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There are many different themes and styles to consider when deciding to decorate one room or the whole house. Some are trends that are briefly popular and then fade, and some are enduring and stand the test of time. The country farmhouse style is one that never gets out dated mostly because it is a style that directly links to ideas of the home, welcoming, comfort, warmth, family. It is not overly fussy, it is not expensive to create, and it can be used in any room in almost any type of house. There are different types of country décor, American rustic, English cottage, European country, even Modern Country. This article takes a look at the kind of country farmhouse décor ideas that can be found with this interior decorating style and then takes individual rooms and looks at how it can be used successfully in each one.

In general terms the country style décor includes features like beamed ceilings, exposed stone or bricks, natural floors, fireplaces, family photos, flowers, throws. When you walk into a room it feels lived in, there is a sense of history, and it invites you to spend time there.  Color schemes tend to be inspired from Mother Nature, country side colors like greens, browns and touches of wild flower colors like reds, yellows and blues. You can choose to make a color scheme vibrant or more muted depending on your own taste. You can have neutral tones on the wall that are soft and warm. Avoid overly modern lighting, side wall lighting, table lamps would be more appropriate. You can have wooden or stone flooring or patterned carpeting and furniture whatever room it is, should be traditional looking, well worn, either a good reproduction or genuine antique pieces. Oak and mahogany are good choices of material. Or you could paint the furniture white and then sand it down to reveal the wood beneath in places to give it an aged look. Rustic accessories will add to the style.

Country Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Here is a look at the 5 main rooms of your home, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room and some ideas on how to use country farmhouse décor in them to achieve the look you want.

5.0.2 What a country farmhouse looks like

Designing the Bathroom

Your bathroom needs to be somewhere you can feel revitalized and get ready in the mornings, and a place you can relax and unwind in the evenings. Here are some pointers on getting the kind of bathroom you want in a country farmhouse style.

Your color scheme needs to be either in neutral tones like grey, beige, white or cream, or in soft colors. When you look at a color wheel there are some colors that fall into the cool category and some that are warm. You want ones that are warm. A country themed bathroom for the most part would be neutral on the walls and then add patterns and soft pops of color in the accessories. If you prefer wall paper there are many designs of wall paper to choose from that have a country feel to them.

bathroom-country-style Welcoming bathroom

Try getting lighting that looks antique, it could be genuine old pieces or reproductions. Think about practical needs like good lighting over the mirror for when you are getting ready. A nice addition is the use of frosted glass balls or Tiffany glass scones.

Just as with the lighting you want old or old looking pieces. Cabinets for storage, a bamboo chair in the corner, a clawfoot tub, a large pedestal sink, a high seated toilet, a vanity, a wicker hamper for used towels. Furniture is wooden in a dark wood or painted white but then sanded down, or white washed. Make sure it is treated so that it can handle being in a damp environment.

Consider getting antique like brass faucets, have plain white towels hanging or if they do have a pattern have it country style with flower motifs for example, nothing modern and bold. Have wicker or wire baskets to hold a collection of aromatherapy soaps, your shampoo and sponges and so on. You can even add a house plant or two here. Think glass knobs for drawers and the medicine cabinet, or wrought iron or even porcelain.  Wooden pegs to hang up robes are another nice touch, along with some pretty little glass bottles on display or some antique jugs.

cottage-bathroom English cottage bathroom

Toile or gingham fabric for the curtains would be suitable. Try to keep the windows simple rather than too fussy. If you like them you can have wooden or Victorian shutters.

Stone or tile floor would be good softened with charming themed country mats that are of course non slip.  Or paint the floor boards with a white water resistant paint.

Country Farmhouse-styled Bedroom

Your bedroom is a perfect place to design it to be the most reflective of your tastes and needs. Only people you really want to visit there will see it! You can be more eclectic here if you want to and have a mix of styles or be a little bolder in patterns or colors. But you still want to keep it organized. Here is a look at some of the key tips in getting a country style bedroom.

texas-bedroom Texas cowboy style bedroom

Creamy yellow, teal blue, conifer green and hints of a rich red on a background of neutral colors would be options for your bedroom color scheme. You could also go for a floral wall paper or even tongue in groove paneling on the lower section of the walls and painted neutral above.  Wall paneling can be left natural, painted in a matte paint or stained. Stenciling is appropriate if you want to try it, think about motifs that are simple in shape though, or from nature like leaves, grapes, fruit, flowers for example.

Consider mounting old metal candle holders on the wall to light candles in for some mood lighting. Have some low level lighting for reading in bed and lamps could have lampshades in a checked or striped pattern, or in a block color that fits with the scheme you have chosen. Or you could get Victorian style brass floor and table lamps that have glass shades.

Hardwood flooring or pine floorboards would look good with some rugs thrown down to soften the room and add color. You could use hand made here with braided, hooked, knitted or crocheted rugs. If you do insist on using carpet try to make sure it is wall to wall and is in a neutral tone with nothing too long haired.

Wood features heavily in a country bedroom, whether it is stripped, painted, stained or varnished. You can also add in other natural materials like a bamboo chair, wicker, or cane. The bed could be in wood or brass or even in wrought iron with carvings. Cover it with large cushions, quilts, throws. Think about including handcrafted items by you or bought like patchwork quilts. Have a wooden bench at the bottom of the bed, perhaps a Windsor chair. Avoid matching sets and built in units. Have a trunk or chest for holding blankets and an old armoire to act as a wardrobe.

rustic-cabin Rustic wood cabin style bedroom

Have some varying sized candles clustered together for display and a bowl or two of potpourri. Embroidery on display or tapestry work looks good. Display vases, jugs, fresh flowers and hang simple prints of flowers, animals, fruit or country scenes.

