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Having a baby is for most people an amazing experience but there is surprisingly a lot of work that goes into preparing for his or her arrival. One of the main things you have to do as parents is get their room ready for them. It needs to be practical and safe, a place he can grow into and feel happy in his own space. As well as making sure you have all the things you need in there, a crib, a changing table, dresser and so on, there are also designs and themes to consider. Are you going to go gender neutral, paint the place blue or go for something more themed? Here we have 10 top baby boy room themes for you to consider and some tips on how to go about creating them.

Top 10 Baby Boy Room Themes

  1. Sports theme
  2. Ocean/Nautical theme
  3. Jungle theme
  4. Cowboy theme
  5. Astronomy theme
  6. Train/Thomas theme
  7. Racing Car theme
  8. Toy Story/Cars Disney theme
  9. Winnie the Pooh theme
  10. Dr.Seuss theme

Sports Theme

Sports Theme

Many boys love various sports and if you or your partner have a sport you enjoy like baseball or football for example you could use this theme in the baby boy’s room. Exposing him to sport early on also is a great way to encourage him to grow into being an active and healthy child. You can take it as far as you want too. Start out with neutral colors on the walls and just add a few mementos, pictures, themed blanket. Or take it further adding wallpaper borders, murals and memorabilia.

Baseball Theme

Baseball Theme

Add baseball themed crib bedding, make your own mobile with flat baseballs dangling at different heights, take the color from your bedding and use that for the walls, use a wallpaper border either at the top or in the middle of the walls, find baseball themed curtains, and add a themed lamp to the dresser. On the walls you could put up themed wall hangings, if you or your partner played you could pin up an old jersey, display some of your old trophies until he is old enough to earn his own! You could also make your own scorecard and put up some wall decal.

Football Theme

Football theme

Most of the above can translate into a Football theme too. You can choose to focus on one team if you have one you support, or go with a more general theme. In general popular main colors for the walls are green or blue though again if your team has a different color associated with it that works too. Fun things you could include is making a wastebasket in the shape of a football, personalizing drawers on a dresser with decal, have your son’s name hanging on the wall in the shape of one large football or each letter has its own football shaped background.

Ocean/Nautical Theme

ocean theme babyroom decor

This is a popular baby boy room idea and you can have just an ocean or just a nautical theme or have it joined together. Obviously your colors are going to be blues and greens for the walls, carpeting or rug. Add sea creatures to the walls like starfish, fish, whales and so on. You can have some boats as decoration on the shelves as well as some toy boats and soft toy boats. You could have pirate flag curtains, doubloons hanging from a mobile, maybe some boat pieces around, a ships wheel on the edge of the cot would be a great thing to play with when he gets old enough. There are also toddler boats that look like boats that he could sleep in when old enough. You could hang a fish  net to the ceiling and have some thing tangled up in it. There are also sailboat decals you can get for your baby’s name.

Disney has a few movies that are ocean themed that you could tie in if you wanted to. The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Pirates of the Caribbean for example. Don’t forget to include some themed story books in the room. Some tactile ones when he is young and then add some more as he grows.

Jungle/Safari Theme

Safari themed baby boy room decor

This theme would have lots of greens on the walls and floor and perhaps a blue ceiling for the sky. Have lots of foliage, trees, leaves on the walls with your own mural or by using decals. Find some monkeys, parrots and other animals you can tuck around the room. His soft toys could also be a range of jungle animals. A wild themed baby boys room will be a great way to teach him about nature and the world around him. Green is a calm color to be surrounded by too. Other ideas for this theme include having different bedding with a different animal each time to switch through, having a mobile that has different birds hanging from it, having wooden furniture to stick with the natural theme.

