makes the eye look at the longer distance instead of the shorter distanced wall creating an illusion of a larger room.


You can use Murphy beds to decorate your smaller room. Murphy beds are foldable which makes it a great option to convert your home office into a guest room. You can search online for more information about Murphy beds.


Hanging rods in your wardrobe or closet is the best way to keep them organized and less clustered. You will find it in every closet as it is a standard feature. Hanging rods can help you make the best use of space according to your taste and style. For a layered look in your closet you may add other dangling rods as well.  If you plan to implement baskets or wire shelving then you may also create rows of some shorter hanging rods.  Closets with hanging rods make the closet appear to be much larger as it opens up the much needed floor space in the closet.

We can now talk about gaining other potential benefits from a smaller closet. Shelving is also a great way of keeping the closet organized. You may choose wire shelving which quickly alter modes according to the height or depth, or you may choose a more permanent option of wood shelving. Shelves are a multipurpose organizational system and are very flexible. Permanent shelves can be easily altered with dividers or partitions so as to apportion the given space according to your will. Just like hanging rods, it is also possible that you can have multiple shelves so that you open access and utilize the place on the surface under these shelves.

Baskets are another option that you can explore to keep smaller closets organized. Baskets styled in various sizes can be used to attain the appearance you have desired for the closet. The much needed floor space can be used by these baskets under the hanging rods and shelving systems. Assign the various baskets to store particular items so that you remember what is kept where and reach for it in the right basket. In case you don’t want to allot the floor space to the baskets, you may consider getting baskets which hang or stack.


Depending on your style and taste, you may use a combination of these systems or pick an independent option. All of these options are available in wire, wood or canvas. You may choose an amalgamation of all of these to give a distinctive design to your small sized closet.


Your walls must be painted in pale neutral colors. Light hues of green and blue have a cool relaxing effect and work perfectly for smaller rooms. Using these two colors makes your room appear to be more spacious as the light reflects back from pale colors. Dark shades make your room more compact and dense, which is something we are trying to avoid. Ceiling should always be painted in plain white or a lighter shade to give the delusion of a height it lacks. Painting the trims and moldings of the wall in a lighter shade is a good trick to push the wall further backwards.

Lighting Ideas

Lighting can be another option with which we can create the false impression of a larger space. If sufficient amount of light enters the room, it will widen up your room and make it appear to be more spacious. To ensure that enough natural light is entering your room, you should get rid of heavy curtains and draperies. Implement soft and light window treatments. You may use mini blinds if wide open windows restrict your privacy and/or too much light disturb your naps. You may open or roll them up as and when required. Swag curtains are best for smaller rooms. They can be used with mini blinds to give an elegant look to your room.



Mirrors are the best way to decorate a small room as it gives a certain depth to the walls and reflects the light around the entire room. Make sure you place the mirror facing the source of light in your room. Closets with a mirror on its door will be an ideal choice to use less space.



Go for a duvet cover in lighter shades. Avoid using dark colors and try keeping it simple. For the feel of nature in your very bedroom use floral prints in cool and fresh colors like sky blue and light green. Try not to overdo anything. Simple duvet covers with only a few big patches of floral prints with a light background works fine.

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