Paint the frames in the same color your picture rails or baseboards are in. Dress them with simple wooden Venetian blinds and a simple fabric shade. If that is not enough for privacy add a white muslin or net curtain.

The Living Room

This design in your living room creates a relaxed and welcoming space you can spend time in on your own, with family or with guests. There are a variety of ways you can achieve the country farmhouse style in your living room, New England style, Classic, contemporary for example, just choose a way the reflects your tastes. Here are some things to think about.

warm-livingroom Warm and cozy living room

Wood furniture or wood painted white is the classic country look. You can use more contemporary sofas or couches if you choose patterns that are suitable like checks and stripes. You can opt for something floral if you prefer it but this is a more fussy option and with everything else in the room you need to avoid the feeling of clutter and overcrowding. Other items should have a feel of age, either genuine history in antique pieces, or given that look and they do not need to be matching. A grandfather chair is a nice addition too. You can include other pieces made from other natural materials like wicker, cane, straw, bamboo and so on.

If you have prints or bolder styled couches you definitely want to opt for something neutral on the walls as a backdrop. Try to stick to the general color rule of three colors in the room, think earth tones, pastels or muted colors. If you have a fireplace in the room that is a great element you need to make the most of and create a great focal point in the room. Have a mantel of natural stone work. If you do not have one considers getting a wood burning stove.

Make sure any fabrics you have in the room are made from natural materials. Items you have on display around the room might include things made of other natural materials like iron, pewter, copper, stone and so on. Have some handmade items in the room like a quilt thrown over the back of a chair, hang a tapestry, put down a braided rug. Have cushions in crocheted covers. Have a basket on the mantle or a side table with flowers in it. Also have a few live plants in the room. Have a layered look in your window dressings.

country-living-room Generous use of wood for the living room

If you are using a lot of pattern elsewhere, as with the walls, the flooring should be kept as neutral and natural as you can. Stripped floorboards are one option but other wooden options would also work, laminate or reclaimed wood. Use rugs to add some softness, warmth and color. If you have original flagstones, keep them! Carpeting would work if done in neutral block tones like beige or cream.

Dining Room – Country Farmhouse Style

If you have a dining room you know it is one of those rooms in the house that needs to fulfill a few important needs. A place where family can gather and be close, a place where you can have some romantic meals, and a place where you may want or need to have more formal dinner parties. A country farmhouse styled dining room is a good style for all of these functions, it can be made to feel more elegant with a few simple touches, but is still warm and welcoming for family and friends. Here are some more ideas.

country-diningroom Cozy place to have a meal!

Key to this room is you choice of dining table. A large table means you can seat more people and family and friends coming together are certainly part of country life. It should be simple in design, no fussy carvings etc. Its chairs can be matching or you can find individual ones to arrange around it. Think sturdy and strong, made from a wood like oak or walnut. If you want a real antique dining room table check out the internet and local antique dealers. Or opt for affordable reproductions. Make sure your choice of table will fit in the room and does not overcrowd it, people need to have room to get up from the table when they need to. Something like a refectory dining table would be good for a larger room, or a round oak table for a smaller room. You could also have a dresser to display the good china or glass or silver ware and a sideboard cabinet for storing linens and so on.

Add natural elements in your decorations like pine cones or fresh flowers. Have a plant or two in this room as well. Some prints of fruit or a country landscape scene on the wall. Consider having a chandelier in this room if you want to lift it to a more formal and elegant country style.

blue-gold-combo Blue and gold color combo for the dining room

Colors that stimulate the appetite include reds, greens and yellows or earthy tones. You can have something like beige or a light brown on the walls and then pops of red, and so on around the room in paintings and accessories and linen.

Again the floor ideally will be wood or stone and then use rugs for warmth and color.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home in a rustic farmhouse setting. A place where you prepare family meals, do some baking, gather and eat in a less formal setting. It is possible to have a mix of modern kitchen equipment and a rustic country style to suit your tastes.

country-kitchen-82 Purple painted kitchen

White, bone, cream, earthy tones, honey, blues, greens and barn red all are options for a country kitchen. If you like wall borders use a country themed one on your wall like apples, floral, berries, grapes, or farm animals like cows, pigs and so on. The curtains can be a place to add pops of the brighter color. More on country farmhouse table, click here:

Quarry tiles, natural stone, or wooden flooring. If you have a lighter shade of tile on the wall for a backsplash go for something darker on the floor.

Think about incorporating the outside inside, have birds, flowers, country scenes, leaves and so on as a theme. Baskets that look good and act as a place to store things. Oil lamps and brass candle holders. Use wrought iron as a material for hanging things from or holding things. Have copper, cast iron, steel cookware hanging from a wrought iron wrack above the center island. Have glazed earthenware, glass jars and other stoneware on display.

rustic-kitchen Beautiful rustic country kitchen

Have a wooden table you can sit at for less formal meal times if you have the room. You can have miss match of chairs, ladderback, windsor, or have a couple of wooden benches. Have open shelves where you keep plates. Have a butcher block island in the center. Think of having granite or marble counter tops or a cheaper look alike. Cabinets can be framed but should be simple either left unpainted or painted white or whitewashed and the knobs could be made from pewter. Consider having an Aga or Range if you have the room.

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