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When you are making that first big move into your own home it can be a bit daunting to know what furniture you might need. You may be used to living in rented already furnished accommodation, a smaller apartment, or a bedroom in your family home. But now here are some tips on key pieces of furniture you will want for your new home that the experts would advice on.

Key Pieces of Furniture You Will Want for Your New Home

Dining chairs

If you have a dining area you will certainly need to think about the type of seating you want for yourself and your guests. The style needs to suit the room and they should add a visual appeal as well be functional and comfortable. While wooden chairs would take less money if you can look for upholstered chairs that appeal to you. This will encourage people to hang out longer over a good meal and chat and will make sure you do not give your new boss a sore behind! A more luxurious look would be to get chairs that also have arms as this adds another level of comfort. Chairs with arms also have a great advantage in that if you need to add more seating to the living room at any time you can use this and guests will be comfortable.

modern dining chairs

A bed that will last a long time

On average about 33% of the day is spent in your bed sleeping. It is vital you spend some time and thought over what type of bed and mattress you need since it certainly qualifies as a key piece of furniture. Choose something that is affordable for you but try to budget so that you still get something of good quality. Your mattress should last you 10 years at least, some mattresses have a longer life than that. If you need time to save or shop around one option might be to get an air bed you can use temporarily. This is something you can move into a guest room when you eventually find a bed you are happy with. Make sure you get something that is the right size, has the right type of surface and firmness.

cozy bed for a new home

Make the most of an Armoire

Some people see Armoires as something particular to more traditionally decorated homes but they do not have to be and they are a very versatile piece of furniture. You can use it for clothes, linens, storage, a T.V etc but this is not just limited to a bedroom. They can be found in a kitchen or other rooms of the house too. Armoires can add a lot of style and beauty to a room as well as being a great practical piece of furniture.

bookcase armoire

A Comfortable Couch

The couch or sofa is another key piece of furniture you need for your living room, where you will hang out and relax after a hard day at work. Friends will come and visit and sit with you. Family can gather on it to watch a movie. You want a couch that is comfortable, of good quality, big enough for your needs and in a style you like. You can get a vast range of shapes, sizes, fabrics and styles, so shop around for something you can afford and that you love. Try to get something that has a durable fabric, with solid hardwood and eight way springs hand tied. If you opt for cushions that are loose at the back this will give a more casual look to the room. Cushions that are tight backed are more formal and need less looking after. Other choices you will have to think about include whether to have a patterned or plain fabric, the length, shape of the arms, with or without skirt, cushion number and type. Choices are available here.

modern sofa

The right lamps and lighting

A great idea you will appreciate having is a dimmer on each wall switch, especially if you are moving into an older home that has harsher lighting overhead. As well as having over head lighting consider putting in wall mounted lamps, spot lighting, task lighting in the kitchen, and various heights of lamps. Make sure lamps are positioned so that they are close to seating areas and keep in mind the type of shade you use will affect the light you get. Metal shades will focus the light more, sheer fabric will allow more light through for example. If you are opting for more complicated forms of lighting like track lighting have a professional install it, messing with electrics when you do not know what you are doing is not a good idea.

good lighting

Chest of Drawers

A good set of drawers is perfect for storage and is not just limited to clothes in the bedroom. You could have one in the bathroom that holds linens and towels, one in a hallway for hats, gloves, scarves, one in the living room for CDs, games, DVDs. Choose a material that suits the style of the room you are placing it in and it will also be an attractive piece of furniture.


As well as getting a decent and suitable dining table or kitchen table you may also want to add some side tables or nesting tables. You could opt for something older and more antique looking or go modern and new. Small tables are perfect for placing lamps, a place to put a coffee mug down, hold some magazines or a book. If space is an issue nesting tables are perfect as when all together they take up little room, but then can be spread around when guests come. There are various materials to choose from like metal, wood or glass.

dining table

A spare bed

murphy bed in guest room

There are several options to consider for times when you need an extra bed for a guest that is staying over. A sofa bed in the living room is one option if you do not have an extra bedroom. You could also get a good air bed that you can inflate when you need it. Whatever option fits your home and budget, try to make your choice as comfortable as possible for your guest’s sake!