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Whether you use your dining room for formal dinner parties and family gatherings only, or every day you want it to be a room that is just as well decorated and interesting as the rest of your house. It is not always easy coming up with a design you are happy with, is practical and works with the rest of the house. If you are looking for inspiration we have four themes here of quite different styles which will hopefully give you some ideas you can use. Also take full advantage of magazine pictures to draw further inspiration from so that you can create a dining room your family, friends and boss will enjoy!

4 Amazing Dining Room Themes

The four themes we have here are;

  1. 1.    Asian
  2. 2.    Rooster
  3. 3.    Black and White
  4. 4.    Contemporary

1. Asian themed dining room

If you want to create a room that is vibrant and inspires people to conversation, an Asian theme is a great option. You do not need to get a professional interior decorator though if you have the money for one it would obviously mean less work for you. The color scheme for an Asian theme would be red and gold. If you are painting the walls and are feeling bold choose a deep red color. If you prefer something lighter perhaps because the room is already small, choose a neutral color and then use red and gold in the curtains and decorative items. If you want wallpaper there are several Asian inspired patterns you can chose from.

Asian dining room style Asian themed dining room style

The floors if you are able to completely re-do them would look best in a dark hardwood or bamboo. If that is not something you are can do at the moment just clean up what you already have and use Asian style rugs or bamboo mats to add some color and continue the theme. Avoid putting rugs down where they keep getting caught up in seating though as that can be annoying having to battle the carpeting when you want to get out of your seat or get back into it.

The dining room window treatments need to be extravagant in a formal room. Have silk golden embroidered drapery perhaps or silk valances with sheers. In a less formal room a simple but effective option are bamboo shades that you can roll up to allow natural light into the room and lower in the evening for privacy.

serene-design Serene and peaceful

The lighting you have in the room is very important for the overall effect. You need your lighting to compliment the theme so make sure your fixtures are in a suitable style. Avoid country style lighting and consider chandeliers in a more formal room or plain lighting with puffed paper shades. You could have lanterns at the side to add further lighting.

In terms of furniture the style should be both elegant and sleek and if possible in a black lacquer finish. It does not all have to match. Other items in the room would be the decorative items. These are the things that will pull the room together and are the easiest to buy even if you could not change the furniture and flooring. You need to look at serving dishes, tableware, table covers, plates, china, and other practical items. Then there are other exotic knickknacks to consider, a rice paper folding screen, Asian style potted plants, silk paintings, Chinese lettering, geisha girl figurines, chopsticks, a kimono on display on the wall.

japanese-theme-dining Japanese themed dining room

Creating your own Asian themed dining room can be as simple as getting a few decorative items and changing the curtains, to as complicated as re-painting, pulling up flooring, and buying all new furniture. It depends on your budget, the time you have, and what you want from the room. Also remember that the smaller things do not all have to get done at once. You could add a wallpaper border and a few knickknacks in one sitting and then change the lighting another until you gradually build the room you want.

2. Rooster themed dining room

When choosing something like Roosters as the inspiration for the theme of your dining room it is easy to get carried away. A lot of people can over do a theme when they use a motif so try to pull this room together without going completely rooster crazy! Here are some ideas on what you can do with this theme.

While it is possible to use a rooster theme in a more modern dining room, traditionally it belongs in a country style dining room. Since there will be a fair bit of accessorizing going on we suggest you stick to neutral colors for the walls as a better background for what you put on display. Beige, white, or cream for example. Then on the walls you can have some wall art on display. You do not have to have all of them up at the same time but some ideas might be a rooster tapestry hung on the wall, and some metal wall art in a country style. Some framed rooster pictures. Have a chrome rooster clock or a distressed wooden wall clock.

rooster-theme Country look

A wooden floor would be suitable for this dining room as it fits with the country style but there are a number of rugs with rooster motifs you can get if you want to put something on the floor that fits more with the theme. If the creative side of you is raring to go you could also consider stencilling rooster designs on the floor.

You could opt to get a stained glass rooster window for the dining room but if that is a little too costly or not to your taste the window treatments should just be in the colors of the room. If you have beige walls, a cream or white curtain would look good and vice versa. You could also use the curtains as a way to add a touch of brighter color say red, or an alternative to the traditional rooster color scheme would be cerulean blue, sage green and cream.

