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Most people are sure to be familiar with Marilyn Monroe and still love her at that. Decades after her death which can be described as tragic, she continues to be popular and remembered for her beauty, her style and fashion, even her voice. Many people can be seen wearing shirts showcasing her and even decorating their bedrooms with a Marilyn Monroe theme. This once sexy actress remains famous up to this time. She believed in equality for all races, making her a strong civil rights supporter.

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Ideas

If you are in need of more instructions or help on how best to decorate your bedroom with the use of a Marilyn Monroe theme, then stick to this article because it will serve as your guide in achieving maximum outcome. Read on!


Marilyn Monroe Wall Decals

In creating a Marilyn Monroe theme for your bedroom, wall stickers and wall decals are a great option. Wall stickers are perfect for younger kids since they will appreciate how colorful these are. They are very practical to use because they can be removed when kids get tired with them and do not represent any harm to the walls.

Below are some tips and tricks demonstrating how a bedroom with a Marilyn Monroe theme can be created. Let’s check them out!

Do not fret if this is your first time ever to install a wall decal in your home because is so easy and basic. In fact, you can turn to the internet for answers and watch videos that will provide instructions for you to follow. Adding a wall decal in black onto a white wall will look fabulous, but complimenting it with a colorful wall is just as spectacular nonetheless. The latter technique though will produce for the viewer a more subdued and hidden surprise effect.


Although one obvious design option is to make the images of Marilyn Monroe the centerpiece of the wall, you can also consider other parts of the room that are less predictable. It could be that “bold” is not necessarily the style that you want to achieve, but rather “understated elegance”. If such is the case, then you don’t have to be loud or strong in making this statement for the room. A reading corner or over a bookcase are options that are no less perfect for a focal point or centerpiece.

Aside from wall decals, there are so many more memorabilia items bearing the Marilyn Monroe theme that you can get and scatter around a room for optimum results. Examples of these include arts, sculptures, posters, pictures, lamps, curtains, bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and many more. All these are available in furniture stores and over the internet.


A little magic touch is necessary in creating a Marilyn Monroe themed bedroom to achieve a nuance of sleeping with this famous personality. On the whole this task is not stressful to perform, although it may not necessarily be an easy job. But if you are really into this alluring and phenomenal personality, making her the theme of your bedroom is certainly doable with a little effort and simple enough instructions.

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