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A concept of a home depends upon different people. Some people may want a simple one with the basic necessities of a bedroom, kitchen, living room and a kitchen. Some other would like to be a little bigger with rooms that are additional than what a basic home requires. An additional area called bar is often a preferred choice where they can entertain guests or have their favorite drinks. It is an area where you can relax with your favorite cocktail. The idea of a bar, as most people sees it, is an area where verities of drinks and beverages are displayed on a cabinet followed by a serving counter where you can reach out sitting on a high stool.

Home bar designs

There are different designs of bar that a person can choose from according to his aesthetic view. They have the option of even selecting the desired material from which the furnishing is made of. The most common ones are the wooden ones with shiny polished woodwork. Painted styles can also be seen in many commercial setups like restaurants and sports bars.

home-bar-design-ideas Home bar design ideas

To make you more comfortable, there is also the foot railing where you can rest your feet on a comfortable support. Since it is an uncomfortable feeling to have your legs and feet in free air while you sit on a high stool, this feature is a desirable one in bars. The feeling of a footrest bellow your feet makes you much more cozy in having a good talk with people around you or having a nice drink.

If the bar at home doesn’t come with this feature, you can install it later to experience the comfort. It not only adds to the elegance of the bar but also renders functionality to it. This accessories are available in different materials like wood, stainless steel, aluminium and brass.

dream home bar design Dream home bar design

In case if you want a bar and the space is limited in your house then you can go for the portable bar. This portable bar is quite feasible since a home bar doesn’t require to be that huge.

A portable bar, as the name suggest, can be moved from one place to another. It allows shifting of your bar to a place where you feel more comfortable. You can even use it outdoors during a sunny day or bring it inside whenever you want.

Additional features of complete fold ability of portable bars are a boon to small spaced homes. Some of the have complete foldable sides and an elevated front portion which allows you to disassemble them and place it neatly in one corner of your house.

modern home bar Modern home bar

You can choose to have your own personal bar custom made according to your whims and fancies. Few of the portable bars that can be readily bought do have a drawer and a cabinet to organize the glasses and drinks. They also comes with a footrest railing of about 12 inches as an additional feature. To make it more convenient for you and keep it stable when you prepare those drinks, the bar has rubber casters.

simple bar design Simple bar design

Whatever be the size of your house, if you desire to have a bar you can always have it without compromising space and design.

Types of Home Bars

You can install a home bar in two ways. Either you design it according to your idea and have it installed in the area you want or you can opt for the custom made home bar designs with table that can be chosen from four different types along with bar stools. Whatever be the case, you have option of four popular types of designs to choose from.

1. Straight type:

A straight type bar design can be installed at one end of the room. Its length should cover the entire width of the room. The counter table holds the space for stocking the bottles and glasses. Arrangement of three bar stools in a single row is possible in this design.

straight type home bar Straight type home bar

2. Back Bar Type

This design is ideal for display. It has three components and have a storage place similar to a bookshelf. The counter is same as the design in case of straight type bar where it holds storage space. It will have an open middle area and finally a third section meant for storage of drinks bottles with wooden shutters, meant for display.

Back Bar Type Back Bar Type

3. L type bar

This type of bar has a L shaped arrangement. The short part of the L shaped bar holds area for a built-in sink for regular washing of glasses.

l_type_bar L type bar

4. Corner Bar

The corner type of bar is designed for houses with limited space. It constitute a small cabinet where you can keep your drinks. It is designed for maximum utilization of storage space by using the lower and overhead cabinet.

corner home bar Corner home bar

To have an elegant design of your bar, not only the bar types or the material that is made of matters but also other factors like color and lighting to set the right environment. Prior arrangement of electric fittings for other accessories that are required in a functional bar are also required when you design one. A well planned design and the right component of the idea in your home bar will make an unforgettable experience with you and your friends at the comfort of your home.