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When it comes to painting your home there is far more to it than just whacking on same paint on the ceiling or walls. The rooms in your home can be almost considered the canvas and painting them then creates something like a work of art. There are things to think about too when it comes to color as the scheme and tones you opt for can affect not just what it looks like, but also the mood which will affect how people in the room will feel. Painting a room can add style, elegance and interest to a room.

Lately more people are focusing on the ceiling as more than something that us covered in white or off white! Today homes, offices and business are seeing it as a place where color is also an option to add interest to a room. The right color can also give more height or make it feel more cozy. You can really transform a room with just some work on the ceiling.

how to paint a ceiling

Selecting Ceiling Color

It is most common that new homes once built are given white ceilings. Making them more personal to you and your style is something you can do yourself. With a high ceiling that has crown moldings it is important to choose a color that will enhance those moldings not hide them. If you know what the wall colors are going to be or already are you can look at the paint strip at the store and then opt for a color that either one or two shades lighter, or one or two shades darker.

Best Ceiling Paints

If you want to create something more intimate but not attention seeking you can opt for a khaki color. It is worth noting that should you go with a couple of shades darker it will bring the ceiling closer and make the room feel more intimate. If you have a low ceiling you can make it feel less so and the room more spacious by going with a shade that is couple of shades lighter.

British paint If you want to make a statement with your efforts you can get some texture or pattern into your ceiling. Options include metal effects, adding a glaze like a pearlescent effect for example. If you visit a paint store that is larger they tend to offer more options which will include some interesting and different finishes. Do not let your lack of knowledge on application put you off. Those stores often have classes to show homeowners how to do it or there are many online videos that demonstrate how to use them.

Remember that color can open up a smaller room giving the illusion of space or it can make a larger space seem more intimate. If you have a small room use a light color on the walls and make the ceiling a warmer shade than off white. So something like a wheat on the walls and then a ceiling that is a pale warm yellow would work very well. You would get warmth as well as as a feeling of space. Make sure the paint is flat paint or even an ultra flat paint as this works a lot better for this illusion.

How to Paint Ceilings

If your ceiling is textured or you have a popcorn ceiling it is very hard, sometimes impossible even to paint with a roller and brush the way you normally do. It can cause the texture to come away from the ceiling. People with these kinds of ceilings need an airless sprayer to paint with instead. This does take some skill so if you have never used one it might be best to pay a professional to come do the painting for you.

how to paint ceiling with best ceiling paint

For most people nowadays ceilings do not have any texture so they are easy enough to paint. Here are some steps to remember when painting a flat and smooth ceiling.

  1. Invest in a good quality paint roller, brush and roller extension. Also make sure you get good quality primer and paint. When painting a smooth ceiling you want to make sure your paint roller is a short nap roller that is also a lamb skin roller for the best results.
  2. Make sure you prepare the room properly before you start the actual painting. Take out furniture or move it to the center of the room and over it so you have room to move around. Make sure you also put drop cloths on the floor to protect that as well.
  3. Now you need to see if the ceiling needs priming before painting. If there is any discoloration, water marks, damage from smoke and so on then it will need a coat of primer that is oil based. To cover up the stains you should use a blocking primer before you paint. If there are just a couple of small spots you can just use the block primer on those spots. For more convenience there are primers that come in a spray can now.
  4. Once the ceiling is primed suitably you can start to paint. Cut in with the ceiling paint where the ceiling meets the wall. A lot of ceilings where the ceiling meets the wall there is a thin channel. This happened when the ceiling was first sanded and this helps with the cutting in the paint. If you also have crown moldings you will need to cut in to the edge of that too.
  5. When the cutting is done you can start using the roller to paint the rest of the ceiling. Apply it section by section and keep the pressure you use light and steady. You want the roller to be fully covered but not completely saturated. You want to get an even application across the ceiling.


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