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When we think and talk about bunk beds there are numerous designs and make that are available in the market now a days and choosing the best from among the crowd is one big job. Some of the designs that can be mentioned are twin over full, twin over twin, stairway etc. etc. Now, the most basic thing that comes into mind while buying any furniture is the material from which it is fabricated whether it is metal or wood.

Which Type Of Bunk Bed Is Better?

Bunk beds were originally fabricated from wood but frequently there can be seen that metal frames are also used for the purpose. But still most of the bunk beds are still made of wood, which seems to be the favorite material for the purpose. Metal framed bunk beds are seen in limited assortments either in online retail stores of local furniture stores.


Wooden Bunk Bed

As there are a wide variety of materials that you can choose from it becomes essential to know which will serve the best. In comparison, metal frames seems to have a strong support and is more durable compared to wooden ones although it does not have the look of a bunk bed as it should. As with the difference in material that the beds are constructed from there will be difference in the design that can be carved out of the material used. Wood can be carved to form various design and iron can be molded to give a distinct look but each has limitations on their own part.


Metal Bunk Bed

Some features that makes metal bunk bed unique are its light weight, which enables easy assembly and disassembly as well as portability. Comparatively the price of metal frame bunk beds is much cheaper than wooden framed ones. As a general concept, metal beds are considered to be more durable than wooden bunk beds which mean value for money, as it will serve you for a long time.


Feature Comparisons

As there are plus points there are also negative aspects of bunk beds made from metals. The joints of metal frame bunk beds are less stable compared to wooden frame bunk beds. Looseness tends to develop between the joints and regular check-ups and tightening of nuts and bolts becomes essential to make it stable and not quiver. Stability is compromised with a metal frame bed. Bunk beds are mostly designed for kids who mean roughness and mishaps out of their playful activities. Another thing that makes metal beds bad is that it tends to get cold very soon.


Metal frame bed can carry more weight as compared to wooden ones. Wooden frames are much more elegant than compared to metal ones and can be carved to various designs. Metal frames seem to have a very monotonous design as the styles are limited as well as the color scheme. It is either black or white in most color. Imagine a winter morning that sets your metal frame cold and you touch it when you wake up for the day, you do not need an alarm any more, you just need to touch the chilled metal frames. This irritating cold feeling will not be there if you have a wooden frame bunk bed. It will be much comfortable and elegant in comparison with metal frame beds. Learn more about this amazing wooden bunk bed.

As with metal framed bunk beds wooden bunk beds also have their own drawbacks. Durability is the main concern with wooden bunk beds as they tend to weather away with time. Like the metal framed ones joints may be come loose and begin to make squeaking sounds that can be irritating when you toss and turn around.


After understanding the pros and cons of both frames that are used in bunk beds the consumer can ultimately choose from any one of it. Durability and style is what you should be concerned of when choosing one. Either way you may not be able to get the best of the two in one piece, so look at pros and cons of both and select the one that suits your demand and the room d├ęcor.

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