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Antique furniture with its charismatic appearance can change the look of the room. However, not all antique pieces can have a harmonious effect when placed together. You can always take some help from different sources to clear your doubts.

Antique furniture pieces such as a recent century old couch, or a Victoria era sideboard has its own charm that has the potential to make the room so different from others. If planned in an artistic and creative manner antique furniture can do wonders in your room.

Here are few tips that you can follow. You can use antique furniture in different ways: one as a component that will augment the look of a room which is already decorated in a traditional style or you can make a total makeover of the entire setting and change it to a reminiscent of the past.


If your idea is not about renovating the whole room and want to use the antique to enhance the look of the room then you should be careful in choosing the furniture piece. You can even make it a focal point of the roomif you get a grand and attractive one that smoothly merges with the overall d├ęcor of the room. As for instance, a grandfather clock can always be a focal point.

Another way to augment the look of a room is to make it a supporting role instead of a focal point. If you do not want to add a number of antique pieces in the room then a single piece will suffice provided the look and the color of the furniture is able to blend in well with the other pieces well. For example, a fainting couch that has a contrasting color to the colors of the wall is an option to look for.


Making the furniture blend in with harmony along with the rest of the furniture is the utmost importance when you use antique pieces. It should not stand out and be grand without going along with the other items in the room otherwise it will look as if the antique piece is out of place. Being a focal point also does not mean that it should be unique in its own means. If the furniture piece is not the focal point then it can be used as a supporting display or put into some use. Not merely displaying and putting into use will make it naturally blend into the set up without losing its elegance.

The other option of designing the whole room is another good choice but more expensive than the earlier one. As with many interior design, when you renovate the whole room, the pieces are best blended together with reference to color, fabric or similarity in origin and style. As for instance, you can have a set of furniture with similar design from the same time period. Or have a collection of furniture from different time periods and reupholstered with similar fabrics and color so that they appear to be in harmony. Apart from fabrics and era of the furniture pieces one should be careful of the type of wood and pattern that is used to construct the furniture.


Antique pieces are costly and sometimes becomes unaffordable. Having an antique theme based room does not always mean that all the furniture should be antique pieces and old. You ca always buy some replica or designs that are based on antique furniture for your room. Another option is to add in an antique piece along with various non-antique piece to make it more authentic.

If you do not want to spend much on antique furniture then you always have the choice of converting the furniture into antique looking ones all by yourself. This simple task can be carried out by creating the furniture that are currently with you into antique looking pieces. You can use certain paints, finishes and some distressing methods for the purpose.


Working all the way to make your room with an antique theme will never be complete without accessories that are pieces of antique in its own way. Accessories like books, old china and some informal knick knacks can be used for the purpose. Give an over-all look of elegance and eclectic feel of the room with intelligent window treatments and overall setting.

Designing an antique themed room is not an easy task so it is always good to be patient and proceed slowly with the designing. Antique pieces are costly and a wise means to purchase it is to think down well and choose the furniture with a clear mindset.

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