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Transform your dull looking doors into a fancy attractive one with the French door curtains. It will add in the trendy look that your doors deserve. The French curtains will not only decorate your doors but will function as a means of protecting you room from the bright sunlight. Curtains serves a dual function of adding the desired look of your house and also other beneficial purposes are served in most houses. For adding an elegant look and décor to your doors curtains are the best option. There are a wide variety of French curtains to choose from which will match your taste and aesthetics.

The demand for curtains are ever growing and manufacturers have harnessed this potential and made a number of designs for those who love French curtains. You can choose from various themes like a formal look or a trendy look along with options of different colors to suit your walls and interiors. But one very important thing to keep in mind is to be prepared with a proper measurement of the doors when you go out shopping for curtains. Having the right measurement will save you from repeated trips to the store and also will save you from an awkward looking door with too short or long curtain.

french door curtains white White French door curtains

The French door Curtains

Most of the French door curtain comes in white so they are ideal to keep away the heat of the sun and yet allow the light to enter the room for illumination. While choosing a curtain it is ideal to see that the color blends with the overall décor of the room. The curtains can be decoratively lined one or simply an unlined one. No matter what, a door with curtain just completes the look of a room.

french door curtains Beautiful French door curtains

Usually French door curtains comes with rod-pockets which are placed at the upper and lower part to allow placement of the panel near a window. This augments the look of the curtain and retains the panel in place. A tie-back for the curtain can be a good choice to neatly fold the curtains when you want more sunlight to flood your room. To install the curtain, first put two rods one at the top and one at the bottom. On the rods you can hang a curtain made of semi-transparent cloth such as muslin. Make sure that the curtain you have chosen matches the style and theme of the room décor.

Tightening the lace on the rods will give you privacy and yet a formidable look. For this purpose, a thicker cloth will also do the job. To install a French door curtain at its best you can keep the rods at the top in line with the lower portion of the window pane. This allows connection of the curtains. To make it simple you have to make a rod-pocket at the end of the curtain where a rod can be easily slide in. If a curtain rod is to be placed at the lower end of the window pane, you can fix brackets ½ inch below the window pane. You can use a level to check that the brackets are placed at the same level for a good finishing.

french curtain family room French curtain in the family room

To give a good and crisp look, fix the panel with both the upper and lower rods. Hang a regular perforated curtain at the front rod. Next, put a sheer grommet curtain on the rod behind. To avoid the curtains from being torn by the doors you can install a long curtain rod which will allow the curtains to be placed neatly folded when you use the door frequently.

Another type of French door curtain which are fixed above the French door can be tried. They are attached to the wall above the door. These type of curtains allows light to enter your room as they can be easily opened. They can also provide the privacy you need when draped down unfolded. As time changes there are many designs in the market to seamlessly incorporate into the window panels of French doors.

door curtain idea Door curtain idea

Buying Guide

First thing before buying a curtain is to have a properly measured door. It means both the length and breadth of the French door. Having the right measurement will help you in lot of ways. First you will be able to buy a curtain that is actually fitting with your door. Secondly you will have a value for your money because if the curtain doesn’t fit it is as good as money wasted. Knowing the right size will also help you in choosing a pattern that is fitting for a particular sized door.

curtain sheers French curtain sheers

Taking into account of the theme that you have in your room and the color of the walls also is another factor to look for. Make sure the curtain that you are choosing blends with the whole décor of the room. The overall décor includes furniture, fabrics and accessories that are in the room.

Curtains come in different materials, it is advisable to select a fabric which is good and feasible for you. Easy maintenance and clean look will be the prime objective while choosing a curtain. If you are concerned about the cost, it is good to note that thick fabrics are always costlier than thin ones. Thin fabrics are easy to maintain and washed with ease. It is light weight and can be effortlessly removed or placed back on the rod whenever you want a change or need washing. The thick ones on the other hand are hard to maintain and once it accumulate dust, washing is not so easy. The heavy thick curtains will need more effort and will be tiring to be removed and placed back.

Khaki Colored French Door Curtain Khaki Colored French Door Curtain

Most importantly it is always good to feel the fabric and buy the curtain on your own by looking at different choice from different stores. Buying it online may not be appropriate for this, since online retailers do not have the option of “feel and see for yourself” choice. After ordering it online and getting delivered at your doorstep, you may realize that it is not exactly what you desire when you open the package. The fabric may not be just right. Therefore the best advice is walk through the stores and see for yourself. If you are really keen on buying it the online way, request a sample of the material the curtain is made of, this will ensure you have the right material. Ask the stores as well as the online retail store if there is a money back option, just in case the curtain doesn’t fit in.

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