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If you are looking to buy a home there are a few things to look for if you want to keep up with the trends for 2015. That doesn’t need to mean that your house will be looking outdated 5 years down the line, but rather that you are looking for home design that is modern but also long lasting. This is about more than just knowing what the latest favorite in kitchen counter tops is.  This article has some tips on what to look for in a home so that the task seems a lot less insurmountable and so that you get a home that will last you and your family for many years.

Home Design Concepts for 2015

latest interior design trends Beautiful design with a fantastic view

Here are the key areas we focus on in trends in Home Design for 2015;

  1. Being able to maximize existing space and being more flexible.
  2. Thinking in the long term when it comes to accessibility.
  3. Incorporating automated control.
  4. Being more aware of your energy consumption and going ‘green’.
  5. Choosing natural materials.
  6. Guest and masters suites that maximize functionality and are not over focused on size.
  7. Using glass in décor and softening lines.
  8. Hand craftsmanship is making a come back!

Flexibility and space

The focus for the modern home is to use the space to its full advantage rather than having large open areas for no reason. Instead of having homes built that have rooms connected by hallways things are open plan. Rooms no longer need to have set and specific designations, home owners can be a lot more flexible about how they use space so that it more fully suits them and their lifestyle. To fit in with the idea of a family evolving in their needs what was once an office can easily be converted into a bedroom for example when a couple start a family. It is becoming common once more for several generations to live together under one roof and a modern home needs to be able to adapt to that or any other circumstance. Storage is maximized too, less use of walk throughs.


spacious home with clever use of space Big and spacious

Accessibility and long term planning

As mentioned it is more important for today’s buyers that a house be able to change and adapt with them over the years, rather than what used to happen, a couple would have a child and move to a more suitable house. Keeping in mind you will want your home to be welcoming to people of all ages and at various stages of mobility home design for 2015 sees less spiral staircases, too high storage, or sunken living rooms. But things that do work like open floor plans and wider entries can still be used.

home concept for 2015 Modern home concept

Various systems taking advantage of automated control

One of the top trends in home design for 2015 is taking advantage of the electrical and digital world we live in and getting some of your home systems put on automated control. You can get your lighting, air conditioning, heating, security, home system and so on all put on so that you control them from your phone or other mobile device. There are even systems that learn to recognize your habits and then adapt over a period of time to meet your needs.

automated home design Home automation with the latest technology

Being green and efficient

Being aware of your footprint and trying to be energy efficient is thankfully not just a passing fancy. It is something that remains important into 2015 and beyond. When designing or buying a new house think about how you can be more energy efficient. Make sure there is sufficient insulation, think about the impact on the surrounding land, use plumbing that requires less water and use the most energy efficient way of heating your water and the house. Also make sure you use LED lighting and efficient windows.

2015 green home design ideas Green home concept

Be more natural

In 2014 it became a lot more popular to use natural materials in your home and that continues on into 2015. Use various woods in the home, think about things like bamboo shades and try to use natural fabrics in the interior design to add texture. All of this will make the house feel more clean, warm and welcoming.

use natural materials in the design Incorporate natural material into the building of your home


Master suites remain popular but the focus is changing from opulent large wasted spaces to maximizing storage and making it more functional over opulent. For example large whirlpool tubs are out, they take up a large amount of space, use up energy and can be noisy. Now the focus for 2015 is the latest in contemporary showers. Including a place to sit, several shower heads at different levels and usually no ledge to step over to get into it. These still feel luxurious but take up less room, use less energy and can be used by anyone in the family. Vanities might have split level sinks to suit the different heights of users, and rather than having overly long counters with his and hers sink, the space has a function or purpose. Guest suites too are about maximizing space and functionality and should be designed not just for elder parents moving back in, but also with college children returning in mind. Included if possible should be a mini kitchen area to allow them some independence.

Soft lines and glass

When thinking about the interior design of your modern home there are certain trends heading into 2015 that you may want to consider. Transparent materials like glass are a great option because they do not create dark spaces and allow light around the room. When rooms are lighter they feel larger and more open. As well as using clear glass for the windows you can include it in the décor in accessories, a coffee table, shelving for example. While primary colors and patterns that are bold in design like large geometric shapes are still popular also look to keeping the lines soft rather than straight.

Make use of glass in the design Glass emits aura of sophistication

Hand crafting in the home

Using hand crafted items in the home as accessories is a traditional style that works in modern homes and can be carried forward into 2015. Try not to over clutter with items, but with careful thought they can add further natural materials to the room, some color, a focus of interest, some warmth, if they are a family antique it can add some history.

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