Cowboy Theme

The game of Cowboys and Indians may not be appropriate anymore for children to play but Cowboys are still a popular role model for little boys. Most love the whole Western theme so this could be a great option if you are looking for baby boy room ideas. It would be particularly appropriate if you live in that area or on a ranch, but really anyone can make it work. Do keep in mind that Western themed crib  bedding and the like are becoming harder to find nowadays, and most people avoid the gun aspect of the Cowboy.

cowboy themed boy room decor

Ideas for the cowboy themed boys bedroom would be to use tan and brown colors for the leather color or the hat color, or blue denim colored walls. You could also make it more patriotic cowboy themed by going red white and blue. Use a rope to create his name on the wall or look for rope art online. Look for or make a crib mobile that has cowboy images like a horse, a horseshoe, a cowboy hat, boots and a cactus. There are lamps shaped like cowboy boots too. On the walls you could have a desert scene if you are creative, have the curtains look like blankets, a rocking horse in the corner and some themed knickknacks around the room. You could even create a border of bandanas around the top of the wall.

Astronomy Theme

space themed bedroom decor for boys

This is quite an easy theme to accomplish. Use blues on the walls with a white ceiling if you do not like the idea of a dark ceiling, or have light walls and have a dark blue ceiling. Then there are stars you can stick on the ceiling above the crib, you can get the planets on a mobile for the baby, you can have a rocket ship lamp, some soft toy aliens and astronauts. As well as having planet themed bedding and curtains there are toys that can shine planets and stars to the ceiling at night time and night lights too.

Train/Thomas Theme

Thomas the train bedroom decor

Little boys seem to love trains! And this is a theme that can last a good while depending on how far you take it. It will be very easy to find train themed bedding, curtains, pictures, decal and it will also be very easy to find Thomas the Train items too. You could opt for just general trains and avoid the Thomas theme, blend them or stick with Thomas. There are certainly a lot of options to think about. A mobile that has different trains on it, train track painted around the wall of the room with a train on it or stick to one color like blue on which you can place pictures and the like. When he grows you can set up a train track in his room for him to play with. There are plenty of Thomas story books to put on his bookshelf.

Racing Car Theme

Racing Car theme

This is a baby boy room theme that has been around for many years. You could take a fun block color like racing car red or you could take the idea of the checkered flag and go black and white. Have white walls with black squares as a border, find some themed wallpaper, use the flag pattern as a border in the middle of the room to divide two colors perhaps. Find a racing helmet shaped lamp and alarm clock, use racing car decals on the walls or drawers of the dresser. The rug could be a black and white flag too and you could have race track with cars around the room. If you want his name on the wall you can use either flags or race car outlines for each letter and hang it up. There are also fun things you can find like race car bookends for his bookshelf.

A space saving idea for your bedroom – the Ikea murphy bed.

Disney Toy Story/Cars Theme

Disney Toy Story Themed Bedroom

There are lets face it a whole lot of great Disney films you could find inspiration from. We have already mentioned the sea or nautical themes but other popular themes amongst little boys are Cars and Toy Story. Colors you could opt for are the red of Lightning McQueen, or the greys and greens of Buzz Lightyear, or the browns or Woody. You could of course go more neutral with a light blue, white or such and then use decals, pictures and murals to build a theme on them. It is easy to find Toy Story or Cars knickknacks such as nightlights, wall stickers, bedding, lamps, light shades, storage options and the like. As he grows out of the crib there are also Car toddler beds and you can have a collection of the characters as part of his toy box.

Winnie the Pooh Theme

Winnie the pooh

Winnie the Pooh is certainly a more traditional theme when looking for baby boy room ideas. Some might question if it is of the times, but in our opinion this is a timeless idea and the stories are too. This is also a theme where you can keep it softer if you prefer for the baby. There are crib sets with the Winnie the Pooh theme that you can get and then later bedding. You can of course have all the characters as soft toys for him. The walls are up to you. You could go a cream color on which you can then arrange wall decals. You could also opt for one of the characters to inspire you. Have a beige color with a middle band of red (Pooh), orange and black (Tigger), or yellow and white (Rabbit). You could also have a blue and then create their woods with trees. Have the story books on the shelf and a honey pot piggy bank as well as other little knickknacks.

Dr. Seuss Theme

Dr. Seuss

Another great traditional boys room idea is to go with Dr. Seuss. There are come fabulous characters, stories and poems to get your inspiration from. A popular one is Cat in the Hat and to go with a red, white and blue theme. As well as having character decals on the wall you can also have fun quotes in some beautiful writing. There are lamp shades, bookends, bedding and the like that you can use to add to the theme too.



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