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If you search for hat racks online, you are sure to be taken aback by the different range and varieties available with just a click of your finger. Hat racks are not meant for display, its real function is to maintain the same pristine condition of your hat collection as it were when you bought them.  It also lets you retain your storage in an organized manner.

While surfing through the internet for hat stands, you will notice a different rack for all types of hats. You will find exclusive designs and forms for all kinds of hats like cowboy hats, baseball caps, boater, top hats and hard hats.

Hat Rack Designs

You could go for the most common two sided cover display or a free standup presentation rack or perhaps a three pocket pawn display rack. Even the one-side weighted tower hat racks are admirable. You could also purchase a customized hat rack online, if you don’t find an ideal hat rack of your choice.

Using reclaimed wood as hat rack

Hat racks are usually designed keeping in mind the different kinds and styles of hats available. Hat racks for cowboy hats and baseball caps are easily found on the internet without much difficulty. Online sites offer these racks in various styles and designs as these are most widespread and popular among both men and women. Hat racks intended for cowboy hats are very innovative. There are wire racks also with hangers; some are saddle shaped in metal, and even a west inspired rack which doesn’t only hold the hat nevertheless also the riding gear. One most creative rack you will find while searching online is the Bull Rider Cowboy standby a dual hat rack prepared of cold-rolled brace with transferrable hooks aimed with latex tip shields.

Cowboy hat rack ideas

Certainly, every person owns some sort of a baseball cap- more often than not having rather a collection of these. It is most essential to store them appropriately, especially with such wide-ranging collection of baseball caps. Order for the most suitable sized rack. Before you start shopping you should be aware of the number of caps you own and where and how you plan to store them.

The dangerous heavy construction working sites call for protective head gears which will prevent any kind of damage to your head in case of an accident. But where to place your protective helmets or hard hats after work, is a question which perhaps never cross your mind. Anyway, racks for protective gears are gaining popularity because of the increase in safety measures taken for the workers.


The racks of these offices and factories are usually wall mounted owing to the build and the heavy weight of these helmets. Custom molded racks are best for hard hats as they can be designed to fit any type of a helmet.

Hidden hat rack

Portable hard hat racks are made using polyethylene with double sided strong tapes to fix them on any wall. Make sure you know your hats well. The common type helmets only have the rim in the front while some also come with the rim around the entire hat. When buying storage racks online, select the one which best fits the hard hat you own.

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