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Do you wonder why many famous discoveries and companies started from the garage? And to start off with the novel work what you need is a workbench which you will have to design and build it yourself. Consider it the first step towards a famous discovery or a foundation of a future MNC.

Garage Workbench Plans

To start off, have a nice plan of the work. Draw out the design and organize the requirements of the project. Having some skills in handling tools and wood works are added advantage.

You can always have your own workbench idea drawn or get it from internet and magazines. One great way to have your own blueprint is to get design ideas from different sources and modify it to suit your need.

garage-workbench-ideas Garage Workbench – Neat & Tidy

Having a rough idea of the dimensions of the garage where you plan to place the workbench is a must as with any other interior design plans. It will help you decide on how much space should be left free and how much to be occupied as work area. In short it is a smart space utilization strategy. There are few points you might want to consider while designing your workbench.

  1. Decide a place where the workbench will be installed after getting a brief idea of the space available. As garages normally are congested place by itself having a smart workbench that will be fully functional yet occupy minimum space.
  2. Keep the workbench organized with proper places for each equipment and tools. You may have hooks that can be used to hang some small tools or have a drawer that are neatly organized so that the work area is a neat place to brainstorm and bring the plan on paper to reality.
  3. Workbench should be durable enough from regular damage. It is wise to select sturdy materials like hardwood or combinations of wood that are strong enough for hardy jobs. Investing on durable material will be rewarding for a long term.
  4. Make the workbench as comfortable as possible so that you can spend a long time working on the job in hand. You can design this starting with a comfortable height of the bench. Also, take into account the space that will be available for work so that you have a cozy space.
  5. A customized workbench is always a better choice than a ready-made one. Customizing it allows you to have a workbench that is personal and tuned to the job requirement. Moreover building your own is always rewarding and positively drive you from inside.
  6. Modern equipment needs electrical power and hence you should always keep in mind to install some electrical outlets of different capacity. Do not depend on extension cords as they are not liable to be considered for insurance claims in case of accidents and on the other hand it is aesthetically an eyesore to have loose wires running around.
  7. If you have plans of carrying heavy materials from a delivery truck to the work bench then it is smart to consider a minimal distance from the garage door to the workbench.

simple-workbench Simple workbench with shelving

Build a Garage Workbench

The DIY option of building a workbench is a flexible means of customizing your own personal area. A good decision when you build the workbench is to attach it permanently to the wall studs. This will not only make it much sturdier but will also present you an easy option of dismantling it I case of renovation or re-customization as needed.

DIY-garage-workbench DIY Workbench

Storage space is the next thing to be well-planned apart from the work bench. The smarter you plan the storage the more productive your work can be. Make space to keep materials like tools and raw materials in place and easily accessible place. The underneath of workbench can be modified into shelves for storage and keep supplies and garage materials. Cabinets can also be installed above the workbench for extra storage space. And as mentioned earlier you may also consider hanging some tools in a decorative manner.

workbench-wooden-table Garage workbench with wooden table

Having done all the groundwork and charted out the garage storage plans it is time to look for materials and equipment to start the work. Always keep to the bare minimum and do not over purchase supplies for fabricating the garage workbench and storage space. The extra materials will again need space to be stored if that cannot be returned to the shop and it is waste of money. Calculate the budget so that you do not stop in between and wait for a next funding. Consider buying things in bulk rather than running to and fro for small items, this will save money and time.

Now you are all set to jump into your first project of a garage workbench. Always keep the design handy and follow the instructions. You will have a lovely, sturdy work area for the most innovative discovery.