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10 Christmas Decorating Ideas

For millions of people around the world Christmas is an important and beautiful time of year where families come together. Most people decorate their house and doing so can be hard on the budget sometimes. But there are many ways you can do some Christmas decorating to get the style you want, humorous, stylish, traditional with some simple ideas and accessories. So here is some Christmas decorating tips and advice to consider.

A Christmas Wreath of your own

You do not need to buy a wreath from a shop. If you have a little time, a little creativity and some twigs you can create your own wreath to hang on your door. If you use colored stems like dogwood or willow you do not even need to add any further decoration giving you a natural looking wreath. Or enhance that natural look with berries and evergreen sprigs. Just get the twigs you like and then form a ring shape with, bind them together with stems from climbers or use wire or string. Add further decorations depending on what you like in a wreath.


Display your Christmas cards

Your Christmas cards can make a lovely display of color and festivity and warm messages from friends and family. Consider showcasing them on your wall or door. A great way to put them up is to use double sided tape or another clear tape that will not damage the paint on your walls. Hang them at an angle so that they are all diagonal to make an elegant and meaningful display.

christmas cards as decorations

If you prefer not to put your cards up on a wall have them scattered around the room on your shelves, wall units and so on. They add a flash of color and festivity to the room and guests will appreciate seeing them displayed when they come over for the holidays.

Your window dressings

There are a number of affordable window dressings you can get for the season to dress up your windows in a festive style. They come in a range of textures, styles, shape and sizes. You could opt for something traditional or go more modern in lime green and hot pink colors. Add some ribbon or dangling ornaments for a final touch.


Sweets and treats

Create an arrangement of sweets on the mantel piece or on the coffee table. Choose ones that are in seasonal colors, like red and white peppermint balls, candy canes, multicolored chocolates and ribbon candy. Or if you are a baker have some small trays of goods out for guests to appreciate when you know you will have visitors.

Ideas for your mantel and fireplace

Take some of those spare apothecary jars and fill them with some seasonal nuts or cranberries. Use some greenery along the mantel and add pine cones. Add a simple candle in a wine bottle for a warm glow. Create a display of branches to the side of your fireplace perhaps twisted into an interesting garland. Add some ribbon or feathers for an extra touch.


The tables

A lot of decoration is attractive but artificial at this time so why not be different. Use seasonal flowers in vases for the tables, or branches that you have collected. The candle in the wine bottle looks good here too, and there are bound to be plenty of spare wine bottles around! You could take your dining table and turn it into a winter white area using layers to add some texture and warmth, include a runner perhaps embroidered and then frosted pine cones.


Tying some ribbon in different places can make a big difference to how a room looks and takes little money or effort. Use colors that suit your theme and add them to sofa cushions, dining chairs, pillows and so on.

Re-purpose items as gifts

Gifts do not have to be about monetary value. Friends and family will appreciate having gifts that come from the heart. When you re-purpose something for someone you are being green and giving them something with love. There are a variety of ideas you could go with. Take a plastic container and wrap in paper you have decorated yourself and make a pen stand for someone. Take a can, add a bell, decoration and some ribbon and you have a Christmas bell for someone.

Your tree

If you are unsure on how to decorate your tree this year, how about going monochromatic? The brilliant white is festive, stylish and eye catching. Use shimmering silver ornaments, clear glass, or white. It will create a wonderful ambiance in the room and guests are sure to comment and compliment you on it.


Create a light effect around your home

If you want to set a party mood, create more festive colors or just want some different colors to brighten things up how about using colored ribbons and paper around lamps and lights to create different effects. Use shiny decorations to accentuate lighting overhead, if you prefer something elegant use silver and pale blue. Dangle a ribbon from the chandelier.

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