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Summer is coming to an end and my favorite season is nearly here, Autumn or Fall. A time where days get shorter, we see vibrant colors of reds, greens, browns as the leaves start to fall, and for some of us it is a time when we want to re-decorate the house or make some changes to reflect what is going on outside. If you are interested in doing some autumn interior decorating this article has some ideas on what you can do. Some of them are simple with no need to re-paint walls or change the floors, and some are more dramatic. So whatever your budget or time constraints here are some ideas for you to think about.

People draw inspiration for their home from many different places, including nature and the changing seasons. Many people when Summer arrived would have changed heavier curtains to something lighter, brought in fresh flower displays, had some flowery textiles out, changed heavy duvets on the bed for light summer blankets, changed cushions for lighter colors or pastel tones and so on. Sometimes we make changes without even realizing it. With summer at an end and autumn arriving it is a chance to bring that into the home also without too much work. Here are some ideas on autumn interior decorating.

autumn decorating ideas

20 Essential Tips To Decorating For Autumn

1.    At the start of Autumn you do not need to get rid of all things Summery, just make a few small changes for now, for example rather than completely replacing floral cushions keep them but also add in some autumnal colored ones like deep oranges or add a blanket. You can also add an orange and brown blanket to your summer bed. As we get deeper into the season you can make more changes.

autumn sofa

2.    A very simple change to make is what you place in your fruit bowl! Keep the fruit in there seasonal, with autumn it should have apples, pears, nuts and clementines for example.

3.    If you want to make a more time consuming change you could think about changing floral wallpaper by giving it a coat of paint in warm autumn tones. If doing the whole room is too much just re-decorate one wall. Colors to look at include warm tones of brown, orange, yellow.

Autumn paint color scheme

4.    Add some cozy blankets to the back of the couch and the beds to reflect that need to cuddle up in the cooler evenings. You could also change the cover on your couch into something more appropriate, deep red, olive, oranges, browns or mustard yellow.

5.    Change the art work hanging on your walls for scenes that are more suited to the new season, pumpkins, scarecrows, autumn landscapes, trees losing their leaves. Make sure the art is hung correctly, the center of the art should be at eye level.

6.    Change your bedding to autumn colors, your duvet cover, sheets and pillow cases.

7.    As autumn progresses take walks outside and use that chance to collect objects to display in your home like corn stalks, acorns, moss, pine cones. You could make a lovely autumn table display with these items. Add some woodsy accents to your home by using coasters made from tree trunks, scattering acorns in the base of a vase, using twine or grass. Visit art and craft shops for supplies too.

fall decoration ideas

8.    Do not forget we have other senses apart from sight, try to think about the other senses in your home. For autumn scents add some scented candles like pumpkin spice, apple cider, nutmeg, pine or cinnamon.

9.    Make a wreath from Autumn materials to hang on your front door and fill a tall vase with birch branches, corn stalks and twigs. Use ribbon in orange, yellows and reds to finish your creations off.

fall door wreath

10.    Add soft furnishings like a pillow or cushions to other areas like the kitchen, dining room, on the hamper etc.

11.    If you or someone in the house enjoy doing arts and crafts this is a great time to make things you can display around the house. Make paper Mache pumpkins, use the fallen leaves to create some artwork. Get the children involved if you have any.

pumpkin decoration

12.    Shop for knickknacks you can put on display from places like garage sales and thrift stores. Make sure things look of good quality and do not over clutter. Remember that if you are adding Autumn accessories you more than likely need to remove some of what was there before so that it does not look messy and crowded.

13.    If you use pumpkins as part of your display do not keep carved ones inside the house as the decay quickly stinks up the house.

14.    Use a ceramic or clay pot that is in an autumn color to display fresh flowers. Sunflowers are a great choice because of their color.

15.    Swap out silver items for bronze items for a more warm and seasonal feel.

16.    Create texture by using different textiles and layer them.

17.    Use candles that are amber colored or golden rather than white or ivory ones.

18.    You can even change your light and lamp shades for more tanned colors, the light they cast will become warmer and cozy.

19.    Change a floor rug or two to something heavier and richer.

20.    Use wooden or bronzed trays to display items you have collected from outside or seasonal fruits or vegetables.

superb fall decorating tips

With these tips you can soon create a house that brings the outdoors in. You do not have to do them all, just a few changes can make a large impact and they do not have to cost you a lot of money either. So if you want to celebrate the arrival of Autumn with some Autumn interior decorating just choose the ideas you like and feel would work best in the style you have.

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