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Have you ever experienced the triple bunk beds where the three beds in the bunk are arranged vertically one above the other? If so, you can agree that even though these gigantic triple bunk beds are unattractive and did not let a breathing face take in. The major problem with these triple bunk beds arranged vertically is the gap between one bunk to the other and the ceiling as well. The usual measurement between the top bunk and the ceiling is 2 feet.

Because of the previous problems encountered with triple bunk beds, the manufacturer’s thought of ways on how to make triple bunk beds attractive and appealing, which means they have to satisfy the needs and wants of the larger market. The current design for triple bunk beds is to maximize space without cooperating on security or style.

Unisex kids triple bunk bed

Manufacturers of bunk beds do not need to think of a new style on triple bunk beds to create attractive and appealing bunk beds in order to satisfy the needs of the larger market. Bunk beds are already optimizing space without sacrificing the safety or style. Moreover, L-shaped bunk beds has two upper bunks and lower bunk on the ground in order to utilize the floor area below. If you think of buying this kind of triple bunk bed, make sure that you can have a choice of either right or left in a single position.
However, other types of triple bunk beds have more options.

triple_bunk_bed_ideas Non conventional triple bunk bed

Things To Consider When Buying a Triple Bunk Bed

The first thing that you have to consider in buying a triple bunk bed is the size. Triple bunk beds are created in different combinations of three twin bunks, two twins and a single full bed; two full size and a single twin; and two extra long twins and a full. There is also a choice to add a trundle bed for a fourth person. Trundle beds are ideal to provide extra sleeping areas during sleepovers.

lovely-bunk Lovely bunk bed

There are also types of triple bunk beds that separate the beds and can be used as stand-alone units. This is great for children who want to utilize the beds independently. With these types, you can give the young children a secured sleeping spot and at the same time, optimize the room space as the children grow and in need of a bigger area for playing and studying. These types of triple bunk beds are ideal for children under six years old who want to sleep in the top bunk right away. You can have an option to separate the beds in but makes sure that the bunkie boards can provide enough support for the bunks while it is utilized as stand-alone units.

Beds that can be stored away

If you want to make the bottom bunk much safer for a young child, you are given the option to create guard guardrails at the bottom bunk. A lower bunk bed with guardrails is a great transition for the child who sleeps in a crib and then to a bed.

Another great triple bunk bed idea

There are really too many factors to consider in buying triple bunk beds. But first things first—measure the vacant floor area in your room and choose which size bed is the perfect one that meets all your needs. Double bunk bed with a trundle bed can be given much consideration for it broadens the selection that will meet your requirements.

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