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Decorating With Asian Bedroom Themes

The top-notch craftsmanship and meticulous details of traditional bedroom furniture having a long history, is a favorite even today. Nearly the best modern-day oriental furniture is produced in Thailand, which is gaining popularity globally. Also a great amount of consideration is given to the timber harvest activities due to the increased awareness about the environment.

The master bedroom deserves a more lavish decoration as it is your personal space. The ideal master bed set should have the basic characteristics of both comfort and luxury. Oriental furniture for the bedroom offers you just that. They are also modish and give a very elegant look to your bedroom.  Give a pleasant look with a box furniture bedroom suite including a king size bed.  Complete this set with unique wooden handcrafted side tables, dresser, night stands and decorative panels.

asian-bedroom-decor Artistic Asian bedroom decor

Modern Oriental furniture is the best to design children’s bedroom. The advantages of having Asian bedroom furniture in the children’s room are that they are very strong, they don’t chip easily and are scratch proof. This makes the furniture durable and maintains its value. Choose an impulsive theme or go for the popular modern design. You could simply experiment with an infinite number of choices. Kids will love the Asian style beds with secret drawers. They simply love hiding their little magnificent treasures. Give a finishing touch to your room with a study desk and a comfortable chair. This will give them a set space for their home work.

A daybed would be an ideal choice for a bed in the guest room. It fulfills the purpose of bed along with of a couch. In this way you could utilize your guest room like an activity room and maybe even as an office. Furniture of the sort helps you make the best of the space available to you by offering an extra seating area. In this way you will also have a bed for your guests which can be provided to them when needed.  Thus, imparting your guests with a comfortable night’s sleep.

pink-bedroom-theme Asian bedroom theme with flowers wall murals

The commonly used pressed wood and cardboard to make cheaper furniture are cheap in terms of quality as well. Wood like teak and mahogany are strong wood which are preferred to make nearly all oriental bedroom furniture. These kind of sturdy woods are perfect to produce durable furniture.  This is one of the reasons why modern Asian furniture is now ranked as the favorite in the contemporary houses.

Oriental Bedroom Theme

Since the master bedroom is all about comfort and relaxation, an oriental touch to it will create a perfect atmosphere of calm and serenity. In the recent times, decorating your room in a full-fledged theme with touches of oriental decoration is gaining popularity among the Americans as well.

oriental-bedroom-theme Oriental-influenced bedroom design

It is not essential to go for a complete renovation of your master bedroom, simply give touches of the east. Begin with little things, take up small things at a time and eventually you’ll end up with a hint of calming and relaxing oriental decoration.

An explicit ambiance can be created with oriental decoration. Make your bedroom a getaway from your daily affairs. This will provide you with a retreat from your fast moving life.  Add peaceful touches everywhere to help you get rid of the stress each time you enter your room.

Elaborate and intricate oriental style decorations do not go for basic white washed walls, instead it’s painted in darker, more stylish colors or has a lot of texture to it or have patterned wallpapers. For example, rice papered walls or walls with bamboo textures will provide you with an ideal base for decoration in your bedroom. In case you don’t like overwhelming bold colors then go for natural earthy shades of paint to begin with.

chinese-bedroom-theme Chinese bedroom theme

To create a warm, peaceful mood in your room you could go for bulbs with a lower wattage instead of a high one. Or your lamps and lights could be installed with a regulating switch, to dim or brighten up your room as you please. You could buy new lamp shades in oriental style or cover the existing shade in an oriental design fabric.

You could incorporate this style on your existing furniture by using black lacquer to give a glossy finish. Black goes better with the overall look but other wood glosses will work perfectly fine with the oriental theme as well. But undoubtedly your work becomes simpler if you begin with buying all different and new furniture in oriental designs.

traditional-oriental-theme Traditional oriental bedroom theme

You could accessorize your oriental style master bedroom with a small artificial stone fountain on your table, use exotic fresh flowers for a magnificent touch, silk flowers may also do. Put up an artwork with striking oriental scenes or may be go with wall hangings. Throw a rug in oriental designs for a perfect finish.

Indian Harem Theme of the Bedroom

Bedrooms themed in the Indian harem design are very appealing and sensual. Here are a few tips to give your room this look as a whole or you could even give it a try on a single passionate evening.

indian-harem-bedroom-style Indian harem bedroom style

The heart of the room will be your bed, other furniture is vital to complete the look. The traditional and extravagant Maharaja beds with four posts enhance the Moroccan or the Indian theme. You are sure to have a mental picture of a harem style bedroom. The beds are also known as canopy style bed, which have four posts, one on each corner. If you cannot afford brand new furniture, try a few of our guidelines to decorate your room in the harem theme. A maharaja bed is adorned with vibrant colored fabrics which creates a kind of enclosure. Search for fabrics in colorful exciting jewel colors like emerald, ruby, gold and deep royal purple. You could even visit a local Indian bazaar and look for material used in conventional saris or ‘dupattas’ that are worn by Indian women. Simply adorn your bed by draping the bedposts with these fabrics. In case you do not possess a canopy style bed with posts, you can try hanging the fabrics from the ceiling of your room or purchase a pre-hung canopy, to give your room a similar look.

exotic-Indian-bedroom Exotic Indian bedroom decor

Ambiance is extremely vital to a harem design. The sensual, exotic and sexy feel which it exudes, are factors which make it very likable.  To set the right mood a soft, dim lighting will go perfectly well. You could try using a part your drapery to prevent the natural light entering your room through the window. Go for light bulbs with low wattage or cover your bulbs with dark colored handmade shades to give a lantern like look. The aroma of your room is equally important. Use scents of wild flowers, orchids, night musk, or myrrh to set the right mood.

Indian, Moroccan or Arabian themed rooms significantly use accent bits and accessories. Do not over do things, as it could get slightly over whelming. Drape your bed and decorate a corner in your room with a rug along with body pillows of different sizes, larger ones give a better effect. Accessorize with beads, mirrors, a small table and large bowls filled with exotic fruits.

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