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You can now select from a large variety of bed frames on the market today all in different styles and materials to suit the varying tastes of the consumer demands. But one of the top places to buy from is Target. This article looks at what to think about when you need a new bed frame and how Target can help.

Bed Frames From Target

Bed frames are important as they ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible by having the mattress in the right position and place. As important as a good mattress is for your comfort and rest, so is the frame by itself. It is when each component fits together that you get the best out of them as your body is in a better posture so less aches the next morning too. If you get a good frame from Target you are already on your way to getting the best comfort you can get.

metal bed frame from Target

Making sure the size is right

When you have set a budget you need to also think about the style and color you would prefer and the size. Make sure you take accurate measurements for where you want the bed to go and check it will work with existing d├ęcor and furniture. If you have a mattress already make sure you get a frame that is big enough for the mattress you have. You will spend on average a 33% of your life in bed so do not underestimate the importance of getting each component of the bed right. A good quality frame from Target will support you and the mattress and be comfortable.

As well as making sure the frame is big enough for the mattress you also need to make sure it will be at the height you want too. The height will be the mattress and the frame combined so add up those numbers and see if that is a comfortable height for you. You do not want something that is too low or too high and that is personal depending on your own height!

Arch Support Platform Bed Frame

Types of materials

There are several materials you can have a bed frame made from but the two most common are wooden or metal. If you are choosing a bed frame from Target that is wood remember that where there are several pieces of wood connecting there are also stress points. A lot of stress points mean the sturdiness of the frame is affected and it is of a lower quality, though the price will probably reflect that. However a wooden bed frame from Target may be a good option if it is for a child’s bed as there are no sharp edges that might hurt them and you can often get ones with extra storage options, which is always useful with all the toys they have!

solid Target bed frame
Metal bed frames often come with wheels which make moving it around when you want to re-decorate or re-arrange a lot easier. Just make sure you clean underneath regularly as it is a place where dust collects. Metal bed frames can make a great option when you are weighing up the issues of durability and cost.

Whichever bed frame from Target you end up going with make sure it suits the room and your needs. A bed frame can add to the room’s attractiveness or detract from it depending on whether you make the right choice!

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