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Country style home decorating has a great appeal to many people. It seems to represent a simpler life, times when families were not always so busy and apart, rushing from one meeting or activity to the next. To some country style houses feel more like a home, creating a feeling of pleasure and an escape from the modern life they lead.

Decorating Your home – Country Style

The style of a country home is rustic, traditional and simple, influenced by aspects of rural life. It creates a welcoming feeling when people enter, a warm and friendly atmosphere but combined with practicality. Decor is usually a combination of craft items, antiques, re-purposed or country-style furniture that is sturdy. Usually furnishings are not delicate but are more rugged and show a lot of wood. You will find aspects like wooden flooring with a natural finish, beams, bricks, plaster walls that are not painted.  If this is your style, here are some ideas on how to create some rooms in the country style.

country-style-home Country style interior design

Creating a country style kitchen

When decorating your kitchen in a country theme think about using simple colors like mid range greens, brick reds and blues. Color can be brought into the kitchen in several ways, painting the walls if it will fit with your cabinets, or re-painting the cabinets themselves. This is a low cost and effective way to give your kitchen a country lift without ripping out everything and renovating the room. You can also have a rug or two on the floor and add some color to the window treatments. If you are using items like plates or china as a means of decorating use their color as a guide.

A country kitchen has simple furniture often with a wooden finish, like pine or oak. You can look for older items or buy new items that have been deliberately aged to create the look of age. Often stores sell painted furniture with some of the paint rubbed off in places to create the look of an antique, but at a cheaper price. Items to include if you have the room are a bakers rack, a portable island (which has the added bonus of being somewhere else you can seat people if you have a large gathering) and a big table and chairs.

country-kitchen French country style kitchen design

You can opt for curtains with a pattern on them if that is your preference but sometimes a busy curtain can detract from the rest of the room. If you want something more simple try having shears or just go for a valance. They will ensure more attention is drawn to the accessories in the room, and there is no clashing of styles. However should a patterned curtain be something you want, look at striped or gingham. Try to keep away from overly busy, frilly or billowy curtains.

When adding accessories to the kitchen there is a lot you could do. But try to have some accessories that also have a practical purpose so that you are not wasting space. For example baskets are a very country feel accessory and can also be a storage area for you. A great place to look for country kitchen accessories is yard sales and antique stores. Smaller items are more affordable and you can find some unique items like vintage breadboxes, signs, antique pitchers and bowls, old wooden items. Shaker pantry boxers of graduating size stacked on the counter somewhere is another lovely feature or how about changing the handles and knobs on your drawers and cabinets? You can keep it simple or go more quaint or fanciful depending on your taste.

Creating a country style dining room

At one time families would sit together in the kitchen for meals, it truly was the centre of the home. Today the more common trend is to have tables in the kitchen and dining room. People have their less formal meals together in the kitchen, particularly breakfast, and then evening or more formal meals in the dining room. To create a country designed dining room suitable to have your dinner parties in have a larger table than in the kitchen, rectangular in shape made of a wood like oak, pine, mahogany or walnut. Chairs should match the table or you could even have wooden benches. You can create the perfect serving area and some much needed storage with a dresser or sideboard, have some plate racks with your best china, and a cupboard in one of the corners. Just make sure you stick to a theme, do not have a mismatch of different woods and styles.

dining-room-country Dining room with country theme

The best colors for a dining room in this style are yellows, reds, earthy colors and greens. They are meant to make people feel more hungry! Basically colors you would find on your plate when eating. Add touches like interesting wall decorations and create contrasts with colors to help stimulate conversation at the dinner table.

When having friends or colleagues over there are several additions you can make to your table on special occasions. Create place mats that are a collage of pictures of the guest of honour on a birthday celebration. If it is a Christmas dinner add a small tree that has a small present for each dinner guest beneath it. Create colors that reflect the season to enhance the elegance of the room.

Creating a country style bathroom

A country bathroom should have neutral colors and soft tones on the walls so that they do not overwhelm the furnishings. When you walk in it should feel welcoming, peaceful and elegant. While a chandelier is usually something found in a dining room you could have smaller vintage style ones in the bathroom. Use brass style faucets and wooden or reproduction vanities and cabinets. But the key to this room is your bath tub. Replace your current bath tub with a clawfoot tub or at least a free standing tub.

The floor should not be carpeted. It should be made from either natural cork, wood, ceramic tiles, vinyl or linoleum. Use accessories to add to the decor made from wood or brass and avoid patterned or modern towels. Plain white towels are far more suitable for a country style bathroom. The bathroom is another place you can use baskets as both a decorating tool and a storage one. Keep your shampoos and other bathing items in a wicker or wire basket near the tub, use others for towels and toiletries.

bathroom-country-theme Bathroom – Country style

Other items to have in the room include cabinets that are mirrored, have an old wooden book shelf in there for storage, if you have a large bathroom create a corner piece with a bamboo chair or even an armchair. Smaller changes that can have a large impact include adding wooden pegs to hang your robes from, adding wooden shutters to the windows or even changing the knobs on your furniture to brass style, antique looking ones. Just imagine enjoying a long soak in your clawfoot bath tub in your elegant and luxurious bathroom.

More country home ideas

There are a wide range of decorative ideas you can use to create a home with a country style. Quilts, wire or wicker baskets (not limited to the kitchen and bathroom) tapestries, older paintings, woollen blankets and throws, having fresh or dry flower arrangements, white and blue china, collections of antique items on display in cabinets, floral patterns, Windsor and Adirondack chairs, and candles to name just a few. Stick to neutral and earth colors and tones, and consider options like wallpapering and stencilling. Both are very common in country homes. People would use stencilling in the past when they could not afford wallpaper. It can add charm and character to a home when done tastefully and well and is used in areas like the top of walls, around windows or on floors. You can even use stencilling on furniture.

living-room-country-theme Warm classic look

Truthfully living in the country in the olden days would have been anything but easy or peaceful. It would have been hard work and people faced a lot of adversity. But today we can have the best of both worlds, a style that brings us a sense of homeliness and being closer to nature, but with modern conveniences. Anyone can have a country style home with some research into the basics of what that involves.

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