Your dining room furniture can be contemporary if that is what you have opted for or more traditional wooden pieces for the chairs, table, sideboard and hutch. Display some rooster themed dishes on the wall or in the hutch and use odd number groupings rather than even. Other rooster decorative items you can have displayed are a wrought dinner bell and maybe even a fake rooster!

rooster-on-table Rooster on table

On the dining room table itself, have a ceramic rooster as a centrepiece. You can get some that have a function like holding flowers or fruit or the bread rolls. Your table linen, runner and napkins should be in colors that keep in line with what is on the wall or in the rooster, or could compliment those colors. It is possible to get china with rooster motifs but keep it tasteful, avoid cartoon like images. If you choose to get some china with patterns on it, also get some in solid colors and mix them up.

3. Black and White themed dining room

For people that want something bold but elegant and classical you may want to consider going with the black and white theme design for your dining room. The great thing about this theme is that in terms of style you lean towards whatever your taste is. If you want a black and white modern dining room, a black and white French country dining room, or a black and white Bauhaus dining room, that is fine. Here are some things to think about for this theme.

black-white-theme Black & white theme

Avoid painting your walls black! Dark colors make a room smaller and a black room would be very dark indeed! Go with white walls or ivory even as a great background for various art and accessories you will add later. You could however if you have a large dining room create a small accent wall and have some decorative black wall paper in it. If you have molding or trim you could paint these parts black to add contrast without making the room too dark or you could add a black and white patterned wall paper border.

Have white flooring by either painting the floor white, or getting white or ivory carpeting in. If yours is not a house that can have white carpets (pets and children alert) you could have a white rug down or a zebra print rug down.

A black and white room looks interesting still because of the patterns you can add to it to draw the eye. Stripes, toiles, paisley are all patterns you can try to include in the room, on the curtains, the walls or in the furnishings. Re-cover the chairs with black and white patterned material if you are not buying new ones. Have the furniture finished in black lacquer.

Have black and white patterned china and black framed artwork on the walls. White candles in black candle holders, and then just some touches of bright color here and there if you do not want it to be completely just black and white.

modern-glamorous-dining Modern & glamorous

What is great about the black and white theme is how you can use it as a background for decorations during the holidays or celebrations. Add some red vases, candles and seasonal napkins and table coverings for Christmas for example. Or some splashes of orange for autumn time and some yellow or turquoise for spring and summer.

4. Contemporary dining room

A contemporary dining room is perhaps more a style than a theme but it is one of the more popular options chosen nowadays so we have included it here for you too. People who like the contemporary theme want their dining room to be clean, functional, organized, and modern, with simple lines and neutral colors. Traditional to them is old fashioned and cluttered but it can be tricky to get a contemporary feel in this particular room because it naturally lends itself to more traditional pieces of furniture. However it is possible and here are some ideas to think about.

contemporary-diningroom Contemporary & functional

As mentioned wall colors should light and neutral such as white, grey or silver. Pops of color on the floor and in knickknacks will prevent the room looking too cold. Avoid having more traditional decorative aspects like molding if possible and if you decide to wallpaper the room keep it simple with very basic patterning. The floor can be hard wood or laminate if you are happy with these materials, but as these are traditional floor styles, another option would be to put in a light colored carpet. Make it short fibered and then have a modern woollen mat over it. The color of the mat should be ones you take from elsewhere in the room, the curtains or some accessories.

contemporary_diningroom2 Contemporary with neutral color

The furniture in a contemporary dining room is key. Just with the flooring, traditional tables and chairs would be wooden and if you want to avoid bringing it back to that feel you need to ignore those options. Glass would look very modern, you can get very contemporary designs and the shape should be round. This way when it is not being used the table becomes a decorative item in the room, and when it is in use everyone is around it and can talk to each other easily. Chair options might be to go with fiberglass chairs or egg chairs, making sure they are in the same colors you are using in the mat on the floor and in decorative items.

On the walls have modern pictures framed in colorful frames. Your china, linens and other decorative items should be in a modern style, avoid roosters, farm animals, and all those other traditional themes. Use bold colors, this is the time you can be a little more outgoing and expressive.