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Every parents wants to provide the best for their children and in modern homes space is an issue that is limited to luxury. In such situation when you have more than one kid to fit in into a room and yet provide space for study it is good to have a bunk bed. Apart from a bunk bed another type called the loft bed is available which offers a study or sitting area beneath and a sleeping bed above.

Bunk beds are two beds which are stacked on top of one another. The upper bed can be accessed using a stair or a ladder. There are also available certain kinds of bunk beds which can be separated as single beds and can be used independently. This feature of the bunk bed allows it to be used for a long time even when the children do not need a bunk bed any more.

wood-bunk-bed-trindle Wooden bunk bed with twin trundle

Loft beds offer a smart space utilization option where a place for study as well as for sleeping can be set out for the kid in a playful manner. Although there are many materials that are used to fabricate the bunk and loft beds wooden ones are most preferred and looks elegant too. Materials made of iron or wood or a combination of both are also available but can never stand the test of time or the activity of your kids. So, getting the right and most durable bunk bed is a choice that needs attention to details.

black_wooden_bunk_beds Black wooden bunk bed

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Bunk Beds Made from Wood

Wooden bunk beds are comparatively much more durable than metal made bunk beds. It is an eco-friendly option that can be easily reused when not needed or modified according to need. Moreover, woods poses a more elegant look and luxurious feel than compared to metal ones. Wooden bunk beds are safer and easily maintained as compared to its metal competitor.

wooden-bunk-beds Wooden bunk beds for the kids

The features that wooden bunk beds provides are unmatched to metal ones and hence it is popular among youngsters and parents. Whether you have a modern design room or a traditional or a rustic one, the wooden bunk beds will seamlessly fit into any d├ęcor. Durability of wood provides you with long years of service and is a wise investment to make for your children. There are different bunk bed designs that are available in the market these days. Here are a few examples of the most common ones.

Twin Over Twin Wooden Bunk Beds

If you have twins or kids that are almost of the same age group then this type of bunk beds can be considered. It has double twin size beds that are stacked one over the other in a bunk style. Children between the ages of 7-10 can be easily accommodated in such bunk bed.

twin-over-twin-bunk Wooden Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Full Over Full Wooden Bunk Beds

For teenagers and older children than the 7-10 age group a slightly larger type bunk bed can be checked out. It is similar to the Twin over Twin but has a larger bed frame for older children.

full-over-full-wooden-bunk-beds Pink color bunk bed for girls

Twin over Full Wooden Bunk Beds

Not all homes has children of the same age group. In such cases a mixture of the two types discussed above is preferred. The Twin over Full is designed in such a way that two diverse age groups can be fitted into such bunk beds.

twin-over-full-wooden-bunk-beds Black Twin over Full Wooden Bunk Beds

Apart from the three models discussed above there are various other designs available. Some of the bunk beds have additional features that will allow various activities to be carried out. Like space for posters, stickers or small space to sketch their wild imaginations. Whether it be storage options or creative space, a bunk bed will always allow you to save space and also provide you and your family with a stylish look of your home. You can choose from various wood types from which a bunk bed is made of.

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