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A bedroom should be that comfortable zone which rejuvenates your mind and body after a tiring day. Unlike other rooms in the house, a master bedroom is meant only sleeping and must be designed for optimum coziness. Follow these useful tips that will help you design a perfect master bedroom.

Step one is to sort out all the things in the master bedroom. The primary principle is to keep those things away from the room which are not meant to be in the bedroom. For instance, your children’s toys and belongings can be arranged in their rooms and laundry must be in the laundry room to avoid messes.

How To Design The Perfect Master Bedroom


The theme of the master bedroom should be kept minimal so that the room exudes an aura of soothing and relaxing. The furniture to be placed must be luxurious and also the carpets which will help create a peaceful touch to the whole room. The furniture should match the entire style of the bedroom. The sofa sets and arm chairs must be cozy enough to relax or other purposes such as reading.

Master bedroom design


Since the bedroom must create a relaxing and soothing environment and therefore the windows need to be fitted with heavy draperies and shades that will keep away the light from disturbing your sleep. The windows in the bedroom should be big enough to let in maximum light during daytime. And it is to be kept in mind that the coverings on the windows should not be heavy enough otherwise it will make the bedroom small and may prevent light from entering.



Lighting of the master bedroom is very crucial as it adds extra area to the room. Options for preference lighting should be installed as there come up situations when one partner requires light and the other chooses to sleep. An alternative is to place a bedside lamp if one partner wants to read without disturbing the other member taking rest. So, it will be a wise decision to fit preferential lighting and dim lightings in the master bedroom.


Wall Colors

The color of the walls and the draperies are best kept neutral or light shades. The milder shades contribute to the soothing and peaceful feeling of the room than brighter colors which will not match the theme of the room. Pastels and earthy hues are the best choice.


Bedroom Furniture

The bed is the main piece of furniture in the master bedroom that requires special decoration as it holds the prime attraction. Go for beddings of neutral shades as they can be matched with various other accessories and makes the decoration task simpler for you. The neutral color of the beddings will definitely appeal to you and promise a good night’s sleep for a sound mind. Pillow cases can be chosen of several designs which can be of bright colors. Alternating the pillow cases will play the trick of giving you a brand new feel every time.


Bringing in every piece of furniture in the bedroom that you actually do not need tend to make the room smaller and untidy and will hinder the harmony of the room. Make sure that you place only those essential to you.

In order to avoid clutter in the bedroom, a chest with multi drawers can be placed in a proper area. It will hold stuffs needed in correct places and give a tidy look too.

You can also add some rugs on the floors that will make the master bedroom warm and cozy. Rugs are best placed on well carpeted and hardwood floorings.

Placing mirrors in your master bedroom creates a larger space than the usual size of the room. Mirrors are usually fitted not just to look into but for the tricks they play in making the bedroom spacious.

A few pictures of your family that will relive memories or a fine piece of painting of your personal choice can be placed on the walls of your bedroom as a modest décor. Otherwise you can also opt for vinyl art wall decals to add to your style.

Wall Decals

The wall decals come very handy when it comes to designing the empty walls of your bedroom. They can be cut into the intended designs and can be easily pasted without much hardship. They are easily removed from the walls if you happen to get bored with the particular design and do harm the wall paint.


You can add a touch of nature to the bedroom by placing green potted plants in favorable places. Spotlights or white lights can be fitted to catch the eye and draw attention to the plants. Another alternative is to place fresh scented flowers in proper vases for that fresh aroma.

The above presented few ideas will work wonder in decorating or renovating your master bedroom. And while in the process you may be confronted with more useful ideas.

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