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If you want to enhance the look of your home into a luxurious look, the simplest way is to spread a luxury carpet on your floor. There may be different flooring materials and options available in the market these days but the look and feel of a luxury carpet on your living room floor will always give you the ultimate look of luxury which cannot be provided by a wooden floor. Moreover, there are various colors and designs available that can be matched with any interior design theme. Textures and feel as well as the color of a carpet can be complemented with any room d├ęcor and furnishing. When we talk about luxury carpet it is concerned about the material, color, durability, softness, heavier make and easy maintainability. Here are some luxury carpet types that you can consider when looking for the perfect room accessory.

luxury-rugs Different types of luxury rugs for your home

Types Of Luxury Carpets

Plush Carpets

It is the kind of carpet that comes in mind when we think of luxury carpeting. It can be textured, soft and velvety or simply trackless. Plush carpets have yarns that are of a single color and same height. Being soft and having the same yarn length, this type of carpets creates a solid and uniform surface look. Plush carpets also adds a feel of being formal and luxury in the room. The texture of the carpet gives a look that is highlighted and brightens up the room with its appearance. Plush carpets can be an easy choice for those who are looking forward to having a nice luxury carpet for their home.

plush-carpets Plush carpets in the bedroom

Shag and frieze

The hot cake of luxury carpets are the shag and frieze genre. The warmth and comfort that is given by the shag carpet is unmatched with any other type of luxury carpets. Not only the look of the carpet commands a luxurious appeal but the feel of its texture is just what luxury is all about. Another almost similar carpet style, the frieze is fabricated of thick and bulky yarn which are tightly crimped and twisted. Both the shag and frieze carpets surely will add the look of abundance in your room.

shag-and-frieze-carpet Shag and frieze luxury area rugs

Patterned Luxury Carpeting

Although patterned luxury carpets were out of the scene for a short while it is making a come-back with an impact. This type of luxury carpets are now upgraded with more patterns and style to fit in with modern life style. With modern interior designs, many types of themes are possible for a room and to match up with this the patterned luxury carpets are manufactured to match a wide range of home designs. You can choose from a wide array of patterns and colors to have the perfect match for your room.

patterned-luxury-carpet Patterned carpet design

Berber Carpets

Classical yet a preferred choice of luxury carpets, the Berber carpets offer the possibility of matching different contrasting colors into its loops. The Berber carpets are fabricated with different colors of yarns that are efficiently integrated into the loop themselves. It has a basic earth-tone color that is combined with various shades that can be complemented with any other color of the walls of your room. For a durable Berber carpet that will serve you for a long time you can choose from materials like absolute nylon or wool yarn.

berber-carpets Luxury wool Berber carpet

The luxury carpets that are described above are available from different manufacturers both from Europe and the United States. However, the main objective of looking for a luxury carpet is to find the best match for your room in terms of color and style.

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