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The IKEA Murphy Bed from IKEA furniture is filled with fun with the do-it-yourself feature. You can search online for instructions related to setting up and assembling a wonderful space saving IKEA Murphy bed.

Awesome Murphy Bed From IKEA

No idea what a Murphy bed means? Murphy bed is a type of bed that can be hidden vertically or horizontally when not being used. It can be used to enable maximum space utilisation in a room. It is best suited for small guest rooms, college rooms or area where space saving is a must. It will find a good place in small single room apartment too. Usually such beds comes with a combination of other featured IKEA furniture which are assembled together to form a Murphy bed.

murphy bed design idea IKEA murphy bed design idea

Amazing wall bed with storage – Check it out.

A neat open space for various activities and a well-decorated room is a desire for every individual. With the IKEA Murphy bed you will have an option of converting your little room for the spaces that you need. After a days end when you need a bed the most for the night, you just have to open your cabinet and fold down the bed. And in the morning, when you need space for your daily activities, let it be hobbies, a yoga session or crafts, you simply have to open your cabinet again and fold back the bed neatly.

Murphy bed with drapery

Murphy bed with drapery

The Murphy bed is a great choice for small space dwellers like a college student, where you can find comfort of a bed at an affordable rate and allows you to use your small apartment space for other work. This becomes a feasible option when space is an issue. Seniors residing in senior apartments can also take the advantage of the Murphy bed in confined spaces where you need bed by night and open space for daytime activities.

Whether it is creating a good play space for your kids or transforming the room into a work space by setting up a work or craft table, the IKEA Murphy bed can be the right choice that you have to make. Assembling it is easy, you can go online and buy a hack kit which will have a detailed instruction on which type of furniture pieces are required and how to assemble them to make an IKEA Murphy bed.

The IKEA Pax wardrobe cabinet offers the best solution to the space saving plan. The cabinet has enough space to fold in a large size queen Murphy bed. And about the time factor, it is easily assembled and can be conveniently carried out in one fine afternoon. However, keep yourself ready with some general tools as advised in the directions. Before starting the installation of your Murphy bed make sure you have all the components ready and kept at places around you. This will make you more comfortable, organised and most of all save some unwanted trips to the store. The IKEA Murphy bed is such a good choice that a person can afford, its features of space saving design, efficiency and affordability is what matters. One should really try out the Murphy bed.

simple murphy bed Simple murphy bed

DIY IKEA Murphy Bed Plans

Getting Ideas of assembling an IKEA Murphy bed is not so easy. At some places the plans may be readily available for as cheap as $8. Ideas are based on furniture parts from IKEA. The exciting part is, the furniture parts are at a reasonable price, the plan can be readily bought, and the do it yourself part saves you money by doing it yourself. What’s more, you have a space saving IKEA bed ready, customized to your desired design and size.

What is this Murphy bed?

It can be explained in a simple term, a bed that can be hidden in a closet when not in use. One end of the bed can be hinged to the wall and can be folded up during the day and fold it out when you need a bed. It can be assembled in different sizes such as a queen size for your guests or yourself or a twin for children. The IKEA Murphy bed is a better option in terms of elegance and functionality as compared to a sofa bed. It can be used in all sizes of rooms, whether it be a large spacious room or a space limited one like college dormitories. It is a good alternative in a children room where they can find a comfortable bed at night and lots of space to mess around during the day for their activities. Moreover, your kids won’t keep jumping on the bed during the daytime and injure themselves falling from it. Just be careful when lowering the bed for use.

murphy bed save space Save space with a murphy bed

Why IKEA Murphy bed?

As space is a limitation IKEA beds will offer you a good choice to use your room as a bedroom as well as a spacious drawing room. The bed can be neatly folded into an elegant cabinet, custom made for the purpose, opening up the floor space where you can receive your guests, make the children busy with activities or chart out your favorite hobbies. It gives you a clutter free space when the bed remains in the cabinet, a room neat and tidy and well organized makes you feel good and energetic. And if you are having guests and family holding at your place for some time you need not worry about losing your only spare room to a guest room, choose the IKEA Murphy bed and it solves the problem. When your guests leaves, you have your spare room back for all the activities you have been doing before.

Introducing the IKEA Pax Wardrobe Closet?

If you are not happy with the Moddi Murphy bed try IKEA Murphy bed with the IKEA wardrobe cabinet which allows you to keep your bed folded inside organized and without evidence of a bed that ever existed. The wardrobe features storage space for your use and an elegant space to keep your bed folded.

best IKEA bedroom designs Best IKEA bedroom designs – with a Murphy bed

Choosing the Right Mattress?

You have a lot of option to choose mattresses, however not the one over 11 inches thick. The choice depends upon your preference of how your mattress should be and how comfortable it should be. This makes your Murphy bed a flexible, adjustable and easily customizable one. And after all this options that opens up in front of you, you still have the choice of design that matches your style.


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