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Home remodeling takes a lot of thought and planning. It is usually not an easy task but there are some key things a person should know to help make it run as smoothly as possible. Below is an article that takes commonly asked questions about home renovations and gives you clear answers. Then there is a section on the five phases of renovation. Take a moment to have a read through while you are planning, these important tips on home remodeling could have a big impact on your project.

Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Starting A Home Renovation Project

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Q1: After the renovation is complete, how long will you be living in this house?

This question needs to be asked because it affects how creative you can be with your remodeling. If you intend on living there for some time to come you can be more creative and unique. If however you want to sell the property within the next few years you need to think of those buyers as you remodel. Materials and designs that are more appealing to a wider audience and colors that are more neutral will improve your chances of a quick sale.

Q2: Is your home remodeling just to fix some cosmetic issues or are there some bigger changes to be made?

You may be thinking of changing one thing say having a granite counter top put in. You like the look of it and it goes with your current cabinets. But what if down the line you decide to do some bigger changes like taking out all the cabinets and replacing them? That granite counter top was expensive and it is unlikely your contractor will be able to remove it without breaking it so it can be re-used with your new cabinets. You can make small changes but you still need to be aware of possible long term consequences.


Q3: Do you fully realize what it will be like living with a remodeling project going on in your home long term?

Depending on what you are having done, it can take months for home renovations to be completed. You may have to live without your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom for a long time. It is quite common for projects to get delayed and have to be extended. While your contractor may have given you a 2 month completion time, this could turn into 4. Make sure you get and check references for the home contractors you are considering to see if they have completed on time on past projects. To give you an estimate, check out this article on how long would a bathroom remodeling take.

Q4: Do your plans fit with the rest of the interior as well as the exterior?

Home remodeling contractors will advise their customers that the best renovations fit with the rest of the house. That includes the style of house on the outside too. That way when you do decide to sell, buyers who are interested in your house because it is Victorian, will be happy that the interior respects that. In this example, historical details on the inside rather than something overly contemporary would be the best choice.

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Q5: Is a DIY project something you have the time, skill and energy for?

Many people think they are capable of completing house projects themselves as a way to save money. But in reality home remodeling takes skill, experience and time. While some jobs may not seem technically hard, if you already have full time work you may not want to take it on yourself. If you do decide to tackle something, go small! What might take no time at all to knock down would take days or weeks to replace or repair. If you have the money it is highly recommended you hire a home remodeling contractor.

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The Five Phases of Home Remodeling

The five phases of home remodeling are;

  1. 1.    Planning
  2. 2.    Budgeting
  3. 3.    Demolition
  4. 4.    Construction
  5. 5.    Cleanup

A successful home renovation sees each of these phases carefully completed.


The Planning Phase

Make sure you sit down with whoever is involved and properly plan the project based on priorities. It would be good if there’s a design in mind. Discover the top 5 designs here. Choose the materials you want and make that your final choice, do not let yourselves deviate mid project. Even small changes in the plan, like wanting a different faucet or door can cause long delays. This will cost more money as subcontractors may have to be rescheduled while the new items are ordered.


The Budgeting Phase

If you are using contractors and architects make sure you get estimates and shop around. Many will give an estimate for free and if you use experienced people, their estimates are usually accurate as long as you do not make any changes (see Planning). Check references and ask friends or family about work they have had done and how much it cost. Keep in mind though that there are a lot of factors to consider when costing up a project and prices can vary. If you choose to use an architect and designer as well as a contractor their fees can be 10 to 20 per cent. While this does make your budget go up, they do see things even contractors that are experienced might miss. If you hire different professionals to work on your project make sure you check licenses, and get detailed bids as well as the references.


The Demolition Phase

This is the time when things that need to be knocked down or removed are done. So flooring or carpeting is pulled up, walls knocked down, wiring taken out and so on. It is hard work and creates a lot of dust and dirt in the home which makes it a difficult phase to live though. It is shorter than the construction phase though. This is an area where a person can save some money by doing it themselves.  Make sure debris is moved to a safe area, and cover up furniture where possible to protect it.

The Construction Phase

For larger projects it really does make more sense for the homeowners to move out of the house for the duration. This is because as well as the noise and debris you would otherwise probably have to deal with no water, electricity, heat and cable. Consider renting a house or place to stay, living in a hotel or asking friends!

The Cleanup Phase

The construction has been completed and workers are now dealing with the aftermath! Debris, dust, and so on is removed. Like the demolition phase it is hard work, but again this can be done by you if money is tight. Once cleanup is finished it is now time to move back in and enjoy your renovated home.


By understanding what questions to ask yourself and what phases your project is going to go through, you are better prepared for the whole process. Hiring professionals with experience will greatly help with how smoothly your remodeling goes. Also plan as if these renovations need to last a long time. Choose techniques and materials that are energy-efficient and you will surely end up with a property of much greater value.

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